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  1. Looks brilliant, damages and source?
  2. Obviously the doctor would recommend "Ortho Pizza"
  3. Btw is it any use getting the LTF IDFC CC?
  4. They sort of conveyed that they will replace my existing Citi CC. Let's see what happens. CC anyways looks like those things that you need but actually don't use them that all
  5. I'm just carrying my old citi account in the hope axis will give me a half-decent CC
  6. Glad you liked it Merry christmas and a happy new year P.S: Another one on the way!
  7. Thanks! The cop-porns came to me inside a poly bag and not a cardboard box so it was bound to be this way But hey the insides are untouched and YUMMY! Thanks a lot again for the gifts, belated merry christmas and a very happy new year!
  8. My next phone will be a Moto, looks like it! Glad to see you like it, I've always liked Moto phones. My Moto z2 ultra still gets comments from people about how sleek it is and it still runs flawlessly without any lag for my minimal use.
  9. Thank you for the lovely gifts Can't wait to watch Dune again in a better quality this time Santa please do the honours!
  10. Thanks Santa for the wonderful chocolates. I actually received 4 and already finished one
  11. Lucky you, my Banta's as active as a gigachad virgin's sex life
  12. Welcome, that's the Santa's gift for you
  13. For anonymous sign in Go to Account Settings -> Privacy -> Change the option
  14. Everyone please check your Inboxes.
  15. Thanks for taking part friends. Entries are closed. Meanwhile the elves are trying to find a perfect algorithm to pick the pairs!
  16. Post updated. Everyone who's not yet sent their addresses, please send me your addresses by the evening if possible. I'll then hold the draw. Any last minute entrants?
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