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  1. i have read hps's articles in skoar... it went out of business mostly because broadband took over dial ups, it became easier to visit gamespot and other sites for information. waiting every month for a new issue was unbearable.
  2. i have the first issue of SKOAR.. it was a part of digit magazine, jasubhai group if i remember correctly...
  3. new users get that offer. i created a new user id and got that offer for the second time, and you cannot move saved games between profiles, so make sure you finish the games before making a new id.
  4. (Renewed) Netgear Nighthawk X6S R8000P AC4000 Tri-Band Gigabit Wi-Fi Router (Black)
  5. based on my limited knowledge over the last two years, your limit will depend mostly on your cibil score, and its advised best not to have more than 2 credit cards for maintaining a good score. SBI and HDFC are really good cards, which i use. there are plenty of offers and fees, best go for cards that offer annual fees waiver after certain amount of spends. SBI's rewards are really easy and convenient, HDFC's is a big hassle.
  6. good deal on refurbished r7000 and r8000p on amazon.. they are refurbished, but deal sounds good, might pick up r7000.
  7. any opinion on r8000 ? i am getting a sweet deal on a used router.. should i go for it ? there are quite a few models of r8000 on amazon and price slightly different..
  8. after all these years, this thread is still going strong.
  9. Hello everyone. I have been planning to leaning coding for a long time. finally have got all the materials and basic understanding after reading a lot on web. got a book too on programming from kernighan and ritchie. i have decided to start with c and c++ . i used to have a sound knowledge of visual studio and sql databases and qbasic but i dont have a windows pc and i use imac and macbook. i found out that i can code and compile on xcode and also on terminal. i dont want to buy another pc for learning, atleast not now. i downloaded and tried running ubuntu on imac but its not detecting my bluetooth keyboard and mouse. so for next few days i will be going though the book and learn as much as i can about c language. any source for free materials and reference is appreciated..
  10. Freelancer

    Mafia III

    i bought a copy for ps4 recently and started playing. few minutes into the first mission i realised there are bugs in the game. checked for an update and its 13gb. will downloading it solve the problems ?
  11. bought a samsung 42" hd. my primary 42" lg is running well and fine since 2011, no hiccups. what about curved samsungs ? are those worth the hype ? i heard curved tv's are not good if viewed from a distance.
  12. planning to buy a vu tv, 55" 4k tv for gaming purpose. found mixed reviews on internet. paytm has pretty nice cashback offers. should i go for it ?
  13. just back into my old account... finally
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