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  1. What a dissapointing day. I was expecting 17 hours of non-stop cricket but rain has ruined it all. Couple of notable performances in the 2 matches that actually had play but still very unsatisfying. Hopefully it's different tomorrow.
  2. That's some hitting. 100 up in 9.1 overs and two of those were maidens.
  3. Will mostly go the Pune Test, so rather dissapointed that 2 of their legends have retired. Great gesture from the fans and very gracious of Williamson to accept that.
  4. England's Ireland moment. They managed to stretch out the innings for a while but couldn't stop the inevitable. Brilliant bowling from Lyon.
  5. Unlucky for Ireland but changing conditions are part of the game. Ireland wasted their chance when they lost 8 wickets in the last session on the first day. If they'd have batted until the next morning they would have got a lead of atleast 70-80 runs more and England wouldn't have got to bat in the best batting conditions (their nightwatchman made 92).
  6. Very dramatic game, but both teams were guilty of losing their initiative at various points. England won't mind it one bit, but New Zealand will take a long time to get over this. New Zealand were far more defensive than when they played against us. They were in full control with England 4 down but let the game drift away. Didn't bowl Santner much out of fear. Very meek from an otherwise aggressive captain. Just as it looked like England would win easily, Buttler threw it away. Some bizzare freakish luck (and some bad judgement) with the boundary catch and the overthrow. As for how much the extra run and strike change could have affected the game, it is debatable. They would have needed 4 off 2 with Rashid on strike, who would have taken probably an single. Maybe England could have won outright then, maybe NZ could have. The umpiring standards have been poor. The two umpires officiating the WC final were Dharmasena and Erasmus. That itself tells you how low they have got.
  7. Office desktop has 32 bit Windows 7, 2 GB RAM, Pentium Dual Core E5300, Intel GMA 3100. What will run on this?
  8. Liverpool started against Man City with a mindset to sit on a 3 goal lead (maybe that freak early goal caused that, and Man City were giving no space at all). In the 2nd half they played normal football and created so many chances without any significant threat of conceding. Forget about this 5-2 win here and go there with a mindset to win. Rome will be desperate to score and Liverpool can use it to their advantage.
  9. All Liverpool have to do is win or draw in Rome. Why go with a defensive mindset of wanting to defend a 3 goal lead? Liverpool should try to score and there will be many opportunities on the counter. Only one team has managed to keep a clean sheet against Liverpool this season, and that was Porto in the QF 2nd leg after a 5-0 loss in the first.
  10. Thank you Arsene for all these years of service. Only Arsenal manager I've known. New manager won't find it easy. Hope the fans don't hound him and want him if he starts off on the wrong foot.
  11. It's absolutely hilarious how they won it. It would have been better if Man Utd had lost last matchday itself. This is so much more embarrasing.
  12. The criteria of 23 itself is useless. Footballers debut at the age of 17-18. A 23 year old footballer isn't considered particularly young. In Sterling's case he has played regular football for 5-6 seasons now and nearing 200 league appearances himself. He is a fully established player. Now isn't really the time for him to be nominated. They should have given him the award years ago. Worst part is he will be eligible next year also. Dele Alli will also be eligible for 2 more seasons. Why?? Atleast in Ederson's case, he is a goalkeeper and they don't peak until much later. A 24 year old keeper is considered young. If the people engaged in this nomination business can't use common sense to select the players maybe there should be better rules for eligibility. Players should be eligible for their first 3 seasons. Or they should be under 21. Sometimes they should stop to consider why 2 awards are being given.
  13. Why are these two even nominated? Kane only makes the age group because of a technicality. Sterling had his breakout season 5 full years ago. Michael Owen's career was practically over at 24 and he'd have been eligible for the award for every single season of his career (all 7 of them) until then. Complete waste of an award.
  14. Cloudy since 2 days. Sun was last seen Wednesday afternoon.
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