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  1. Well, I am glad that I am not the only one here. Without a doubt.
  2. Sir, mano ya na mano hum bajrang bali ke bakth hain. Jithna dhoor raho ladkiyon se, uthna acha hamare svaasthy aur mano dhyan ke liye. Ye tho mein bade mann se vishwas kartha hun. Mujhe lagta hein ki mein sirf badi neend se uthrahahu abhi abhi. Aur kuch nahi. Amen.
  3. In my opinion, media has always taught us nothing more than panic, suspicion and paranoia. It’s evidently turning everyone cranky, jittery and sucking out all the energy from their lives. Wrong lessons taught to fight for wrong goals. With them, left is right and up is down. Never forget that everything you see, read and consume is politically motivated. That I am very sure of. Respawning is for plebs. Moksha is for patricians.
  4. With you, OP. It’s been several months since I logged into Steam, GOG or Origin. I don’t even remember the passwords anymore. Console is literally collecting dust as I say this. No new games bought since BF1. Zero excitement for E3. I realized that video games, movies, TV shows, internet etc., are nothing but (political) distractions from the real world damaging the young minds and their precious health. So, I am glad that I came out of it all. Because the real world is where the game is at.
  5. The Panda

    Death Stranding

    Holy sh*t! Holy freaking sh*t! That did not make any sense at all.
  6. Wow... that was kinda sh*t.
  7. The Panda

