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    Nioh 2

    it might be another ancestor of Ryu like Jin in Nioh 1. Jin was the toughest single boss in 1 if you don’t cheese.
  2. It looks stunning. I didn’t know about this game till now. And it’s made in India as well. Will buy it just to support these guys.
  3. One big annoyance in all sony first party games this gen is load times. I guess making a custom ssd means they’ll try and make games load lot less. Imagine games like last of us just never loading more than a few seconds.
  4. Doing side content actually made me hate the game a little bit. The main story missions have tight pacing and action sequences. All the slower interactive elements with excessive animations like rowing in boat, for climbing, opening/closing doors, teleportation etc smoothly blends into action in gameplay. But when you do side missions post game all these interactive elements seem like a chore repenting same slow animations again and again. Moving around the map is also a bit cumbersome. There’s not much variety in the side missions, the puzzles and collectibles aren’t that fun either. Only Valkyrie fights are top notch.
  5. I'm gonna start playing it. You interested in joining?
  6. KyoyaHibari


    Single player mode which serves as a tutorial. With a cool narrative to make it interesting
  7. It’s like 3$ on psn right now well won’t hurt to try I guess. Atleast graphics seem to be solid.
  8. Unlocking fast travel seemed obvious enough for me. stagecoaches and trains are still better options than fast travel. Fast travel is just one way and load times are terrible atleast on ps4 pro.
  9. Watched a few episodes of sex education on Netflix. Damn! How sully has changed !!
  10. Watched a few episodes of sex education on Netflix. Damn! How sully has changed !!
  11. I played it, that’s why I said I didn’t like it all that much.
  12. Wanna play Gris. Got innocence few months ago, should have waited didn’t even like the game all that much.
  13. Attempt them later in game, you can buy confetti pretty cheap later.
  14. Well deserved Every year FromSoftware game should win a goty
  15. RDR 1 is never gonna be remade. Better just play it on whatever device you have.
  16. RDR 1 is never gonna be remade. Better just play it on whatever device you have.
  17. For the queen it’s not really all that different in easy mode either. You’ll have to try couple of times to understand her patterns. Do not try to tank her at any cost, learn to dodge and get one or two attacks on her and back away. I found managing camera the most difficult in the fight.
  18. What he said isn’t wrong tho. Most Japanese turn based games doesn’t really need you to pay attention while in combat or use complex tactics. And final fantasy with atb combat and dq 11 least of all. Player and enemies have limited move sets and the tactics boil down to choosing the right move, figuring out the weakness of enemies and countering. It’s mostly an iterative approach, try something and see if it works if not go for another approach. Once you figure out what to do there’s nothing more. They have some randomness but it’s not gonna make much of a difference. These games focus more on progression, you keep getting new skills/items/gear and the most of the thinking you do is to choose the right tools to get things done. If you don’t have enough you grind. It’s more about being prepared than actually tactical thinking on the spot. I find most of these menu based games getting stagnated after 15-20 hrs in. Offer times even have lot of annoyances like a boss insta killing characters out of nowhere and you basically can’t do sh*t about it and try it over again keeping that in mind. Or sometimes having to grind a lot to catch up to bosses level and again literally can’t do sh*t if you’re too under leveled. Story, fun characters, interesting world and unique artstyle is what carries these games more than gameplay. They’re not like chess game where at any point of time you have virtually infinite number of possibilities so you can’t iteratively find a solution. Games like FTL, into the breach are like chess. You just have to think up strategies as you play them and everyone can have their own way of playing them. Those are one of a kind unique games and hard to come by. Otherwise only a handful of games had some interesting new ideas in the genre. Resonance of fate took atb kind of gameplay to next level making it seem almost real-time and you actually have to always pay attention in this one because gameplay is not entirely skewed towards levels and gear here. Pausing and positioning characters in dragon age was awesome, more games should have tried to include positioning characters as a strategy. Ff12 programming gambits and a lot of customization was fun. Tactical rpgs evolved a lot better over menu based jrpg games. Valkyria Chronicles, Fire Emblem are like upgrades versions of ff tactics or old fire emblems. Games like Xcom, Civ are on whole another level. They have a lot of elements at play. At this point I don’t have patience to play games with so much detail anymore. I started divinity 2 a while ago. It was great but bit taxing to play. I’ll find some time to play it later.
  19. KyoyaHibari

    Nioh 2

    These guys need to learn how to make trailers
  20. The whole collection usually have almost same price as dlc pack. It goes on sale almost every month on psn.
  21. The whole collection usually have almost same price as dlc pack. It goes on sale almost every month on psn.
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