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  1. Kahin se available karwa do bhai
  2. f**k them for scalping the Horizon CE as well! They had the Tales of Arise CE also listed but delayed for a month and then stopped replying to me. It's still listed on the site but it's not available!
  3. By any chance do you have a contact number?
  4. The people are the ones who suffer because of dirty politics
  5. heard he changed his name because of bad reputation, guess people should be away from him any one delivering day 1 in delhi? P.S: No idea of any CE here, right? :Fear:
  6. Are they the cheapest?
  7. What's the best air purifier for Delhi Dyson has been not faring well in third-party reviews!
  8. Pro seems a bit costlier at 50k v/s fusion at 43k. Also fusion has a curved and a bit smaller screen (6.55 v/s 6.7). I think Fusion ?
  9. Exactly! You can only use your height speakers by using the AVR's guesstimated values
  10. As discussed on the other group, Karcher is solid!
  11. Great to hear that. Meanwhile the absolutely shitty and crappy PS5 has no atmos!
  12. The newest moto phones are good, depends on the budget! The stock camera app can be upgraded to the pixel app with far superior picture capability because of the near-stock android. Display also is very good!
  13. All the best @AtheK
  14. You'll have to monitor this thread for any spoilers and delete them for noobs like us. #Sacrifice
  15. Does anyone have a LTF HDFC CC (I know @KunjanPSD has one) If so then is there any place you can verify it is LTF instead of just taking the sales guys words at face value.
  16. Do consider any of the Moto phones in your price range!
  17. Why does everything I want to order go out of stock, especially for shoes in my size
  18. LAWD DAYUMN!!!!
  19. Do not know that, but the Saket Imax is 4k compared to the Noida one (see the laser brand being touted)
  20. I've had the chance to see Kronos Quartet live and they were taking requests so I asked them to play Summer Overture. They didn't but at least they played the finale of Aronofsky's 'The Fountain' I found a 6 min (fan-made) version of Summer Overture which mixes in elements of Lux Aeterna as well and it is great!
  21. Well I'd suggest you do, it's worth it. But off-late the prices have increased a lot as well However a semi-decent 5.1 is perfect bruh
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