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  1. Started the main story and the opening scene was super fun to watch especially after completing Ms Marvel on D+.
  2. hazard12345


    The atmosphere is pretty good. A bit too dark environment wise
  3. hazard12345


    Takes around 8 hours to beat.
  4. Still remember on the ST4 release day, RUTH had 100m plays now 400m +
  5. Netflix better start giving HD quality screen resolution for 199 rupees subscription because thats where it is heading when it comes to its quality
  6. Hoping to see this on PS extra as part of ubisoft classics by end of the year
  7. Finally, upgraded. Thanks to prime day
  8. can you explain with the imgur browser version. I upload and get the link but it still paste the link
  9. How do you fricking upload pics here without tapatalk ?
  10. collectors edition is 240 euros
  11. Not playing this on my 1080p monitor, will wait till C1 is installed.
  12. Football twitter is ruthless
  13. The story.
  14. Please be very long
  15. Way too much taika comedy. Phase 4 has been shambolic. Bring back the russos for CA 4 to saved the day
  16. Done with Vol 2 as well. The first 7 episodes were more impactful than the last 2 but overall the best season and BEST EVER Netflix Original.
  17. That is for cinematic cut scene which are way fewer than in game cutscene that one can't skip
  18. Done with Platinum but insomniac needs to stop this game plus bullshit for 3 skill points in the next one. Making us watch ingame cut scene with no skip option is a disgrace
  19. 1100 euros for inzone monitor C1 it is then
  20. Just done with MM after playing spiderman 3-4 years ago. it felt good to be back in the insomaniac universe. This was so much better than MM. Story was just about ok but the gameplay was complete standout. I hope insomniac get more creative with the side missions because they were fun in this one. Maybe let us play as Miles and peter for pizza delivery missions in SM 2. Overall, really good. And oh the music. John Paesano has made swinging fun.
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