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  1. It was fun for the first 2 hours at work today, mostly because I got to see colleagues after a long time, but it got boring quickly after that. Couldn't even get my work done and had to bring it all back home. It is so much more convenient getting things done at home.
  2. Going to office from tomorrow onwards. It'll be a strange experience after staying at home for 7 months.
  3. A relative (brother-in-law of my cousin brother) died of Covid related complications yesterday. He was around 45-50 years old and had high blood sugar. Was admit for 21 days, then discharged after he tested negative. Just one day later he had a heart attack and died. Testing negative is not enough. It causes severe damage to the lungs and blood vessels and increases chances of having a stroke, heart attack, pneumonia, etc. later on. Those who have survived need to be very careful.
  4. Is a private test possible? Can non-Govt doctors prescribe a Covid test? Get it done immediately. Also get a chest scan done, as it can show if there is infection in lungs are not. Better to get tested and admited now with mild symptoms than wait for shortness of breath and pneumonia.
  5. Hope he gets well soon. Many people panic, get anxious, etc. Now that he is in the hospital, he is already on his road to recovery. Talk to him and his family, tell them to not worry. Desperate times. Some of the new shops/restaurants etc. that were set up in the last couple of years are still closed despite permissions to open, because the owners don't have any money to fund the business anymore. I have seen well dressed people (probably office workers before the lockdown) trying to sell vadapavs, home cooked meals, shop to shop. My father says this situation is as bad as the 1981-82 Dr. Samant mill strike.
  6. I don't always tip. We already have tipping culture in India but it is nothing like usa. Tips are always optional and I mostly give when I'm happy with the service or just happy in general. It's mostly spare change, not something like 15 or 20% they do in usa.
  7. I just hand tips to them in cash when they deliver.
  8. Their total wages were actually decent, close to Rs 20000-25000 per month, but they had to bear the costs of owning, maintaining and fuelling their vehicle. I've seen some guys use bicycles instead of motorcycles. It's their operations that are incredibly wasteful. You order something, and some delivery guy from a kilometre away goes and picks up your order (probably wastes 10-15 mins waiting at the restaurant), then he drives towards you to deliver the order. They seem to do this one order at at time, sometimes they'll get 2 orders at the same restaurant. Surely they could deliver more at a time? When restaurants and pizza shops do deliveries themselves, they'll almost always pick up 4-5 orders at one time (if there are that many orders). If Swiggy/Zomato do the same, some of the individual orders may take a bit longer but the total deliveries/man-hour should rise considerably.
  9. We were having pompfret, rawas and prawns last few weeks. Rs 1500-2000 worth of fish, when judiciously used among 4 people, still only lasts 2-3 days. Fish prices are more volatile so they will come down some time later. Also you can always go to Mumbai, Belapur, Alibag, etc. to buy fresh fish in bulk at a fraction of the retail price. The mutton price rise, I expect is permanent. I don't think it'll drop below Rs 600 now. Do they have a proper sample to extrapolate like this? Most of the people using Thyrocare tests would be urban residents. Anyways if true, we should be approaching herd immunity.
  10. Swiggy/Zomato take an unsustainable 25-30% cut from restaurants, membership fees and huge delivery fees from customers. Just yesterday I ordered some momos, and the total delivery charge was Rs 56, for a total order price of ~Rs 250. Atleast earlier they were paying their delivery guys good wages.
  11. The choice of meat was indeed a coincidence. Tuesday was Pithori amoshya, Thursday is a very common weekly upwas day around here (including in my house), on Friday there's some Hartalika upwas, and Saturday onwards it's Ganpati; so yesterday was the only day non-veg could be made and eaten at home.
  12. I also bought mutton, thankfully no crowding at my mutton vendor. Mutton is still expensive here, at around Rs 650-700/kg.
  13. Went to the registration office today. There was only one other registration besides us, but people still had a hard time keeping their distance. Thankfully all had masks. It's always a stressful 3-4 days afterwards.
  14. I don't know for sure. But there are people who have been admitted to hospitals that have severe, may be permanent lung/blood vessel damage even after fighting off the virus and testing negative. Some people have died after being discharged. Those who have recovered at home without taking medical help tend to have less damage (otherwise they would have needed hospitalisation at some point).
  15. Case count is just a lower limit on how many people were actually infected. Only those that get tested (and the PCR tests work within a specific time period) get counted. In addition to the 80-85% asymptomatic cases, there are many people with mild/moderate symptoms who do not get tested because of misdiagnosis/fear/stigma. The estimates for the actual number of covid infected ends up being several times higher than the official case count. At the end of March, it was estimated that there were between 16-28 lakh infected people in England. The total case count of the whole world at that time was a little over 7 lakh. And the 2009 swine flu pandemic infected between 11-21% of the world population (so between 70-140 crores). The actual case counts never even came close to this number. It would have been impossible to even count in real time, and the same is true today. After the Covid panemic ends, we will have better estimates of how many were truly infected.
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