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  1. If the Brazilian president can do it, then so can we! GO GO GO!
  2. YMMV. Even in cushioned shoes there's an energy loss in the pillow-like shoes and most professional runners avoid that for Marathon etc, for casual running they are pretty good. I'm a big big fan of wel-cushioned shoes personally.
  3. Depends on what you're using them for. Ultra cushioned shoes are not good for running as they provide too much cushioning.
  4. We're all just playing with each other.
  5. Hope they agressively identify the positive cases so that they are quarantined. Especially needed as people have started going to malls, etc 3700 tests is so damn less.
  6. Please press submit once and do not refresh During last Diwali the DS4 went for under 3k with discounts, but the controller is not often on discount and there haven't been any sales post Jan so this is a good enough price.
  7. Well most of that isn't within our control, but what is under our control (i.e. our actions) is being squandered away. You see people acting all willy nilly
  8. Yes sir! Just take a look out of your window and you'll see the number of vehicles outside. Even in our colony it's a 'mela' during the evening walk time with people even walking in groups. The same is the case with a lot of colonies throughout Delhi. I myself know of some individuals who are up and raring to go.
  9. According to Mr. Kejriwal it all understandable that Corona cases might increase but they need money. When Tata has said that save yourself and you can earn some other day. Kejriwal saying such stupid things, saying our hospitals are equipped to handle cases. Especially when the doctors are crying for lack of PPE. I wonder if they even added a single ventilator. Such bloody hypocrisy!
  10. Ten sports is telecasting old wrestling shows. Saw RR 2000 on the tv yesterday
  11. dude? it has chakkas too
  12. So 3 doctors and 2 policeman have entered a home in our colony I'm sh*ting bricks
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