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  1. funnyadit

    Grand Theft Auto V

    I am currently playing in FiveM in RSM Freeroam server , the amount of content in that server is insane but its lags too much when players are around as its downloading contents in the background.. But if you like solo freeroam with great amount of custom cars you surely can try that..
  2. funnyadit

    Grand Theft Auto V

    I just go for casino wheelspin to online and thats it.. Got no one to play along, people have moved to other games.. I still have around 20mil to spend lol..
  3. New Keyboard.. Its the cosmic byte GK15.. My first RGB keyboard too... PS: Ordered this almost 2 months back from amazon..
  4. @Right If only you had swooshed the sauce to make it fancy.. But looks yum.. Great thread for sure.. Even the food thread didnt get these many cool looking dishes in the amount of time it has existed..
  5. It need not be perfect.. The imperfection is what makes is so perfect and beautiful..
  6. Hahaha true. People thinking they are invincible is more dangerous than the virus IMO.. Not only they are risking their lives but also of others without realising it..Now they surely will.. It's all fun until they face reality and thats what happened there too..
  7. This was done by Tirupur police Tamil Nadu..
  8. Yep.. It tastes really well.. I just have this for lunch..
  9. So this is my dal recipe.. Ingredients : Dal , cardamom seeds [2 pieces] , Cloves [2 pieces] , turmeric powder [1/2 tsp] Now take a pot put in the dal , cardamom , cloves and turmeric powder and water double the quantity.. I dont put it in pressure cooker as it reduces the nutritional values.. So that depends on the one preparing.. Now for tomato gravy: Tomatoes [4 pieces] , Jaggery [ 2 tsp] , Red chillies [3 pieces] [Take the seeds out to reduce heat if required] , Coriander seeds [2 spoons] , Tamarind [one small piece], garlic [5-6 pieces] Grind all the above.. Now for veggies : You can use the ones you would like but I prefer Carrot [1 medium sized], Beans [10-15] , Cabbage [ around 75gms approx] , Onions [2 medium size][Cut into big pieces for different flavour] Now cooking the gravy: Oil to a pan, add jeera , onions , coriander leaves , kasuri methi and saute.. Now add the gravy and cook it until oil separates.. Then add the veggies and cover the vessel and cook until the veggies are cooked.. Add salt required for the gravy and the dal.. Now add this gravy and veggie mix to the dal which has been cooked in a pot.. Boil for 5 mins in the dal along with veggie gravy and your dal is ready.. Optional: You can add small pakoras or some kara sev for additional crunch..
  10. Yeah thought so.. Thanks for replying..
  11. Just wanna give a grand salute to the doctors and all medical staffs who are relentlessly working despite the risk their jobs have at this time.. Also a big salute to all the officials who are involved to track people down, to get the crowd under control despite the nuisance people create due to lack of self control and self awareness.. Hope we all get through this period and all these officials get a timeout with their families after this phase..
  12. When this is all over I guess it would like the time of Chennai floods where mobile ambulance went home by home to check everyone's health.. Would be a similar scenario maybe along with a vaccine for all just to get over the phase successfully..
  13. funnyadit


    Yeah its more CS GO meets Overwatch..
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