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  1. abhi90

    Gran Turismo 7

    I loved the first circuit experience! However then I started the Nurburgring circuit experience and it is hell!
  2. Whirlpool is good. stay away from Samsung and you should be good
  3. The sound effects in batman When the batmobile was introduced the entire seat was shaking
  4. That also applies to all owners who call their dogs/ cats as their kids, which itself is a red flag imo
  5. Nice! I have always liked Moto's phone for their VFM factor, How is this?
  6. That is indeed but rising salaries might also be a double edged sword. I know a lot of companies who are also looking to offshore to other cheaper countries like argentina, etc because they switched to India because of cheap wages and their margins are reduced. f**k them. The CTC for IT companies for almost 15 years is in the range of 3-4 lpa. Which is shitty and salaries increasing is a welcome move! He's been performing on the stage for quite a long time. What's more working for them is the "Man who cried wolf" situation for Russia. There's propaganda on both sides.
  7. Yeah 25-30% attrition was there till last year. Things are still hot but it might be a bubble with everyone switching! The grass is greener on the other side, you also get paid in
  8. abhi90

    Gran Turismo 7

    Eurogamer said that you can only choose a custom race or that high as a kite music rally mode when you're offline
  9. Yeah at one point Russian's were even trying to point out what the Ukrainian media was portraying falsely! Talk about how the turn tables! They had like 3-4 incidents which they said were portrayed falsely. One thing that has been reported from many places is that Ukrainians have been killed by their own because they acted in haste/ anything and then blamed all such scenarios on Russian Saboteurs wearing UKA dress. Don't know what to believe.
  10. https://www.businessinsider.in/international/news/african-students-fleeing-the-russian-invasion-say-they-have-been-prevented-from-crossing-to-poland-due-to-a-ukrainians-first-policy/articleshow/89878117.cms Apparently what was reported by Indians also seems to be true
  11. If I see my opponent playing a piano with his dick, I ain't picking a fight with him
  12. Of course, how do you plan to eject 10 members after taking them in.
  13. Not sure what their end-game is. What a lot of more knowledgeable people are saying is that they wanted a quick seizure of the government without any civilian loss so that they can install a puppet government and rule peacefully. Now that's out of the questions so they're escalating.
  14. You do understand that nobody can send a civilian aeroplane in Ukraine right now? And there was a sole AI flight that was turned yesterday when the notice went out? And that Indian Embassy can't do sh*t without Ukraine's support while ferrying Indians? If they're border shelling or anything else, do you see ANYONE say negative about them. Not even China
  15. Exactly. Why are these people trying to make everything about themselves. Same goes for people in USA and everywhere else as well.
  16. An Indian student was being interviewed a couple of days ago on TV. When the reporter asked why they haven't evacuated the girl gave the reasons as: No clarity from university if we have to stay or we can go Flight tickets were a bit expensive
  17. I'm not implying anything, I'm just a bit angry at people posting on social media that Ukraine opposed India in the past so let them die. We, talking about commoners, should have the spine to acknowledge what's wrong even if no action is being taken.
  18. Waiting for people saying hurr durr Ukraine opposed India at UN so let them die
  19. Why is everyone trying to get this thread closed? This is why we can't have nice things. Whatsapp univsersity ki alumni meet nahi hai
  20. But the ex-president of Ukraine is patrolling the streets with an AK like a mofo badass
  21. Not crazy enough, if there was no Ukraine going on right now I'd expect some sort of troop movement / actual action to intimidate them Swedes/ Finnies.
  22. Exactly, let's not get this thread locked. But he's primarily the reason why all the major countries are so vocal against Russia and how openly US is also supplying intel to Ukraine aiding them in whatever way they want. Russia's threat to Finland and Sweden further show his frustration.
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