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  1. imagine a darker version of doctor strange and wanda in that universe.
  2. saw Luca. Don't know how Pixar do it, but yet another relaxing & fun experience.
  3. Kevin Feige should have done everything to bring back russo brothers & writers of infinity war for this one. Could have been a different experience considering they had all the villains and spideys
  4. disappointed with this one considering the hype. All the crap at the beginning could have been cut for some good set pieces of villains combing against the 3 spiders. The only moment they struggled was against electro for 1 minute. And doc octopus intro scene was so much better than the last set piece on the tower. Bringing tobey and andrew saved the skin. Also tom holland's spidey will move to disney plus now with now him being alone.
  5. youtube will spoil no way home in a couple of days.
  6. Don't have the motivation to play it again because I still remember the majority of the chapters, which will not give me the right satisfaction. One of the best soundtracks from the game.
  7. Terrible Terrible last five episodes of money heist. Just avoid guys.
  8. Thoughts on the map size for infantry ?
  9. ole deserved time to bring back the glory days.
  10. they have edited the other 2 PP from the frame at 2:22. I guess russo brothers were involved in the editing.
  11. Not trusting any rockstar game until i hear the narration from the lady in the gameplay video.
  12. The final members of my The Office collection are here. Happy Diwali everyone. Sent from my Pixel 5 using Tapatalk
  13. Ok let's do this. Will be a long journey but have to complete the dragon of dojima journey. Sent from my Pixel 5 using Tapatalk
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