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  1. Sold most of my LIC shares at around 900, just before it sharply dropped (now 882). Thank's to policyholder discount that's still a meagre profit.
  2. Got the LIC allotment.
  3. BSE shows my bid details but allotment details is still blank. "Presently Allotment Details are not provided by the Registrar to the Issue"
  4. When I first heard the name, I thought Tata Motors was going to launch a new car.
  5. South Africa bowled out Bangladesh today without making a bowling change. Both spinners as well.
  6. Mostly the South African eShop. For the 'bigger' games I prefer physical. There's a couple of sellers I have contacts of and they have been trustworthy so far.
  7. Think of it this way. We are 2 years into the pandemic. Every state has done the same thing, restrictions have been enforced in a similar way and people's response in Kerala or UP has been no different. In the end, you expect the case and death counts to be in the same range everywhere. If the numbers are differing by an order of magnitute or two, they are simply wrong.
  8. It's more than a haircut in some places. In Gujarat the number of victims' families who received compensation for death from Covid was about 10x the number of reported deaths. No f**king way only 10000 have died in Gujarat. And that's just one of the better states, I don't imagine places like UP/Bihar/Orissa have done it properly. https://m.timesofindia.com/city/ahmedabad/gujarat-covid-ex-gratia-claims-cross-one-lakh-87k-approved/articleshow/89331451.cms
  9. Who doesn't? I thought it was a part of the Smoker's Code.
  10. Close to 1 billion Indians have got Covishield so it's not a big deal. I myself had a mild fever and needed a day of rest, but I know many people who went about their lives with no side effects at all. Get whichever, getting the vaccine itself is more important than which one you choose.
  11. Rahul doesn't inspire much confidence especially after his captaincy in the 2nd Test. Rahane didn't even lead the team then so management have moved on, and might be looking to drop him altogether now. What about Rohit? I don't know if he has much experience captaining FC teams, it won't be anything like leading a T20 side.
  12. Rohit has been one of our better openers in recent times. Mayank hasn't done much. Gill should be the deputy for now.
  13. I like them both, but hard to justify their spots now. That said, these two are not the sole reasons for our failures. Other than the first day of the series our batting has been consistently poor and that includes everyone. Only managed to take 3 wickets defending 200+ in last 2 Tests, in sharp contrast to the first innings of both Tests.
  14. Maybe I spoke too soon.
  15. Just after I commented here I came across this tweet. Paytm completely left in the dust.
  16. I don't think PayTM has much of a moat. Wallets are dead any everyone uses UPI now. There are dozen UPI apps in the market which are all clones of each other. Using one UPI app doesn't restrict you from sending money to anyone, as all you need is a UPI ID or QR code. From personal experience atleast Google Pay seems to be the most popular one so it's not like PayTM is a market leader either.
  17. Modi baba has apparently given aadesh to increase speed of children's vaccinations which makes me wonder why they weren't approved earlier. What an asinine thing to say 1 f**king week after they were just started.
  18. They still work like it's 1965. All of our office work can be done on a PC at home. Yet head office requires us to travel to office (now only once every 2 days) and work there so we are available for communication via telephone.
  19. We're losing advantage. Need 100 more runs. Good innings by Rahane and Pujara, others need to emulate them.
  20. DoPT released order today for Central Government employees. 50% have to attend while other 50% work from home. Disabled and pregnant employees fully exempt.
  21. What was that Mayank? All upto Pujara and Rahane now, if they don't contribute this Test could be gone. We are practically 17/2.
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