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  1. He "looks" unfit. Selectors probably not too bothered about whether or not he is actually fit or not. Sarfaraz is good runner between the wickets too. That's his overall record. But recently he played a few Ranji matches and batted with a near 100 SR.
  2. A lot more people in today. Very well poised match. All down to first innings leads. Mumbai still need 21 with 2 wickets in hand.
  3. Had some work at Pratishtha Bhavan this morning so went to the Ranji game (Mumbai vs Maharashtra) after that was done. Good rolling crowd, some 35-40 people were there when I left. Might go again on the 26th.
  4. I am Louie Team. By the way we already have an IVG FPL league, it renews every year but I don't know who the admin is.
  5. After 8 years of playing Tests, KL Rahul has a Test average of 34, and has time and again showed poor leadership skills when given the role.
  6. Bc Manjrekar panvati lagaya.
  7. What is the point of KL Rahul? Not in particularly good form and looks like a very bad captain. Even if he were batting well I'd not want him captaining. This guy's place in the team should be under serious threat. Could have just played Rahane instead. He won't score runs either but atleast he'll lead the team well. Did they not offer Kohli to be substitute captain when Rohit was unavailable? Or did Kohli refuse?
  8. BC, this time I thought the site will never come back on.
  9. Genuine chance and they should not declare early, or even bother declaring. If they declare too soon (like at ~650 around lunch) that gives a chance for Pakistani batsmen to keep England (who are one bowler short and playing with Anderson) in the field for a very long time. Best would be to just bat on and pile up a huge score that'll demoralise and tire them out.
  10. They have nearly perfected their way to play, and whenever the situation/conditions are in their favour/control (which they often ensure it is) they cash in. But today they were handed it on a plate with this disgrace of a pitch, Pakistani administrators should be absolutely ashamed. People waited years for this?
  11. Was following the match, during the middle of the innings it felt like 250-270 would be a good score but Ruturaj single handedly dragged them to 330.
  12. That sounds cheap. What hotels did you stay at?
  13. Both are now List A records: https://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/content/records/117937.html https://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/content/records/117935.html
  14. This is just reactionary bullshit though. Players play in the IPL because that is now their main source of income and apparently they are paid on the number of appearances. This is the system that BCCI themselves designed. BCCI can't afford all its star players missing the IPL either, and neither can the players. Compared to that bilateral T20 series are completely worthless. Unless the T20 World Cup is approaching, it makes no sense to play important players in T20Is. Maybe more should be done about ICC wanting to play T20 World Cups every single year and countries clogging up the calender with too many practice T20s series in repsonse.
  15. Pfft... T20 is not real cricket anyways
  16. If this were the 1990s, people would have started throwing stones on Rahul and Rohit's house by now.
  17. They dropped DK when they could have dropped kela and opened with Pant.
  18. Making a mockery out of this chase.
  19. It's bad enough when they do it off season. But having one in the middle of the season is terrible.
  20. Ola outstation shows 2100 Rs for Coimbatore airport to Ooty. You should be able to find other taxi services outside the airport too.
  21. That wasn't even out. But then any batsman who doesn't even know whether or not to review an lbw deserves to be out.
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