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  1. Very glad to hear that it turned out too well. Sadly ALL of the AVR's are sh*t-engineered with loads of issues, be it Denon, Marantz, Pioneer, Onkyo or Yamaha
  2. Totally agree i-keel-you. That is one of my favourite movies of all time for that very same reason. Just one thing that you didn't mention is the wondrous (even haunting for some) soundtrack which elevates the movie, the movie just wouldn't have been the same without the magic of the Kronos Quarter
  3. Exactly that is what I was referring. Sometimes the trainers dumb-down things because a lot of people are not interested to learn and just want to build muscles. But if you are interested most of them are happy to share their knowledge. Proper form is something, sometimes people need a spur and drive towards a target in which a PT helps. However PT is pretty expensive here, usually 1-1.5k per session
  4. A PT is much more than just good-form so maybe hazard has some other needs/ likes/ injuries etc. Personal trainers are good but like everything YMMV. Just choose a good and knowledgeable one!
  5. Get the 24, I find them better than 23 (though a bit more expensive). Also you have alternatives. Most of my shoes are comfortable running shoes for daily wear!
  6. Hoping for the best, please someone whatsapp me whenever it's available of happiness
  7. How did you get Sapphiro as a LTF? Was it offered?
  8. Someone reply please Tomorrow is the tentative plan
  9. Still looks very unfinished, seems like it'll bomb! Really hoping the game is kick-arse
  10. Great, baaki NCR folks? Please tag folks! @niks_flashbullet @Felix the cat
  11. Saturday (Tomorrow) works for everyone?
  12. edit: DP
  13. But we don't want you to. Reading multiple posts in sequence is not fun
  14. He's already a Papa, if he becomes a Mummy then won't he have to change his gender? LGBTQTFQratos
  15. Someone please tell me we'll get the collector's edition in India
  16. Is anyone willing to let me use their SBI CC for the FK sale?
  17. abhi90

    Tales of Arise

    This game has a massive improvement with FOrced VRR. It's the next bet thing to a stable framerate. All the jerkiness is gone!
  18. Is it better to buy a dog with this soundbar?
  19. Amazing setup, they sound really good. Now I'm assuming a sub is the next logical buy?
  20. Wahi to @lithuvien please re-upload Amazing man. Many many congraulations!, I can't see the image, can you please re-upload it? Congratulations! The Oberon's are :wub: Did you also audition any other pairs and/ or the Oberon 5 and 9?
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