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  1. this is amazing news.. i have finished it on ps4, just the story. btw i am milking game pass with its 50 rs. offer since last year september.
  2. been reading about this virus for a while now and it's all starting to feels like a pilot for a bad tv show.. healthy individuals with good immunity need not worry, masks are required for sick people to stop it from spreading. keep hygiene, avoid crowded places and stay at home. this virus is a mutated one hence cure is taking time. all casualties in India so far are elderlies with co-morbidities like BP/Diabetes/pulmonary infections..
  3. i want to buy mafia 3 for ps4

  4. i guess there is a degree that you need to have to be considered a proper critic, which i dont have, currently i am busy with my surgery degree and i have limited time to come here and take part in discussions. thanks to senior members like you who discourage rando's like me from participating... i am out of this thread..
  5. you visit SQUATS group on facebook and read the discussions there, you can get lot of information. also, set a goal depending on your body type, understand the workouts and muscles involved (no detailed, but basic info), set a realistic goal and be consistent, even 4 days of regular workout for an hour is enough. (if you into powerlifting then heavy weights, if you want beach body/aesthetics then go for more reps and sets in less weights, for calisthenics use only body weight.) dont worry about supplements like protein or pre workout as a beginner. just focus on increasing strenght and stamina for first few months. keep cardio as a warm up and not too much. pm me for any more info, i am always happy helping fellow lifters.
  6. a good and experienced physiotherapist can work wonders on back pain.. what i meant was to get a proper diagnosis.. lower back pain can be caused by many things. even pain from kidneys is felt in lower back, leading to confusion of back problems. i hope you sort out the problem and lift more
  7. unless you know the cause of chronic and consistent pain, do not try to correct it yourself, consult an orthopedician and a physiotherapist before following any videos you may have seen online or advise from a layman. being a dotor and a calisthenic athlete, i cannot put more stress on self medication and treatment.
  8. I just wanted to express my feelings towards the movie in a compact way, and not write a comprehensive review. scorsese is proud of his story telling which was not impressive. unlike you, who is a critic of members posts, try to stay relevant and not wander into unnecessary details try to understand before assuming..
  9. i liked the movie, but after scorsese's comment on marvel movies not being real cinema, i watched this movie as a proper "rando" critic and i didnt find it living up to scorsese hype of his story telling.
  10. thats sound good, i will check it now, thanks
  11. i need to send my onkyo home theatre , 42"led tv and a coffee machine to my home town(non metro ) from bangalore ? can someone help me out ? courier will be too expensive, cargo will be too rough handling...
  12. Freelancer


    i can finish this in two sittings thanks
  13. Freelancer


    how long is the game play ?
  14. Freelancer


    this game reminds me of psi ops , a game on ps2, it was very similar with the tele kinesis powers..
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