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  1. Banz


    The Guardian: Governments and WHO changed Covid-19 policy based on suspect data from tiny US company
  2. Cookers have whistle and another valve for safety. If both fail, the design is such that the gasket will pop out and release steam. So almost no chance of cooker blasting. Whistle can get blocked so clean the cooker regularly.
  3. Banz


  4. Banz


    Disturbing images from inside the hospitals. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=920455541768919&id=268114290336384&ref=content_filter
  5. Banz


    Is that the reason for the abnormally high recovery numbers today? I thought it was because they updated the stats that must have been lagging behind?
  6. Banz


    What other option is there, other than to treat? Because stopping the spread is going to be tough. Even if they did something to bring the spread under control, all the previously infected people still have to be treated, and they have already overwhelmed the health system. That's what I've said in my earlier post. What other states like Karnataka do now (track and test) is not going to be too useful in Mumbai anymore. Better be prepared for a deluge of cases and have enough beds to handle that. There are only 4 places in the country (Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Chennai) where the situation went to community spread and every one of those will make a good case study.
  7. Banz


    Karnataka and Mumbai are dealing with different situations. In most places in the country, situation is somewhat under control. That is the case with Karnataka. They are testing widely and tracking down patients. There seems to be no ocurrence of community spread. Mumbai meanwhile has had to deal with uncontrolled community spread for weeks now. It is more of a question of treating the patients reliably now and temporarily increasing hospital capacities. What Karnataka is doing now would be completely useless if done in Mumbai right now. I truly hope none of the regions that currently have no community spread of the virus ever reach that stage. But if it ever does, it might help to learn from Mumbai or Delhi's experience. Learn from their mistakes and sucesses so that you don't have to start from scratch again.
  8. Only skill required is for the momo wrapping. If you are experienced in working with dough, you might have no problem. The shape I made is the easiest you can make. There are Youtube tutorials for all the different shapes you can try. Make sure to let the filling dry out completely. Watery filling will create soggy momos.
  9. Made some mushroom-paneer momos a couple of days ago. Used rice flour with a little bit of maida (as we didn't have enough maida at home anyways). I find the rice wrapping is a lot more delicious than the maida one (if you have eaten modaks, you might know). Shaped them this way because this is the easiest dumpling shape you can make (rice dough is hard to shape and we don't have enough momo shaping skills) and it is quite stable inside the steamer. The filling:- The momos:-
  10. Banz


    I am hearing that 4 people were found positive in a building that's less than half a kilometre from where I live. Looks like the area will be sealed now.
  11. Banz


    He had also worked for cleaning up Versova beach. He talked about how goons would harrass him and other volunteers for simply trying to clean the beach, the main reason why he quit that project some years ago.
  12. Banz


    That thing works for shops, not parks. Even in more normal times, most parks are closed during the afternoon and open only for early morning and evening. Nobody is going to go to the park in the hot sun. It would still be crowded in the morning and evening only.
  13. Banz


    I have read somewhere that malaria deaths have increased over the average in recent days. Since so many emergency medical staff are engaged with this pandemic, deaths by heart attacks or strokes might have increased too. And that's not even considering the needless deaths because private hospitals have been sending back some people because of Covid fears.
  14. Banz


    Shoes/footwear are essential. What is someone damages their only or main daily use pair of shoes? My mobile has got a problem too. The charging connector very loosely fits into the USB port, and the charging icon never comes on. Only the blue notification light turns on (to indicate charging) and the phone only trickle charges (takes about 4-5 hours for a full charge). The phone is the only tool I have to control or access my finances. Our AC and fridge both developed problems over the last week. The AC might be a bit of a luxury but it provides some respite in this brutal summer. Without the fridge, food spoils very quickly. We called our usual AC repairman and he said they can't do the repairs because there is no gas. Thankfully found someone yesterday to do the repair work.
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