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  1. This is not the original version.
  2. The game will suffer at launch with many bugs, they are doing a cyberpunk by delaying it for 21 days.
  3. The graphics look terrible for a next gen game.
  4. Started the dragon of dojima journey with kiwami after enjoying 0 a lot.
  5. hazard12345


    just took me back to this scene
  6. Kiryu taking english lessons side story needed.
  7. Corona literally gave us a new football multiverse.
  8. Watching Ted lasso. This roy kent guy is freaking class. Also like that they are using some real world footballing assets like sky sports and other production houses presenters to bring that realism.
  9. hazard12345

    Yakuza 0

    So after finishing main story, saw the cut scenes' montage that Sega puts right after 10-year anniversary project title. While it doesn't give context, the characters reveal just ruin the experience. So just press x, if someone is starting fresh.
  10. seeing a lot of gameplay videos, the map being so big makes it look very empty.
  11. If toby maguire doesn't get this intro music. i swear
  12. Surely that hello peter is directed towards tobey. Marvel loves their editing.
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