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  1. funnyadit

    Apex Legends

    I am not good at this game but not as bad as the way I am playing with consistent game lags and stutter.. More than the other players I see those icons on top right more consistently.. Really been frustrating off late.. Even thought of uninstalling but then I see ShivFPS twitch stream and I feel like playing again and get reminded of the reality..
  2. If its bought from showroom I think its better to get it stamped..
  3. Thanks @santanu18 claimed the cashback for gift card..
  4. Did you complete that with the agent meeting at home?
  5. Why is this not showing for me? Is it because of that KYC thing where you gotta attach all documents required and arrange meetup with an agent?
  6. https://mdcomputers.in/cooler-master-hyper-410r-red-rr-h410-20pk-r1.html
  7. If they had made RDR 1 remake and bundled it up with RDR2 for 3199 then that would sell like hot cakes..
  8. I would expect this to be for 2799-2999 on steam similar to Cyberpunk.. Edit: It shows 3199 in Rockstar launcher itself now.. Also, is there going to be physical edition? Have amazon pay balance I would like to use for this game..
  9. Pre-order up on Rockstar Launcher.. $59.99 for Standard which you get upgraded to Special Edition by default and Ultimate Edition is $20 less than usual price [$79.99]..
  10. funnyadit

    Apex Legends

    Yeah time will make us familiar with it.. But its good addition IMO.. It feels great especially the mix of volcano , ice and greenery..
  11. funnyadit

    Apex Legends

    I play on mobile data by tethering it.. So real smooth gameplay is far fetched.. I like the new map because it's got so much variety in the way the areas are.. By playing or chasing a player perspective kings canyon would be more easier as there were simpler set of houses one could go into..
  12. funnyadit

    Apex Legends

    World looks amazing.. Train addition is really fun, just missing Chaiya Chaiya soundtrack there.. Had lag again today except few matches where hit register was good.. Not sure when will I be playing a smooth game of this..
  13. Finally download complete.. Played for an hour after download , man its like a game where you dont keep a track of how much time you have spent.. Its amazing start so far.. Able to get 60+FPS on RX570 on High settings which is great.. Should try tweaking some settings with ultra and see if I can get that upto 60 as well..
  14. Gaming and Non-Gaming makes more sense.. Also I feel we could have a Deals sub forum which includes all the online shopping one , steam , humble bundle , it's free thread all in one.. Just so that we know it's exclusive to posting deals of games and products in general..
  15. https://www.news18.com/news/india/dl-vehicle-papers-on-digilocker-or-mparivahan-at-par-with-original-documents-says-road-transport-ministry-2317007.html Just downloaded the app and it shows the details perfectly also a QR code gets generated for DL and RC..
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