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  1. Ajaz Patel 10 wickets in an innings
  2. And we got notice that from Jan onwards we gotta come to Office. At least in base location which is in NCR where there is toxic pollution as added bonus.
  3. Pujara's shot was pathetic! Why would you come up and hit when this is a test match and you just came into crease.
  4. On same discussion, Zomato is giving some credit offer. It is free for first year and renewal or seems. Worth it? Thoughts?
  5. How do you extend this? I don't see any option apart from entering the code to extend. I am a pro plus member for 100 bucks. Want to extend it.
  6. He has been quite average recently.
  7. I knew this is gonna happen. Yesterday started with low and ended on slight positive. Today, just the reverse. Good, I am only buying quantities 1 by 1.
  8. It is going exactly like yesterday but in reverse. Too high in morning, pretty it will be followed up by slight negative and will end up red. Or maybe almost neutral.
  9. Pretty sure it's gonna go down like this again.
  10. I am skipping star. Will do Tega.
  11. Slowly recovering. Never seen this huge sudden dip. From 1200 levels to 950s in a second.
  12. No. I have only sold discs and both Gamenation and Gameloot never asked me to send pics. In fact, it's a total automated process. I make a sell order and delivery guy comes around 1-2 days and picks up. It takes around 3-4 days till we get the funds. Smooth process for me. For controllers, it may be different.
  13. Here is a slightly different view and what I am really liking so far in Wheel of Time - The locations - Mind Blowing!!! Irrespective of whether the show is going slow or fast, I am not getting bored at all mainly because every now and then there is a beautifully shot location which looks dead gorgeous in my screen. Video Quality - probably the best 4K HDR content so far on Prime right now. Everything is crystal clear and looks Everytime I watch this, my wife be life "Yeah and you just sit here do nothin"....
  14. Login using browser is not working for me. Authenticator doesn't work and when select send email to registered email. It doesn't send any email either, already checked spam folder. Nothing is working. I don't think we need any authenticator, just a simple login should work.
  15. What is the best and cheapest way to book flights to Goa from Delhi (or Lucknow). When I searched in Paytm, the flights are usually taking more than 6-7 hours! Even from Delhi which just wouldn't work out. Also, which platform do you guys use for booking flight tickets? Thinking of Goa/Andaman etc. Before Office opening with wife. Also, what are the hill stations in India where we could directly reach there with flight? Hill Stations are good but I don't like the journey to reach there, usually get carsick and too many change needed when opting for transport. It's kind of a hindrance for me. I know many people actually love the journey itself. Not me. Maybe with bike someday with friends but not like this.
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