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  1. Buy only from genuine sellers even if it's expensive. Cloudtail is the only one i trust wi this.
  2. Lelo bhai utne mein aur achcha nahi milega aur warranty company standard hogi if both are authorised. Waise bhi in range ke keyboards ke liye extensive professional reviews nahi hote to general reviews dekh ke le lo bhaiyaji
  3. If only FK delivered stuff quicker, I would've ordered fifa 20 off them, it's for 3499 with them
  4. Itne mein achcha sa.2.1 setup lelo unless you need portability
  5. As he said the coupon shows up for random people. If you're eligible it should be visible.
  6. If only you were a bit earlier, I'm halfway into fmab
  7. According to EG it's an arcade racer, a very good one, not a sim racer.
  8. @Snake called you an edgelord for hating this masterpiece
  9. Oh, thanks, and best within 10-12k? The phone is just a backup phone for home use. Minimal use.
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