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  1. dude? it has chakkas too
  2. So 3 doctors and 2 policeman have entered a home in our colony I'm sh*ting bricks
  3. What's the best phone within 25k? Hard stretch to 30k? Specs etc mean nothing, shouldn't lag in a year or two preferably
  4. And most importantly pees, please stretch and relax after a workout.
  5. My membership expires in 30 days and i got a popup notification stating the same, maybe it was personalised
  6. Your santa told me that he's switching homes so he might be a bit late. I'll follow up.
  7. Got my gifts :dance: Thank you so much for the amazing gifts SilentAssassin. Made my year. Live those chocolate, been wanting to try out project cars 2 and was in my cart for months. And the tee, killzone Thank you so much, wish you and your family a very happy new year .
  8. If anyone still hasn't received gifts, please let me know.
  9. Glad you liked them, i like their dark chocolate bars but was unsure if you like dark chocolate.
  10. Hope you like the game. It's really something and head over to ivg's persona 5 thread too, however it contains spoilers too so don't read everything. P.S: There's another package on the way.
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