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  1. Yes you're the official record-holder It must have been hectic trying to co-ordinate for such a long time. Thanks for it and to @KunjanPSD for being patient as well
  2. Wow great man! and a gift in February
  3. I thankfully haven't gotten over the initial and still adore my sub Ofcourse I sometimes think about upgrading to a bigger sub but an upgrade will ANNIHILATE my budget for the next year Yes! I can link you to shops but beware, not every shop stocks what you might want. Are you sure on what you want to get? Based on that we can find dealers who will co-ordinate everything for you.
  4. This. Also with people comparing it to flu, we sort of know that flu is mostly harmless and has no long term affects (Yes, some people succumb to flu as well) but equating flu and corona is not the correct analogy since we don't even know about all the long term effects of Corona, let alone that people are dying because of it and a lot of people have had long term and adverse affects
  5. This, it is separate and doesn't have devices supporting 6Ghz as of now whereas a lot of devices already are wifi6 capable such as PS5, iphone etc. For any new purchase I'd suggest getting wifi6 as even cheap routers have it
  6. and I assume you'd like to check if the card is working properly or not and you would want an OTP to confirm it too?
  7. Sad thing is that everyone is treating is as just another cold because they want to justify their actions. Like companies calling it so so they can call employees, people going out with wearing masks. When I was out, I asked a friend why isn't she wearing a mask she said 'har kisi ko hona ki hai, experts ne kahan hai koi nahi bachega corona se'.
  8. Just get something that has wifi 6 support in my opinion. I think you should not be worried about wifi 6e support (which is different from wifi 6)
  9. They won't if you have a wired backhaul. What is the rough square foot area you are looking to cover, and on the same floor?
  10. for everyone When I had the ea play membership, i still didn't bother with ufc. Might not add the games to even my account as I'll never be starting any one of them except The planet coaster games for the kicks
  11. In my opinion get a good asus router, if you need more coverage then get one more. Just ensure that that model is supported by Asus' AIMesh I'm using the Asus rt-ax 55 and it is a brilliant router with great range sufficient for ~30 feet easily. Also very easy to set up as well.
  12. Honda exiting the market would be
  13. @SRahulNayakgot these lovely gifts from his Santa @AtheK
  14. Got this final gift from my banta @KunjanPSD This is lovely! Real good, better than fabelle ganache imo Thanks a lot bro
  15. Code for game or balance or PSN plus ?
  16. I'd prefer a pic with chaddi, something about lingerie is erotic @fatpigeon please post soon else @Assassins Creed will ban you
  17. Wait, 40 total reactions for stretch goal
  18. And if he doesn't, you can ban him
  19. That made it all the more tough for @KunjanPSD as he can't ask me questions and he just had to work with the inputs I gave about myself. That coupled with the fact that I don't seem to have a ton of recent posts was a deadly combo Let me ask him.
  20. PROXY POST: Posting on behalf of @SRahulNayak who has trouble posting on IVG. This is the gift he got from his Santa which he posted a couple of pages back:
  21. Also got this lovely gift from @AtheK Now I need to earn money to put in the wallet [emoji14]
  22. Got my amazing gifts from my Santa @KunjanPSD Thanks a ton again for being a great Santa, these will surely be displayed in my collection Really like Demon Slayer Yaiba and Macho Man OOHHHHHHHHH YEAHH!!!!!!!!!! Already have his bandana and sunglasses Merry Christmas
  23. Meanwhile seeing such awesome gifts all around other Santa's be like
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