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  1. Their contracts do have such conditions while playing Superheroes, but they might have worked around it. Ryan Reynolds liked some RTSC tweets on Twitter and also name dropped "Snyder Cut" during his 6 Underground marketing tour. Snyder also revealed that there are multiple Green Lanterns in his Cut with one among them being a crazy one! Bloggers/Scoopers are also being very open about it. I think we'll know soon enough.
  2. Apparently, the contracts of the cast have been extended for additional photography. And the mother of all bombs: Grace Randolph and other bloggers/scoopers are strongly hinting that Ryan Reynolds will be back as the Green Lantern/other Superhero in Zack Snyder's Justice League in a cameo. Pre-viz action scenes from the stunt team: Definitely looks like it will be Rated R.
  3. Snyder Cut(the one which was originally meant for the theatrical release) already had Darkseid, Green Lanterns, Martian Manhunter, The Atom and more in the form of cameos. In the HBOMax version, I think they will have full fledged roles since it's basically Part 1 AND Part 2(where Darkseid is the main villain and crushes the League) condensed resulting a 4 hour long movie or a 6 episode mini series. If they return, it will be only for the HBOMax version and not for the theatrical one(s). Press release already confirmed that this will need additional photography and that Zack has been talking the cast and crew for the past couple of months...
  4. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Snyder Cut generated more noise than any WB film on social media. Since AT&T is in a lot of debt, they basically ordered Warner Bros. to double the content. Later, Snyder arranged a screening at his home for AT&T and HBOMax executives (not the same executives who forced Snyder out of JL while he was grieving his daughter's suicide), and the new executives loved it enough to approve the required funding to finish it. Moreover, HBOMax was in dire need of capitalizing on something to gain subscriptions and become the talking point of the internet. Everything aligned perfectly and here we are. Now, "Zack Snyder's Justice League" will be released in either a 4 hour movie form or a mini series. It is also said that THIS rebranded Justice League will be the originally intended Justice League Part 1 AND Part 2(condensed)! As for the actors, they will be returning. It is also strongly rumoured that Ben Affleck played a pivotal role in making this happen. Plus he likes Batman's character arc that was originally pitched to him by Snyder. He is very likely to return. In fact, WB is also happy to bring him back. He just needs to be assured that they will not be middling again.
  5. Yesssss!! Watchmen Director's Cut and especially Batman v Superman Ultimate Cut are FANTASTIC! It looks like this will be a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT BEAST ALTOGETHER! 4 hour movie or mini-series! With Junkie XL's hype drums and Zack Snyder's action, I CAN'T WAIT! Also, Army of the Dead will be releasing on Netflix in 2021, too! That's two Snyder films in one year!
  6. I actually think history will be kind to Zack Snyder's films. Man of Steel has gained a decent following over the years, especially for its depiction of Superhero action amassing millions of views on YT. Batman v Superman Director's Cut has also gained cult-ish following. Even his other films like Legend of the Guardians and Sucker Punch(esp among women and LGBT community) go viral on Twitter every now and then amassing thousands of engagements. So if anything, I am seeing the opposite effect here.
  7. The 3 hour Director's Cut of Batman v Superman is good, too! *runs away*
  8. I don't know if being general right succeeds often, but agree with the rest of the post.
  9. Nothing in the game fell under SJW agenda for me until I read some mild opinions on sites like GTAForums etc. So surely such moments in the game must have qualified as part of the agenda for them. But like I said, they wouldn't dare to question/belittle such moments so openly since RDR2 is dearly loved.
  10. I don't think we should give any credit to the alt-right. They have negligible impact on the entertainment industry and only take credit and vent out their anger when something fails universally. They wouldn't dare to try it with RDR2 for example because everyone would destroy them.
  11. Even Rockstar Games had to bend their knees and go all out with "the SJW agenda" for Red Dead Redemption 2. However, the key difference is, the said "agenda" did NOT stop the story and its characters from being appreciated by everyone. I have seen even 4chan trolls coming to its defense and praising it several times on the image boards unlike what's being said here to counter the backlash. So the issue with TLOU2 isn't exactly with its heavy LGBT/SJW push, it's that it reads like an edgelord teenager's ultimate fantasy.
  12. I think the game looks even more vibrant and beautiful on PC. Disappointing sound quality though compared to consoles. I get the arc but he doesn't feel like the Marston from RDR1. No arrogance and way too emotional. I don't mind the character but I wanted the epilogue to rely more on the protagonist.
  13. Better than RDR1? Have a few complaints though: R* have turned John Marston into an idiot. In the first game, he refuses to take any sh*t from others. Always retorting in the coolest and calmest manner possible. Here, he acts like a clueless person with awkward dialogue. The epilogue focused too much on Sadie Adler.
  14. Reads like an edgelord teenager's ultimate fantasy. Straight up psychopathic. I almost threw up a little in my mouth. Killing the main characters(s) ONLY to serve some message is what creatively bankrupt writers would usually come up with when they have nothing interesting to say. What's even more bewildering is that you play as the villain! I wonder what ND were smoking! I thought one of the earlier theories of Ellie taking revenge on a religious cult for the supposedly murder of her partner itself was very unoriginal and now I wish THAT was the actual case instead.
  15. HDR and Dolby Atmos as well but only for Disney+ content I think.
  16. I have read the same, but the availability of treatment/vaccine date is tomorrow itself and the virus spread, which should have started to slow down from March 22nd, will be under global control only after June 21st. Another thing is, Earth will go through the same thing again (a different virus but with similar symptoms) between 2029-30.
  17. Some people don't listen do they even in times like these. So ignorant and negligent. They won't realize the consequences until it affects one in their family.
  18. They don't listen.
  19. The Panda

    Doom Eternal

    Excited, but it's just not as visual pleasing as its predecessor.
  20. Lies. I had been following his twitter for a few months and he is legit this deranged about PS exclusives going multi-plat.
  21. There are rumours that even Uncharted Collection and TLOU 1&2 will be coming to PC next year (Jan).
  22. I double dipped on this game thinking it'd be an even better experience in 21:9 (3440x1440) with unlocked settings on PC and I can barely run it at 30 fps with Xbox One X equivalent settings. The PQ is very bad too, even more so in 21:9. I had to find a sweet spot b/w 16:9 and 21:9 and use a reshade sharpening fx. Regardless, I have come to appreciate the game a lot more now. It's sure not as fun as the original RDR (which still holds up very well), but it finds a decent balance b/w storytelling and gameplay.
  23. Is The Last of Us Part 2 coming to PC just like Horizon Dawn Zero?
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