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  1. Thats beautiful purchase @Sach4life .. Have a safe drive..
  2. I would have just said "Sir Alto nahi khareedna GPU GeeePeeeeeUuuuuu lena hai"
  3. Shouldnt there be a rule where past winners cant win again to allow others a chance.. But anyway congrats on the win man.. Honestly didnt expect such a response to my video.. Thanks a lot for those votes guys.. Really appreciate it..
  4. Guess Diwali sale will begin from 29th both in Amazon and Flipkart.. Flipkart has announced 29th Oct - 4th Nov with Axis Card Discount.. I think then SBI would be the one for Amazon..
  5. Streamed a new game today called Pumpkin Jack https://store.steampowered.com/app/1186640/Pumpkin_Jack/ Game is really fun and its a 3D platformer style game.. Simple and fun with a story..
  6. Finally something vegetarian.. Everytime I get to this thread I become like a PETA member...
  7. Wooow I made it to the final list.. Noiceee.. Thanks to all who voted so far.. Really appreciate it.. Good luck to all the finalists..
  8. I guess that could be it.. Will try after the sale starts for all.. Hoping the price doesnt change..
  9. Yeah man the total value is 6668 but now customer service guy said its included promotion discount price only.. Which its not clearly..
  10. Cousin was kind enough to help me up with the discount.. But on adding the card it shows as HDFC card but the discount doesnt get applied..
  11. Guys is there any card discount issue on amazon with HDFC credit card? Trying to order but discount isnt getting applied..
  12. Anyone can help me up with HDFC card payment to get discount? Please PM me..
  13. Whats the minimum transaction value with HDFC card for discount ? Also can anyone help me payment if anyone has HDFC card? I want to purchase a mic which seems to be coming on sale for INR 2099..
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