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  1. Shitty month. Guess I'll finally give in and start RDR2
  2. Even my RO filter is low on life and now I'm thinking of either replacing it myself or trying to clean it as much as I can so it lasts for one more month. I understand the fear
  3. This man. People blame the coronavirus for existing, people blame the governments but it's idiotic people like this that have equally contributed to the current situation, if not more.
  4. A resting pulse of 100-110+ is not normal. But if you've consulted a doctor then sab changa si.
  5. Trusted Yes, but a lot of people have had bad issues with them too.
  6. Doctors are advising using a surgical mask on top of an n95 mask and then discarding the surgical mask after every visit, so want one for that.
  7. Calling the cops isn't an option since the wedding/ marriage is in a society for underprivileged folks. You know how that works out in the end. Any good brand for surgical masks? Amazon is filled with random masks
  8. Just some common sense will do, there's still a wedding going on near my house edit: Dhol is on since 4pm, no one's wearing any masks. Social distancing what?
  9. At the end it's us that are suffering. I would bet that the corrupt contractor/ department would have cut corners in order to save moolah and this is an adverse effect of that.
  10. Call him out, say he's wrong but don't resort to name-calling as that often degrades into personal comments way too fast and that doesn't end well for anyone. I didn't call you that bruh, no hard fellings. What I said was "That's a really inane and dumb statement imo."
  11. If he's not getting personal, you shouldn't be getting personal. That's just my opinion though.
  12. This series deserves more love. I can see why people are apprehensive about this iteration but I'll get it day 1 if it has even 50% of the charm of the first game. More news in July so it's not coming in 2021 for sure.
  13. Up ain't showing proper numbers for Covid deaths especially. The number of deaths they are showing is not even close to the number in Lucknow! This man, plus with no testing + people not getting themselves tested, this is going to be sad Someone I know got fever, after talking to god-knows-who doctor they took Coronil and Paracetamol 4 times a day and then after 2 days proudly proclaimed "We don't have corona, see my temperature is 97" I don't even Is there information available to the contrary? I mean we all know deep down that it's not true but no facts to back it up sadly
  14. I am not able to get the link, but I think someone here posted a link saying that Sputnik was comparatively more effective against the newer mutation
  15. I can only imagine the outrage if Trump had done this.
  16. Much appreciated man, you guys do hard work. Tracking this thread and Covid thread is a nightmare for everyone, let alone moderating it. But what if the same guy is reporting posts of a same guy, even if the posts are OT?
  17. I live near a very bustling place in Delhi and it's been dead due to the weekend lockdown. As you said, lockdown 1.0 vibes The downside is as soon as the graph seems to flatten, they'll be the first to ditch the masks.
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