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  1. Joined just now. Was away for a few days, didn't realise the IVG League hadn't auto-renewed.
  2. They lost because of their own hubris. Declaring too early in the first Test, declaring too late in this Test.
  3. When asked whether we would see a mankad dismissal in the series, he replied "Depends on how flat the wickets get."
  4. What an innings, Ben Stokes.
  5. After Bairstow got out Stokes went from 60s to 107* in some 15-20 mins. Just hitting everything for 4/6 and taking single on last ball. Partnership 50* off 29 balls of which Broad has 1* (8)
  6. They lost 2 out of their 4 matches in the Group stage and then their first match in the Super Six. Points from Group Stage count in the Super Six so one loss was enough to knock them out.
  7. We dropped the ball long ago by not making Ashwin captain/VC.
  8. Cummins has played a blinder. Done what Green, Carey, Khawaja should have done.
  9. Such a great match nevertheless. Greatest sport in the world.
  10. That was very well planned and executed but it still doesn't change the poor declaration decision. They might still win but think of how close this chase has been throughout day and how valuable those 30-40 runs would have been for England.
  11. England declared on Day 1 on a flat pitch when they were actually batting well and could have added 30-50 extra runs. Kuch jyada hi maaj hai Bazball ka. I hope the Aussies bat till Day 4 to show them how stupid that was.
  12. Umpires way too keen to give out when Australia call for a lbw. Raised the finger thrice and two were umpire's calls and one was an inside edge. Didn't raise the finger at all when we were bowling, and we had a few good shouts and one plumb in front.
  13. Kohli should still not be fending at a ball like that. Just drop your wrists, you are one of the best batsman in the world. Gill got an unplayable ball. It moved in so much when previous balls pitched at the same spot were going comfortably away from the spot. Just need to keep batting today, atleast till tea. Pitch is still good to bat on, and I don't expect that to change even on days 4 and 5. Australia won't give follow on. They will want to bat 1½-2 sessions, score 250+ more runs and declare with almost 2 days left.
  14. Gill, Pujara leaving balls that were too close to the stumps, Kolhi fending one that he should have left alone.
  15. Looked like a good start but now both openers have gone cheaply. 30/2 from 15 overs would have been a lot more valuable.
  16. How is the 8bitdo Ultimate controller compared to the Pro Controller?
  17. He "looks" unfit. Selectors probably not too bothered about whether or not he is actually fit or not. Sarfaraz is good runner between the wickets too. That's his overall record. But recently he played a few Ranji matches and batted with a near 100 SR.
  18. A lot more people in today. Very well poised match. All down to first innings leads. Mumbai still need 21 with 2 wickets in hand.
  19. Had some work at Pratishtha Bhavan this morning so went to the Ranji game (Mumbai vs Maharashtra) after that was done. Good rolling crowd, some 35-40 people were there when I left. Might go again on the 26th.
  20. I am Louie Team. By the way we already have an IVG FPL league, it renews every year but I don't know who the admin is.
  21. After 8 years of playing Tests, KL Rahul has a Test average of 34, and has time and again showed poor leadership skills when given the role.
  22. Bc Manjrekar panvati lagaya.
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