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  1. I too faced an issue with COD MW on amazon recently. I always loved amazon delivery and refund system. No hassles till date. But for COD MW i received an imported different version disc and when i tried to return, it showed that item is not eligible for return even though it was Prime guaranteed. The customer care was polite but super useless and pathetic. Long story short i went through dozens and dozens of calls, explanations and authentiations and finally reached the escalation team and got a refund. Although i wasted a lot of time, energy & patience on it and some money aswell. So never gonna order any gaming stuff from amazon or similar retailers. Best to buy locally or through exclusive online game retailers. Might not get discounts, but i prefer peace of mind. Cheers.
  2. You can buy it for a month. Try it out. Cheers.
  3. Finally managed to give some time to this game. Completed the SP campaign on hardened. And man what an amazing campaign! Short but ultimate FPS experience. Just loved the sound. Would definitely have multiple playthroughs. Started with the MP now. A lot late to the party . The enemies in spec ops just don't stop spawning...lol..It's so tough without communicating. Need friends, please add me if anyone is still playing this game, My id - DeathProwl. Cheers.
  4. Completed the main storyline few weeks back as i wanted to start with COD:MW. Till the last mission the game didn't cease to amaze me. Only thing i didn't like in this game was the forced walking speed. But the visuals, the sheer amount of content, the story and character development, the 'humanness' of all the characters, the emotions, everything is so beautifully done. I avoid open world games as they need a lot of time investment, but had enjoyed RDR1 a lot and had to pick this one up. Amongst the very few open world games i truly loved; so much so that i cared to complete the side missions as well. Had to stop at some point as other games were pending. But the time invested is worth the experience. Cheers.
  5. EDIT : Double post.
  6. Hi, I'm from Pune. Need advice on the best internet connection in Pune for online gaming. I'm using Youtelecom since last 12-14 years. I have it at several locations. But have started facing issues at my home location. Thinking of Airtel. Please advice. Do suggest the best plan as well. Cheers.
  7. CoD games are way overpriced. Is a price drop expected up till Dec? Cheers.
  8. Hi, Like many here at IVG and all over the world, i too am facing display issue with my PS4. I have bought it from the US. Everything is working fine but there is no display. Tried everything on the internet. It’s definitely not port issue. Mostly IC problem. I even tried repairing it at the top local repair shop for consoles. No success. I have installed a 2TB HDD because 500GB wasn’t sufficient. What are my options? (Other than buying a new 1 from the market 😜) Does Sony India give the exchange offer without Indian invoice?
  9. Bought Samsung UHD (4K) 55" TV: New Soundbar New Woofer Cheers.
  10. Post anything and everything regarding ur "fav","hated","currently viewed","etc","etc" TV shows! cheers. Guidelines : 1. Keep it clean 2. NSFW content must be spoilered and tagged so 3. Posting content not originating from a TV series but from a different source material, e.g. books, comics, movies, etc. IS NOT ALLOWED. Take it to the respective thread. Violation of any of the guidelines may result in disciplinary action.
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