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  1. Buzz for few days for adults.. can be jackpot for kids.
  2. Just finished the game. The ending was quite strong. I don't know if I love the game but I know that the team deserves all the plaudits that they are receiving. Hats off.
  3. I am just starting this section now.. Kind of tired to be honest. Took a break for two hours to reflect on all the things that happened.. Left in a state of misery at this moment.
  4. Some seriously freaky atmosphere in the recent levels that I am playing.
  5. Still in day 1 of Seattle. Thoroughly enjoying the game now.
  6. Yeah runs quite loud on my vanilla PS4. Tit scared to do the cleaning process myself 😁
  7. Just finished a 3 hour long session. Pretty sure the game is going to have a lot of flashback sections.
  8. The atmosphere is phenomenal.. the tension when playing the game is real
  9. A common gripe is the shallow content loaded in the game to keep its game length at 25+ hours. That is a concern for people who have limited playtime and rush through games always (basically me)
  10. Very eager for this game
  11. I think 1:30 pm IST on 12th.
  12. Yeah man. Unfortunately my ps4 went through hell as it miserably struggled playing through gold portion of RDR2. Maybe I should try opening up and cleaning the console 😁😅
  13. Dunno how my base PS4 is gonna handle this 😀
  14. Review coming out on Friday. The next day after ps5 reveal. Sony is going to have gaming industry's undivided attention atleast for a few days.
  15. kayten

    Raji - An Ancient Epic

    Wishing the studio luck. Read an article today about how they went from bankruptcy to gold. https://themakoreactor.com/features/raji-an-ancient-epic-release-date-made-in-india-nintendo-switch-game-development-pc-ps4-xbox-one-nodding-heads-interview/13628/
  16. https://twitter.com/Neil_Druckmann/status/1265397187048992768?s=19
  17. Cory Barlog is of high praise for the game. That's very impressive.
  18. Experiencing micro stutters when playing the game. My pc config is ryzen 1600, GTX 1050ti, 8 gb ram. The stutters totally spoils the immersion. Did u guys experience anything similar? If so is there a fix that I should try ? Tuanks
  19. I'm rushing through the story with the limited time that I get to play.. 😭
  20. I'm excited for this game. I haven't played the original.
  21. kayten

    Ghost of Tsushima

    I wonder how it ll run on base ps4
  22. Am wondering if the hardware can be dated only as per the release date.
  23. Just started playing this on PS4. It looks amazing on 8 year old hardware. Mindblown.
  24. Lol. I just started playing Rise of the Tomb Raider. Cool!
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