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  1. Hello friends. Come one, come all to this year's iteration of Secret Santa Welcome to the thread that celebrates the spirit of Christmas. What is Secret Santa? Secret Santa is a tradition in which volunteering members of our lovely community anonymously send gifts to a randomly chosen participating member The basic flowchart of Secret Santa is: Interested people post their names in this thread After the dead-line for submitting names is over, a random draw is held to assign a person(aka target) to every Santa Every Santa then has about 2-3 weeks to scout & stalk their designated target, choose an appropriate gift and then send it The designated target should (ideally) receive the gift just around the 25th of December i.e. Christmas A Secret Santa should only reveal himself through the "Sent by" tag on the courier i.e. No one should know of the identity of their Secret Santa until they receive their gift The key of a successful Secret Santa is secrecy, so please do all that you can to ensure that your identity stays hidden until your target receives his gift. Want to take part? Here's what you've got to do: 1. Read this post and the guidelines carefully. 2. If you can adhere to the time-frame, post your names in this thread. 3. Send me a PM with your complete address along with your mobile number. The title should be ~ "Secret Santa 2022" 4. After the deadline for submitting names is over, someone will hold a lucky draw and you (i.e. the Santa) will be assigned a target. 5. Find out the likes and dislikes of your target and choose a suitable NEW gift for him. 6. You, Santa, will send the gift(s) to your designated target. P.S: You should send your gifts so that your target will receive their gifts before Christmas. The closer to 25th, the better. Guidelines for Secret Santa: 1. This is all about the bond we share in the community 2. Please don't tell anyone, even to non-participants, the identity of your target 3. It is absolutely necessary (and makes the gift that extra bit sweet) that the gift is a well-searched one and not a generic one 4. Gift-wrapping the gift along with a card is encouraged, but not mandatory 5. IMPORTANT: The gift should be NEW. Whatever it is, it shouldn't be a used one 6. The gift should be chosen according to the person's likes or dislikes, do proper research before sending a gift. 7. Take appropriate measures so that your target gets his gift just before Christmas i.e. in the range of 21-24th December Previous Iterations of Secret Santa: Tips for Secret Santa: Hall of Fame Last date for registrations: 10th December 2023 Please commit if and only if you will be 100% able to send a gift. We've had defaulters in the past and we don't want any more sad people, do we? Feel free to post here/ PM me if you have any doubts. Let's all end this year on a positive happy note. Hope you all have a great Christmas this year.
  2. If anyone wants to pass the CE, give it to me instead :Fear:
  3. Secret Santa thread, coming up soon
  4. DCB/ Diners doesn't even work at most of the places online like razorpay or internationally, and tap-to-pay doesn't work for diners card 99% unless it's a specific model of HDFC POS machines.
  5. Well what do you guys think? This year should it be compulsory to reveal Santa's?
  6. Depends on model, but in some cases even turning ionizer off still emits ozone.
  7. Congrats and damages for laptop? Been looking for one and had an eye out for the above posted by pushpa, but don't actually need a gaming one!
  8. Bring the tips on. Tokyo itself is a crazy place to explore. Is there a good reference of what all to see in various cities. Team lab and the Ghibli museum along with Pokemon stores and good cafes. Too bad jrpass has increased a lot in price now. For vegetarian options: Coco ichi and McD?
  9. Trust me it's a slippery slope. I like naivo as well as rossette coffee.
  10. Amazing, can I DM you and @Snake too?
  11. Hopefully planning a trip to japan ~11-12 days. Any must see cities/ itinerary? What all internal flights/ Shinkansen would I need to take/ should I take? How many days per city to cover decent amount (I know you can take a week to cover tokyo only so trying to cover main things)?
  12. abhi90

    Tales of Arise

    Very nice, they earlier said there won't be an expansion! Nice to see it! Day 1 buy!
  13. exactly, plus a lot of people say biocermanic = glorified plastic watch!
  14. even moonswatch is non-limited but hype(?) has made it unattainable! The delhi store here casually told me, sir har din 5 baje line lagti hai 8 baje sale ki! aap kal aa jaana!
  15. expect it to be in high demand like moonswatch?
  16. Not a forex card, but if you don't care about rewards you can look at federal bank's Scapia, it offers 0% forex charges for a LTF card!
  17. Kitne Lego sets for each referral de rahe
  18. Leela uses King Koil. Plus springtek is an indian brand! A quick google tells me you can look into Hush mattresses which are used by Taj
  19. abhi90

    Baldur's Gate 3

    WHy you do this?
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