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  1. Does anyone have the Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro?
  2. Get the HDFC Infina, HDFC Diners club black (no fuel surcharges for the HDFC cards) or AMEX Platinum Charge card. The Infinia cards are capped at 15,000 bonus reward points per month; and you will get a maximum of 7,500 reward points on a day. They have deprecated the value of the card.
  3. Can you DM me the details of the store where you saw/bought the switch purchased?
  4. A reminder that we live in the age of spin and misinformation.
  5. Listen to what he says about Uttar Pradesh at the 4 hour 23 minute mark. "In India, Uttar Pradesh is now Covid-19 free, as of today. Almost nobody there is vaccinated."
  6. You cannot say Joseph Stalin was better than Adolf Hitler nor, Adolf Hitler was better than Joseph Stalin. Both are bad, equally f**king bad. One is not better than the other. Edit: @Right People have repeatedly discredited articles published in Dailymail, Sun, and a few other papers. Everyone knows that they are Tabloids. These papers will print literally anything irrespective of facts. They are shock jocks; they are not right, left nor center leaning papers. This has nothing to do with right wing, center or left wing. Please do not mix the issue with something unrelated. Argue your points based on facts, rather than perceived bashing of "right wing media". @Right I am genuinely interested to know your views on "right" wing politics and ideologies.
  7. Live in different countries, no fly lists (no international travel), One of us not being a citizen, Covid nonsense in general. The wife of a colleague is a Malaysian and he has not seen her in person since December 2019. A few of my friends are in the same boat as well.
  8. Covid is f**king everyone. I could not meet my girl in person for two god damned years. Do you know how happy I am now that my dry spell has ended after two years? She and I had to literally had to take a flight to the US to meet recently, as we currently live in different countries. She is moving here now (was supposed to have moved in May 2020), her moving plans got f**ked due to Covid. OT: Don't ban this mods. We are discussing the effect of Covid on the mental and physical health it has taken on unmarried people in a relationship.
  9. The black one is available as well. https://www.amazon.in/PULSE-3DTM-wireless-headset-Black/dp/B09KRYLYDH?ref_=ast_sto_dp
  10. f**k, I'm getting married soon and I'm praying for a government lockdown because I have not invited more than 30 people, but, I know at least 80 god damn relatives (not invited) will turn up. I am trying to convince my parents to let me hire security or asking the local police station to send a few cops over to ensure that only the people on the list are allowed inside.
  11. I like the mic and AQ on the PS Gold headset. Isolation is not a problem I need to worry about as the room is very quiet. I have a JBL quantum 600, I will compare the two and post my review here.
  12. The mixed reviews are mainly for the fit of the headset and the clasping around the ears. The Playstation Gold headset fits snugly for me, so I assume this should as well. Edit: The review on whathifi https://www.whathifi.com/reviews/sony-playstation-pulse-3d-wireless-headset
  13. The midnight black PS5 headset is available for INR 8,590/- on ShopatSC. I just bought one. Edit: https://shopatsc.com/products/ps5-headset-black?variant=39595946442891
  14. When you realise it is ten at night and you can play Ghost of Tsushima for 15 minutes without being disturbed.
  15. I have the jbl quantum 600 (purchased at 10.5k from amazon). It's pretty decent.
  16. Just google how people replace products and return the wrong one in the box. If the online seller did not check properly when the item was returned, then an unfortunate customer will receive the wrong product, but in the correct packaging. @rushaboswal will be better able to answer this type of fraud than I.
  17. It was most likely a scam done by a customer, not perpetrated by Amazon.
  18. @NitroNeo A lot of the local Sony Centres are still bundling stuff. One Official Retail Partner is scalping a Disc PS5 for 65,000/- and Digital for 56,000/-. I am paraphrasing what the Owner of that store said to my nephew "either buy it at this price or best of luck buying online." I got the Digital for him during the last drop but Amazon shipped it from Bhiwandi, so expect to see the unboxing video of an actual PS5 not a customer scam. Please do not hate only the companies (an individual can be as or more scummy than a company), read the older articles of how people were scamming amazon, flipkart, snapdeal, etc. during 2013-2015. Quite a few of them refused to service certain pincodes. Edit: Personally, I hate the way amazon treats their warehouse staff. I do not buy from them unless I have no other viable option. I have no love for any of the online retailers (and some offline retailers).
  19. I am not joking. I was looking to travel to the andalucian region in Spain for my vacation with friends and family. It is literally cheaper to charter a flight than to book business class.
  20. Chartered flights are now cheaper than the scheduled flights.
  21. https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/lg/c1-oled/settings
  22. 1.33 is a reasonable price. If you really want it buy it, I personally do not see a point in haggling over 3-6 thousand rupees. A client has told me that freight costs have increased by 20-23% this month and they expect a further increase in costs. Do not compare the offers this year vs the previous.
  23. Any suggestions for a TV comparable to the LG C1 for use in a lit room. As OLED is best suited for dark rooms. Edit: Primary use for watching UHD movies and using the PS5.
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