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  1. Saw doctor strange. Not bad, but also not great. At least they ended the wanda and her kid's obsession thing with this one.
  2. Knew This movie was going to bang when you have this score in the first 10 minutes
  3. As an owner of XM3 would recommend buying extended warranty which covers replacement of the button battery cells.
  4. Completed The Reading List. Nice Debut Novel.
  5. hazard12345

    The Quarry

    Avg. Main story play time seems like 7.5 hrs according to howlongtobeat
  6. Read that it is unnecessarily long. 2hr 26min
  7. hogwarts legacy and or God of War is getting my money for the last two titles of the year.
  8. Saudi guy with all his oil money be like
  9. Do i need to know about previous RE to play this one when it comes out ?
  10. I don't your current experience with the language. But this would be really good. https://www.amazon.de/-/en/Friederike-Jin/dp/306023972X/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2R61ZIYJZ1S5O&keywords=grammatik+aktiv+a1-b1&qid=1654336499&sprefix=grammatik+aktiv+a1-b1%2Caps%2C90&sr=8-1&asin=306023972X&revisionId=&format=4&depth=1
  11. as somone who can speak german, i was cracking at the scene. Humble beginnings.
  12. Surely this is the most random thing ever.
  13. There is still one more season to go
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