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  1. Turning my bedroom into a bedroomtheatre.. beam 2 x1 sonos one gen 2 x1 sonos one xl x 1 Wanted to get the sub but it’s a tiny room so that would be an overkill , waiting for the sub mini.
  2. It gets better .. I was counting down the last 3 months to 30 .. once I reached 30 .. don’t care at all .. next up is 35 .. I need that Joey Tribbiani deal with God.
  3. Could you link me one of the twitter handles? Dealing with that jackass is the last resort
  4. Anyone bought a series x from prepaidgamercard.com ? they seem to be the only ones accepting pre orders (estimated delivery Feb 10th)
  5. I dunno man, sh*t seems to be the same year in n year out.
  6. Yes indeed , now that you pointed it out. It does look like the armor mode
  7. It’s the N line , specifically N8 dct variant. Thanks ! Happy Christmas y’all
  8. icestrok

    FIFA 22

    Webapp 22nd as per this link : https://www.sportbible.com/football/fifa-22-web-app-release-date-20210920 I think companion is 23rd
  9. Agreed . This one would make sense . But the success of gtao has gotten truly into R*’s head.
  10. If portability is not a game changer for you I’d advice you to build a PC , much better that way . Especially if you are looking at 3080. RP tech has been responding to users these last couple of weeks so you can maybe make an enquire for a FE
  11. Looks like I’m not the only one affected with the double triple posts 😁😁 I got it for 1.2 , they agreed for 1.12 but I didn’t have a credit card on me (my details were stolen a while back and I blocked it). So initially the offer was 1.25 - 10k cash back. Since the cb was a no go I asked them to get it down to 1.2 which they did . 3 year comprehensive covered for free as well. Also paid 10k for a 4th year warranty just in case .
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