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  1. This low credit earned from races was the only thing stopping me from buying the game.
  2. looks amazing and goes quite in depth. Will support this one instead of the yearly money grabbers at EA. Best reveal since that trailer for franklin Trevor Micheal.
  3. it takes two is the only value for money buy from this sale.
  4. not really tbh. Only liked rikiya.
  5. Completed Yakuza 3. Wtf was that story and those characters
  6. hazard12345

    WWE 2K22

    Which platform and do you go single player or multiplayer because i have heard and read that 2k have very bad post launch support for this series.
  7. Who came up with this idea of volumes ? Money heist turned out to be absolute sh*t show in the last season by breaking the immersion from first five episodes of action to last 5 of more emotional drama.
  8. Completed Kiwami 2. Nice story and more enjoyable than the first one. This scene just hit me with the music.
  9. Just completed this one. What a f**ked up, depressing story and with that ending. Gameplay is top-notch and very satisfying especially when combing both stealth and gun play when clearing an area. Hope they go back to uncharted now, where the characters which the fans love could still be played around with.
  10. UFC 4. Don't find any reason to get a membership after the battlefield 2042 debacle.
  11. Bill gates will leave nothing on his will at this rate.
  12. Any idea on decent laptop cleaning kits ? The one's on Amazon are bad
  13. glad they cleared the main story playtime.
  14. the meaningful numbers are if there are increasing no. of deaths among those who are vaccinated because of this variant.
  15. Happy New Year everyone. A healthy and fruitful year ahead.
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