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  1. There isn't much to talk about. We were totally outplayed. Was hoping to catch a bit of cricket in the morning, but match had ended well before I woke up.
  2. How come? People buy these instant noodles because they are cheap. That's like saying people should not drive an Alto, they should only travel in a Mercedes or they should walk.
  3. Chings and Top Ramen are really nice.
  4. Leaving for Jaipur tomorrow evening. I'll be staying there for a month for work related training. What are some places I should visit? Recommendations for any nice restaurants?
  5. Want to buy a phone for wife, something around Rs 15000. Something with decent specs that won't be obsolete 2 years later and preferably a headphone jack. Mostly to be used for media consumption and video calling. Any suggestions?
  6. They fought hard in the 2nd Test. Only a few minutes of play was left when they got bowled out. That must have broken their spirit because after that they've been playing like they have already lost the series.
  7. It's this animal. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bengal_monitor Very different from the house lizard.
  8. When was the last time we had a day ODI in India?
  9. I have eaten wild boar, pigeon, monitor lizard (ghorpad), crow eggs, quails (lavari), rabbit, etc. Many large restaurants/bars, (esp those with Agri cuisine) here keep lavari.
  10. Yes it has to be opened and cleaned properly. I wouldn't eat it at a restaurant (unless it is a trusted one), but at home I have better control over it. I have never eaten kidney before but it needs to be cleaned properly as well. Which strange/uncommon animals have you eaten?
  11. Instestine (vajari) is a delicacy in our local cuisine. Why do you not like/prefer it?
  12. I follow this guy on Youtube. Love his humourous commentary.
  13. If you have enough time and are willing to experiment, you can try making pasta directly from dough. You will need an extruder for some of the pasta shapes. Ingredients are available at most supermarkets. I've seen plenty of videos on Youtube for pasta making. Here's a good one.
  14. Huge bird walking around behind the keeper in the SA vs England New Year's Test.
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