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  1. Same thing can happen with rep points too I can post jokes or memes or something to get rep
  2. Too lenient. The existing one looks perfect. Why are there plans to change the criteria?
  3. They're the reference point in recliners for a reason. If you can afford it then you won't regret it. They're pretty durable from what I've heard.
  4. Can we have a mandatory rule that people posting their own custom affiliates have to specify doing so?
  5. Why not support IVG? And regarding effort, let's take the discussion offline. Meanwhile people are supporting him as if he's doing God's great work. He's just running a business. The best part is that he's helped a lot of us and we're thankful to him. But for god's sake just stop with all this "He's a saviour and all other bullshit". He's posting links out of purely his own self interest. I was merely asking him the same, if he clarifies the same it's cool.
  6. @santanu18 Maybe you missed thie post Meanwhile I've corrected the links to have the ICG affiliate links. Buy from these only o support IVG: IVG Link: Nioh 2 - Special Edition PS4 49% Off ₹2911
  7. Definitely man. He's been a life-saver for many of us. The only thing that could make it just perfect was if the deals had the IVG affiliate link attached so we could help IVG too. That could be a direct way of helping IVG too and would go toe-in-toe with: @santanu18 Can you please use IVG's affiliate links, assuming you don't use any other?
  8. In my option something on the lines of "Deal master" or something can also work
  9. We put in a bag out, then back away and the guy fills the bag with our stuff and backs away. This is at least a bit better than what you are currently doing, maybe try it out?
  10. Every single place has been advocating minimising physical interaction, if you don't want to do that, that's still fine. But please don't make it sound like it's normal. No more OT from me.
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