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  1. damn.. no wonder.. looked too good to be true..
  2. CRED has gone bad.. It was very good when it launched.. Currently have 10L+ points and its just a waste. I just use it because of convenience. I got this coupon when I paid for some bill so thought of sharing as I already hv one. There is no discount on Firestick as of now in Amazon so 1750 off (if it works) is pretty good..
  3. If anyone is interested let me know.. It is valid till 30th May 2022
  4. I would like to hv it if it is still available. Mostly because of personal development reason. Opps: Sorry just saw that it is Jan post
  5. Couldn't find much detail about you so had to get some help.. Glad you liked it Enjoy the game..
  6. Got my second gift today and this one is AWESOME.. Huge fan of Spiderman and I love to collect Artbook.. This one was not in my collection yet and its amazing to have it..
  7. Thanks a lot man.. Really appreciate it..
  8. Got my gift and its awesome... Thanks a lot to my Santa..
  9. Interested. Generally we have this in our office but first time in online community. Excited and really good effort to bond. Appreciate the effort to organise it.
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