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  1. It was available for very long time. I watch football in Hotstar app.
  2. Infamous

    Destiny 2

    Its a temp fix for now. They are planning to bring back artifact power level advantage again but with a cap. They just wanna release Trials without any backlash. AFAIK D1 trials also had power level cap.
  3. Infamous

    Destiny 2

    I agree Forsaken was the best expansion in Destiny history. But the game has been getting better since forsaken.They are bringing back Trials and if they can include a raid every other season, it would be perfect. Obviously they are missing the two teams from Activision, but they are not charging as much as Activision. Steam is miles better than battle.net.
  4. Infamous

    Destiny 2

    Contraverse hold in PvE. Why? Its pretty much exclusive to PvP. The changes are fine. With self damage introduced, it will stop the random spamming. Also they are buffing its super. So its kinda balanced. Also they should nerf the hunter knife. Atleast it shouldnt one hit kill.
  5. Infamous

    Destiny 2

  6. Infamous

    Destiny 2

    Yes the pvp is p2p and not dedicated servers. If you are not using VPN, the opponents can easily figure out your IP and start a DDOS attack. This has happened during Trials. Even during day one Raid race.
  7. Infamous


    All the video thumbnails/trailers look awesome. The gameplay looks meh.
  8. Infamous

    The Division 2

    Do u own the base game on Epic client?
  9. I usually check my ping at speedtest. I have been using Jio Fiber and I usually get around 4-10ms and my laptop is on WiFi. But @TAZ mentioned that he was getting 50-80 with jio fiber. So i wanted to to know how he was checking his ping.
  10. How do you check for pings? Can we check pings for a particular game server?
  11. Best game of the decade? - Witcher 3, The Last of US, God of War, Destiny Worst game of the decade? - I cant remember any. I'm usually selective on games. I would rather be disappointed than calling it the worst game. Biggest disappointment of the decade? - Anthem - I had hoped Bioware's Destiny would be perfect. After playing the Beta i was skeptical and dodged it. Destiny 2 Year 1 as well. Game that changed gaming of the decade? - Pubg and Destiny Raids Game that you played the most? - Destiny Soundtrack of the decade? - Destiny Story of the decade? - The Last of US Game that you will continue to play during next decade? - Destiny
  12. It's a follow-up to the comic. Movie is slightly different from the comic.
  13. It's a follow-up to the comic. Movie is slightly different from the comic.
  14. Completed Watchmen. Awesome ending. Will go down as one of the greatest shows ever.
  15. Done with the latest Watchmen Episode. Again a top notch one. I think Watchmen may become one of my all time favorite TV show if they end this season well. The acting is brilliant. Regina King is fantastic.
  16. They should have an option to switch between 4k30 and 1440p60fps for all games. Or atleast an option to reduce graphics options to get 4k60fps (helps for fps games) Next gen games will have graphical upgrades so obviously the games would look better but still run at 30fps. I remember witcher 3 was struggling on ps4 on launch week. Whenever it was raining in the game it was a slideshow. I am totally fine with third person games running at solid 30fps. Death Stranding is an great example, it runs flawlessly in my pro. Even though its running at 30fps it feels so smooth.
  17. Yes it gets better with every episode. Episode 6 was the best. It was on a different level. After watching the first 2 episodes, i was clueless on what was happening. From episode 3, they slowing start to tie up original watchmen story. They do a decent job to tell what happens in the comics. Brilliant show till now. Lets see how they end the season. The acting is great too. Agent Blake, Angela and Looking Glass actors are fantastic.
  18. Infamous

    Death Stranding

    Unconscious. Right now there is some space, so I am able to ignore and go past him. Still if there were two mules then it's won't be possible to use the road. There should be some way to carry him or put on a truck or something.
  19. Infamous

    Death Stranding

    So is there a way to move a downed Mule from the road? Now I cannot use the road with a Mule on it.
  20. Watchmen Episode 6 was brilliant in every way. One of the best TV episode ever.
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