    RAGE 2

    Looks like a much shallower and more chaotic Mad Max in FPS mode. OK trailer.
  8. I know that open-back aren't advisable at all for such requirements, which is why I haven't addressed the post to him entirely (only the subs and forums links are, that have vast userbase including professional experts and official representatives of brands, for kunjanp) or explicitly, rest was for others (self-explanatory).
  9. /r/audiophile /r/headphones /r/budgetaudiophile and related sub-reddits along with head-fi.org forums. See if these are helpful. As for gaming, I have seen many advising against buying "gaming" headsets. Instead, that the open-back headphones are much better. (Headphone Gaming Guide) I use AKG K712. Sound great for movies as well as gaming.
  10. Not "true" 10 bit panel, apparently. Source Let's see.
  11. These ones? https://www.anandtech.com/show/12637/acer-and-asus-gsync-hdr-displays-listed-and-priced
  12. Used LG 27UD68 (non-HDR) for PS4 Pro and PC for several months. Would definitely recommend the series. However, Battlefield 1 looks terrible (blurry and CB artifacts all over) because of checkerboard rendering (upscaled from 1440p), whereas games like COD:IW (much closer to 2160p) aren't that noticeable. Go ahead if you are okay with that. Also, I don't think the model you've mentioned supports HDR. I think some 32 inch LG monitor (that costs nearly $1K) does that (again, not fully). If I am not wrong, there isn't a single monitor available in the market that supports HDR natively/fully without gimmicks to exploit people or negatives that renders the purchase useless. Probably won't be till next year. No interesting announcements at CES either IIRC.
  13. More here: http://gtaforums.com/topic/908955-rdr2-press-previews-info-drop-3rd-may-2018/
  14. From the German publication: GamePro.de New people will join the gang as the story progresses. Players can’t recruit new members freely in the game world (would not lead to bonding with fellow gang members, which they do want to encourage) Arthur Morgan is the only playable character *The story is centered around Arthur but also closely linked to the development of the Van Der Linde gang (there will also be internal conflicts within the gang) The gang camp is a permanent retreat and serves as the player’s homebase *With a press of a button you could talk with whomever within the camp at any camp The above mentioned interactions can/do lead to organic activities and missions Player’s horse will play a more important rule in RDR2 than in RDR Horse serves as a “mini hub” for various activities Game world is “much bigger” than its predecessor (How much bigger they couldn’t get him to disclose) In the New Hanover area people mainly live off livestock Game world is very detailed. Early in the demo a flock off sheep complete with dog and shepherd cross the road Arthur is on Arthur’s shoulder bag moved with each movement whilst he was on horseback How the horse will move will change depending on the surface area Arthur rides through a burned down forest in the demo hich according to the the dev is ‘uniquely crafted’ Many dynamic events going on: At one point a bunch of people pulling up the walls to build a ranch were spotted. Which according to the dev may very well become a finished house later on. (real sense of progression of time?) Highlight of the trailer for them was the wildlife: with frogs leaping besides the riverbanks, ducks flying across the air and a burned down home infested with bats Animals will hunt / scavenge (for instance vultures will scavenge prey left out in the open There's a limit to what the horse can carry (no magical endless pockets) When pressing left trigger and talking to an NPC background will blur a bit and several dialogue options will appear: giving the player the option to threaten but also use other ways to compel the NPC Valentine (the setting for the bank heist) is quintessentially Wild West with a muddy Main Street and a sheriffs office, a saloon, shop and a bank lining the street Weapons selected via a weapon wheel Weapons can be upgraded You can whistle to attract or distract animals and people The whole gameplay presentation contained no cutscenes, they were in control all the time, but it felt very cinematic and narrative-driven nonetheless There is a kill-cam highlighting great kills in slow-motion You can, even without deadeye, shoot a whole magazine in a few seconds (new gameplay mechanic) Gunplay feels more mature and forceful in comparison to previous R* titles Sheriffs talk to you randomly if they suspect you will cause trouble and ask you to be law-abiding People may banish you from their property (in contrast to RDR where you could even kill their animals) From the Italian publication, everyeye.it Here are the main informations taken straight from Everyeye's preview, hope you like it. Set in 1899, at the end of the golden age of gunslingers, with cities starting to grow, natives brought back to order and the first cars coming from Boston and New York Arthur Morgan is the protagonist of this new adventure and he serves in Dutch's gang The premises with which the adventure begins are two: On the one hand the sense of defeat and the perception of the end; on the other, Dutch's obstinacy and his willingness to hold on, to start again, to return "fighting" because in the end "this is his nature" Arthur Morgan is a very prominent member of the gang and he shares everything with the other members The gang's base is a traveling bivouac that moves between various territories of the West, and in which Arthur will meet his fellow adventurers. Here we can plan train robberies, city banks raids, or hunting trips to replenish camp food supplies. According to the developer: "Come back to this area after a while and find this building completed and in operation", also adding "Red Dead Redemption 2's world is, in some ways, evolving, in which railways will be built and the towns will expand" It's not yet time to talk about Red Dead Redemption 2's multiplayer Animals' bodies must be picked up and brought back to the encampment in time, else they'll rot and attract flies. Rockstar is focusing alot on realism The horse has now a much more important role, as it can carry heavy weapons and animals' bodies, but at the same time we'll need to be close to it in order to call him by whistling "We wanted to do more, to fuel other ideas, to propose something really new, so we rewrote entire sections of our engine from scratch, working more consistently on an aspect that for too long had been 'stuck' on standards a bit outdated: artificial intelligence". Arthur can talk and interact with every single NPC that he can meet in the game world. Although we can't choose what to say, we can select our attiture towards them Arthur doesn't want to end his outlaw life at all, and this is why he decided to partecipate in the bank robbery with which the game begins Missions can take a different turn depending on how the player acts during them The aiming system seemed similar to GTA's, although the developer has confirmed new control mechanics. The demo ran on a regular PS4 at 1080p resolutom "The musical notes seem to change by taking into account an impressive number of factors, alternating melancholic notes at sunset with almost painful chords as we pass through a village destroyed by flames" From the British publication, telegraph.co.uk Every area of the map has a unique identity and seamlessly blends into one another Foliage has been hand-crafted and hand-placed Horses kick up dust, snow and mud depending on terrain From the Spanish publication, hobbyconsolas.com “An epic story about honor and loyalty” The environment is a completely organic ecosystem never seen before in a videogame. It’s the biggest and most dense map in all Rockstar’s games The animal corpses will rot and the smell will attract predators. We will see how the railroad grows and connects more towns Arthur can be customized. Sometimes his clothes may change because the mission requires to. They saw Arthur with an elegant moustache (so it’s pretty much confirmed that you can customize your facial hair) someone in the camp plays guitar ---- you can whistle to attract or distract animals and people the whole gameplay presentation contained no cutscenes, they were in control all the time, but it felt very cinematic and narrative-driven nonetheless there is a kill-cam highlighting great kills in slow-motion you can, even without deadeye, shoot a whole magazine in a few seconds (new gameplay mechanic) gunplay feels more mature and forceful in comparison to previous R* titles Sheriffs talk to you randomly if they suspect you will cause trouble and ask you to be law-abiding people will give you probs if you have a great dead animal on your horse people may banish you from their property (in contrast to RDR where you could even kill their animals xD) More Marston (indicating a bigger role?) Will it directly lead to RDR1 at the end? "I left the gang after the gang left me to die" - John Marston
  15. Almost everything sounds good except for maintaining your gang. I hate companions and this game seems to heavily rely on that with bs like reading bed time stories etc. What a waste. I hope the story is great at least.
  16. Hmm. That leak does seem to be true after all along with the map (apparently). From 2 years ago (Spoilers!): Map: Also, going by all the screenshots released (so far), John Marston seems to have a bigger role than expected.
  17. Berserk (97) was very depressing. Want more though. Attack on Titan (S1) was one heck of a roller coaster ride. Into the 3rd ep of Samurai Champloo... weird one.
  18. RDR2 press previews coming today at 2pm UTC. What does it mean?
  19. I read a leak (from last year before the announcement) that turned out to be somewhat true regarding the name of the protagonist (Arthur) and a couple more things about the game, maybe. Also talked about R* SD (but North dev V, right?) where morale has been very bad after GTA5 with many long-timers quitting and the game going through a dev hell failing to impress the executives for lack of innovation and crap, apparently. Leslie Benzes had also been pushed out by T2, and now with all these underwhelming trailers from R*, let's see. I hope it is utter false and the game kicks a*s, at least half as much as RDR. It's the only game I am hyped (and waiting) for. By the way, didn't it take 3-4 trailers for R* to release a gameplay video for GTAV? And for RDR as well? Maybe it's next.
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