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  1. Link to the article: https://www.empireonline.com/movies/news/sigourney-weaver-plays-jake-and-neytiris-teenage-navi-daughter-in-avatar-2-world-exclusive/ Different character, apparently. She plays a Naavi teenager adopted by Jake and Neytiri.
  2. At 1:05, did they rip off Spider Man 3 score?
  3. Max Pain

    WWE 2K22

    Is this game still buggy on PC?
  4. Any chance prices will go even lower in the next few days?
  5. FWIW 1440p content looks way better on my 27 inch 4K monitor compared to my 25 inch 1440p monitor.
  6. After making the world's first walking simulator with Sony, Kojima is now make a standing simulator with Microsoft.
  7. Max Pain


    This looks bad.
  8. I got fever and headache for 2 days after taking booster dose.
  9. Jurassic World Dominion receives A- Cinemascore. Same as Dune and The Batman. Higher than Multiverse of Madness.
  10. Max Pain


    Not available on Steam to add it to wishlist.
  11. Definitely tempted to buy TLOU remake on PC after watching the comparison video. ND shouldn’t put any less effort on updating the sound too.
  12. I am trying to sell my 27 inch 4K monitor. Problem is, I don't have the box, so it's hard to sell it online and I can't find any local buyers as well. I am stuck with it.
  13. >titled Sandman >no sand in the poster Interestingly, no Marvel logo either. Netflix f**ked up again?
  14. You can't blame Covid because Dune, Free Guy and Venom 2 did very well at the box office. You can't use HBO Max as an excuse either because Dune also had a simultaneous streaming and theatrical release. The Suicide Squad bombed despite receiving great reviews. By the way, didn't the trailer also get 150 million views in one week? What happened?
  15. Yeah, I am aware of Black Widow being released for a premium fee on its release day on D+ . That's why I didn't mention it with the other movies in the next sentence.
  16. I think they released BW, Shang Chi and Eternals early on Disney+ because of pandemic. Even Shang Chi and Eternals were released only after 60-70 days for that matter. Why would they drop it so early otherwise? At least this way, they can up their subscribers count.
  17. This is what heaven looks like folks!
  18. Right when I lost all the interest in gaming.
  19. I am not saying it's a failure, only that it did not reach the expectations.
  20. IMAX should have released it next year.
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