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  1. It was Nicole Perlman who wrote GOTG after years of research. Later, Gunn came in, added some songs and some jokes and then took most of the credit for it. Even the Dawn of the Dead remake was completely rewritten by Oscar nominated writers Michael Tolkin and Scott Frank (uncredited as per Wiki). I wouldn't trust nerds on the internet. Look at all the praise painfully mediocre flicks like Dune and The Batman get.
  2. DC is cursed. By the time James Gunn launches his DCU, either the Superhero fatigue will completely set in (if not already evident by the reception to the recent MCU flicks) leaving them nothing to milk from or World War 3 itself will begin. Ironically, had they followed the original plan, we'd have gotten 2 more Justice League movies with Darkseid's invasion at the center of it along with a set of duologies starring each Superhero, including Ben Affleck's Batman - all closely connected to each other - and WB right now would be rebooting their DC Universe through Flashpoint either way(without all the unnecessary drama). Instead, they wasted all their valuable time by making low budget crap that no one asked for. Now, they want to make MCU 2.0 when people are already getting tired of Marvel's formula.
  3. James Gunn has fired Henry Cavill from the Superman role. Just 2 months after the announcement of his return. Gunn also announced that he will be writing the new Superman movie that will take place during the earlier part of the character's life. Jason Momoa will also not return as Aquaman. In other words, complete reboot.
  4. Man, look at the level of detail in some of these new shots...
  5. The headline in the tweet is based on his words. I thought you had read the original interview and were "correcting" Variety's clickbait/misinterpretation.
  6. Where should I watch Avatar 2 in Bangalore to get the best theatrical experience possible?
  7. Cameron has been known for his Blues since his T2 days, so it's not that new.
  8. Liam Neeson is the only good part about the entire PT trilogy though. But the Machete order sounds interesting. Will try that.
  9. Only OT is worth watching in the entire franchise. PT is awful and exhausting. It killed all the interest I had in Star Wars. I don't even remember what happens in TFA, that's how forgettable it is. Never bothered with the rest of the ST. Rogue One is lifeless trash. The Mandalorian S1 is good. S2 is fan-service garbage. Didn't watch Andor beyond EP2. Don't care about Bobba Fett or whatever it is.
  10. I loved Robert Rodriguez's Spy Kids when I was a kid! Although I can't say the same thing about the Avengers, there's no harm in being inspired from those movies. Maybe not visually, but Marvel can reach there... slowly. Baby steps!
  11. I was trolling, but I get what you mean. Still gonna buy it though because it looks very appealing to my tastes. Especially the extreme violence and gore.
  12. By November 16th, Zack Snyder will have finished the principal photography of Rebel Moon Part 1 & 2. It's inspired from Akira Kurosawa's The Hidden Fortress and Seven Samurai - the original source of inspirations for Star Wars as well. Snyder called the Rebel Moon series as a WAR story. It's also R-rated. He shared one of the spaceships from the set today. Djimon Hounsou as General Titus Anthony Hopkins as the voice of the sentient battle robot Jimmy (JC1435) Zack Snyder on the set
  13. Why would The Rock want to get his a*s beaten by a barely known actor like Zachary Levi? It'd destroy the brand image he built for decades. Even Tom Cruise manages his brand in the same way. He wanted to play Ozymandias in Zack Snyder's Watchmen for example, but his ideas for the movie were too deviating from the source material. So Snyder said no and cast a much lesser known actor to avoid as much interference as possible, which is how you should do it for big IPs. Moreover, these IPs don't need stars IMO, they're already big enough.
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