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  1. Hey everyone, looking for a good recommendation for Multi Currency Cards.
  2. From where did you get it? Amazon India? Damages?
  3. Guys pls advise where one can buy steam wallet cards.
  4. Fast travel, more lore & better map.
  5. Game shipped & AWB shared with @fatpigeon
  6. @djdgr8 hey I might be interested. DM me
  7. Game received in good condition. Post can be updated.
  8. yes that's the way it was received from OP.
  9. @fatpigeon pls ship the game within 2-3 days. I'll like it before the long weekend of Holi.
  10. @iamgulshan courier sent via smartr courier AWB - XSE02229673-001. Courier Delivered @fatpigeon pls update the post.
  11. @fatpigeon I'm done with the game. I'll be couriering game directly to @iamgulshan. Gulshan bhai DM address.
  12. Bhai you're the legend. I was going to buy this title next.
  13. I agree. Time period to change should be 6 or 12 months.
  14. Game received in good condition & running fine.
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