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  1. Logitech C270 came for INR 1895 and I was ready to order it and it went OOS right before I was gonna order.. Now its still OOS or when it comes it has price tag of INR 2595...
  2. @SpearHea:D Jawa pe wah wah.. Congrats man Happy riding..
  3. Looking to get a webcam for streaming and I am thinking of getting Zebronics Zeb Ultimate Pro which was going for INR 1666 ,now seems to have different seller at 3k.. Anyone know how zebronics products usually are and whether they are worth getting.. The thing is cam is 1080p and for that price range no other cam comes to.. https://www.amazon.in/Zebronics-Zeb-Ultimate-Pro-Microphone-Balance/dp/B08CY15GS5/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8
  4. @STICK3Rboy is back with another set of limited edition photo exclusive on IVG forums.. Man would love to see what you would come up with RDR 2..
  5. Great.. Yeah its hard to get people who know their stuff in Jio..
  6. funnyadit

    Grand Theft Auto V

    https://www.rockstargames.com/newswire/article/61639/GTA-Online-and-Red-Dead-Online-Updates-Coming-Soon A summer update to GTA Online is also on the way, offering up a fun mix of diverse new content from the game’s massive array of experiences to enjoy. Later this year players can expect more big updates for both games, including some exciting new extensions and augmentations to an existing role in Red Dead Online, and the biggest ever update for GTA Online, featuring our latest take on Heists in an entirely new location. Really excited to know there's gonna be even more heists coming to GTA online.. Another update and another money grind for people..
  7. Yeah like Phantom said its ISP side of things.. For me even reddit was blocked off but after the ports of gaming related were opened I could get access to all such stuff too.. Either request for particular ports or hope they have a set for gaming in general..
  8. In the near future.. Bad News : Car did not start when going to office.. This is sixth time this happened.. Good News : Bought a new car since I got a really good deal on a Volkswagen.. Really Stupid News : Tried to start my car with bike key..
  9. I also wanna try this game out.. Saw dev's stream was really fun.. Similar to human fall flat but with so many others in the lobby.. Seems really fun..
  10. @STICK3Rboy Those shots could well be added up all as a collector's edition album.. Just brilliant stuff..
  11. funnyadit


    Looks like Wraith's brother..
  12. Remember the days this thread used to have just deals and links of products and not discussion thread.. Those were the days..
  13. @STICK3Rboy Damn that looks like its straight out of a movie.. Brilliant captures..
  14. Request them to Open the ports for the games you play.. I had similar issue with Railwire but they have a set of ports when you request gaming to them.. That made all the games NAT go from Strict to Moderate which made it a lot better..
  15. Just join the stream logging into your ubisoft account..
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