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  1. I was watching dinner and came across Eurosport telecasting AEW rampage and the match was Lucha brothers vs The Accolade(?) Goddamn that match was so much fun miles better than anything I watched in WWE. Pentagon had been awesome since Lucha underground and he's a great guy
  2. Just a couple of days back I saw prime renewal for 899, and just today my prime expired and I can't find it anywhere
  3. What about Tyr
  4. Cursed game is cursed Wonder what the Sony guys were smoking. Regarding people saying he has a son, etc. Dude wtf he can change his sexual preferences or can be a bi.
  5. I think it's more about the entire culture of forcing things for the sake pf cultural enrichment. Ideally people also should not get angry if they reveal that Kratos is gay.
  6. 1. Just give me great GT7 footage with my McLaren F1 to to with no delays 2. GoW is confirmed, let me see the lightning man 3. Persona 6 4. Somehow put in something of RDR2 remaster
  7. abhi90

    Tales of Arise

    Yeah! f**k it, placed my order today. The wait is unbearable
  8. The original games wouldn't go down well, way too repetitive Just give me Metal gear revengeance part 2
  9. Tomorrow Nice to see you're excited, looks like yet another "Add to library" and forget for me
  10. abhi90

    FIFA 22

    I played FUT offline totally and it isn't nearly half as rewarding as online, and online's so stressful. The only game in which I've thrown a controller out of frustration.
  11. abhi90

    FIFA 22

    UT is a gacha with some trading mechanics. UT also has that lootbox tendencies, frankly all of that is still fine but the toxic community is something that gets on my nerves. Maybe it's the same for other online MP but I don't have experience with them.
  12. Looks good, hope the gameplay is good man. Looks like I'll enjoy the PS5 a year or two after release
  13. They zoom in as much needed to find a difference and stoke the wars. Console irrespective.
  14. abhi90

    Tales of Arise

    If you get to know about the ce anywhere, let me know, aight?
  15. abhi90

    Tales of Arise

    from where? edit: mcubegames for anyone wondering just hoped that they'd have brought the Ce
  16. First paycheck went to parents, then slowly started saving money for games/ other hobbies and buying them
  17. Yeah man, that's disappointing. For newer games I'd still be fine paying 10$ and upgrading to the ps5 rather than going the FF7R way
  18. Doubt it, especially since the announcement will be made on 1st which is still like 8 days away. If that's true though, that's a win.
  19. Probably sometimes the addons also interfere with cloudflare functionality. Try running without addons and see if it persists.
  20. Well to be fair, a lot of popular youtubers that primarily review only phones and accessories and tws don't have a rats a*s and mostly peddle keywords to the masses.
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