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  1. Yasir Shah now has more overseas hundreds than MS Dhoni.
  2. Polytopia (The Battle of Polytopia - An Epic Civilisational War) [Turn-based 4X strategy game]
  3. They are ruthless against 10 men. Same happened in the Newcastle game. I think they will end up in the top 4, with one of Arsenal or Chelsea.
  4. South Africa have started well. Hope this match will not be one-sided like the two before. Also that was plumb out, what was the umpire thinking?
  5. Watched Weathering With You on Sunday.
  6. Saha's batting is good enough, especially in home conditions. He's just not as flamboyant as Pant.
  7. It's a good thing for the Test cricket fans in these centres. They can reach the ground an hour after the start of play and still easily get a ticket. I went to Wankhede at 9 am for the first day of the Test a couple of years ago and the line to buy the tickets stretched right up to Churchgate station (about 300 metres). Tickets were sold out before the match had even started. I'm thinking of going to the match in Pune and my odds of getting a ticket there are better than at Mumbai.
  8. It should never have come to that last minute penalty however. Plenty of chances to put the game away but Salah and Firmino were both wasteful. Leicester meanwhile had 2 shots in the whole game - a 70th minute long range shot that went wide, and the 80th min goal (result of a defensive error). Hopefully after the international break we'll finish matches instead of leaving them too late.
  9. Those are some truly disturbing pictures. Hope that entonox worked fast because I can't imagine being in that much pain for even a few seconds.
  10. I buy the physical versions for Nintendo first party games, and some other big games. For the indies I prefer eShop but we don't have much of a choice in that regard anyways.
  11. Has anyone succeeded in buying games from the Argentina eShop? There are some huge discounts there but foreign credit cards don't seem to work.
  12. Whose bright idea was it to ask a 32 year old non-opener, whose place in the team is not even secure to open the innings? I hope Rohit does well but the odds are against him.
  13. Overall I don't think he has done enough. Arsenal haven't progressed at all since Wenger left. But this is a great result nevertheless. Still a good chance to finish top 4, which should be this season's primary aim.
  14. That's too harsh. A manager's greatest challenge is to get a result when the team goes a man down and Arsenal scored 3 in a half. That's almost impossible in most situations, regardless of the quality of the teams involved.
  15. The Battle of Polytopia I don't play it too often because a game takes 15-30 mins, but it's a great game.
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