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  1. Will it be live on indian TV?
  2. :yay: :wootjumpy: Kane will put others up, as always, but it's always nice to see him. Hope he's in great shape. Kane is love
  3. Sounds of a playground fading indeed.
  4. The disc quality wouldn't be impacted
  5. Small portable ones @santanu18 ideally around 2k, can extend if it's really good
  6. abhinit90

    FIFA 20

    Sadly it looks like that every year
  7. Hey man, I get it, we're all excited, but can you please edit your post if you're about to post something new in the next few minutes, instead of a new post?
  8. Are you ready for the freedom sale? Busy times for you.
  9. He got it from reliance digital.
  10. I think the time was limited because if the legends were the center piece, then they would get flax for putting the flashlight on the past. Which in't a bad thing but it's the cool thing to hate glorifying the past.
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