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  1. I'm also waiting for a 4K 144Hz monitor with hdmi 2.1 and size 32inch. Few have been revealed in recent tech shows (PG32UQ) by some brands but i suspect they will take several months to launch here in India (Earliest Q3). For future proofing i think hdmi 2.1 is a must for console gamers. PC gamers have required monitors and console gamers will get 2.1 TVs soon but for a PC+console gamer it's a waiting game. Cheers.
  2. Keyboard and mouse memory foam wrist rest : RJ45 Cat-7 Working on a completely new gaming setup starting with custom L-shaped desk with cable cut-outs & enough desk real estate to house half a dozen consoles, printer, laptop, gaming PC tower, monitor, TV and all the peripherals. Have a huge to-do and to-buy list . Won't rush it. Want it to be neat. Before work in progress
  3. Still down No response to calls or email. Cheers.
  4. StormShadow

    Gaming PCs

    Thanks guys. I had shortlisted LG 27GN950-B but it lacks hdmi 2.1 port. I game on PC as well as all consoles. So need something which is good for both. Will wait out a bit for more 4K monitors to hit our market. Currently everything is out of stock or over priced due to Covid. I'm building a complete gaming setup so have a long list of things-to-do and things-to-buy. But facing out of stock for most items, even simple stuff like gaming chair. Cheers.
  5. StormShadow

    Gaming PCs

    I have done my fair share of research and still in progress but with the vast array of options would love some suggestions for a gaming monitor? Preferably future proof (atleast to some extent). GFX Card : Once everything settles, will get 3000 series card, hopefully 3080. Resolution: 4K / 2K (4K preferred) Refresh rate: 144-240hz Low input lag Size : 27" + Never used curved so don't know if i will favour it or not but would like to try. Will be used for consoles and PC gaming. Will be used for other entertainment like tv shows, movies aswell. Gaming look and design preferred. Budget : 30K (desirable) to 50K. Is it worth waiting for proper 4K monitors to hit the market or better to settle for 2K? There is still time for my purchase so are there any new models/upgrades expected in immediate future? Also is it worth investing so much in a monitor or should i save and invest in other upgrades? If yes, what would be a great 144hz+, 2K, low input lag monitor for now? Thanks in advance. Cheers.
  6. StormShadow

    Gaming PCs

    Guys, which thermal paste do you recommend? Too many options now a days. I'm just checking out the ones with thermal conductivity 5+. Cheers.
  7. Would like to join for MP. Was regular until few weeks back but got bored playing with strangers after couple of months. Rusty on the edges, just need some practice again. Please send me whatsapp group link Cheers.
  8. Hello, can you guys suggest an anti static mat for desktop assembly? Which is preferable and from where can i get it? Cheers.
  9. I too faced an issue with COD MW on amazon recently. I always loved amazon delivery and refund system. No hassles till date. But for COD MW i received an imported different version disc and when i tried to return, it showed that item is not eligible for return even though it was Prime guaranteed. The customer care was polite but super useless and pathetic. Long story short i went through dozens and dozens of calls, explanations and authentiations and finally reached the escalation team and got a refund. Although i wasted a lot of time, energy & patience on it and some money aswell. So never gonna order any gaming stuff from amazon or similar retailers. Best to buy locally or through exclusive online game retailers. Might not get discounts, but i prefer peace of mind. Cheers.
  10. You can buy it for a month. Try it out. Cheers.
  11. Finally managed to give some time to this game. Completed the SP campaign on hardened. And man what an amazing campaign! Short but ultimate FPS experience. Just loved the sound. Would definitely have multiple playthroughs. Started with the MP now. A lot late to the party . The enemies in spec ops just don't stop spawning...lol..It's so tough without communicating. Need friends, please add me if anyone is still playing this game, My id - DeathProwl. Cheers.
  12. Completed the main storyline few weeks back as i wanted to start with COD:MW. Till the last mission the game didn't cease to amaze me. Only thing i didn't like in this game was the forced walking speed. But the visuals, the sheer amount of content, the story and character development, the 'humanness' of all the characters, the emotions, everything is so beautifully done. I avoid open world games as they need a lot of time investment, but had enjoyed RDR1 a lot and had to pick this one up. Amongst the very few open world games i truly loved; so much so that i cared to complete the side missions as well. Had to stop at some point as other games were pending. But the time invested is worth the experience. Cheers.
  13. EDIT : Double post.
  14. Hi, I'm from Pune. Need advice on the best internet connection in Pune for online gaming. I'm using Youtelecom since last 12-14 years. I have it at several locations. But have started facing issues at my home location. Thinking of Airtel. Please advice. Do suggest the best plan as well. Cheers.
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