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    Anybody here play RoN or Ground Branch or Arma? Lemme know and we can team up ☺️
  2. On which platform should I get this.. PC or PS5? My PC build is Ryzen 7 5700x, rtx 3070 fe, 16 gb RAM. Pls advise folks.
  3. Ll wait for game reviews and PS5 performance review
  4. Just finished the main campaign. An epic journey..
  5. What a crazy story so far.. I think I am 50-60% through
  6. The home page music of this game is one of the most soothing things to hear. I mean, the music that comes on the background when you have your selector on the game icon.
  7. The game is fantastic. Probably not the best looking game I have played but definitely extremely engaging.
  8. I just receiver the disc. After inserting it's downloading two files. One looks to be the game 82 gb and the other is v2.0 which is 8gb. I'm confused as to why this is happening. I thought it would be just insert and play
  9. Got a message that my BlueDart shipment is getting delivered tomorrow. Shipped on 8th and to be delivered on 10th (Mumbai to Chennai)
  10. My BlueDart shipment tracking status says "Rejected AWB Inscanned" Ordered via GTS. Anyone ever come across this status.?
  11. Pre-ordered from GTS. Hope it gets delivered day one ?
  12. Off topic: But is there a thread for Ready Or Not on this forum. I'm looking for coop teammates ?
  13. kayten

    It Takes Two

    This is a super game and GOTY is well deserved.
  14. kayten


    Classic Konami. They have decided to delay the update till early November. I pity the devs. So much potential but in this day and age, redemption is not treated with mercy.
  15. kayten


    This definitely feels like a mobile first game
  16. kayten

    It Takes Two

    Just finished the game.. The game is like going to a crazy theme park and fully enjoy the rides in the park.
  17. kayten

    It Takes Two

    This game is gold standard in 3d platformers. I just entered chapter 3. Chapter 2 was just incredible.. set piece after set piece.. The director has truly walked the talk.
  18. kayten

    Mumbai Gullies

    A team of 30 is working on this project. The founder of this studio is very active on YouTube. Looks like the studio is targeting for a 2022 launch.
  19. Buzz for few days for adults.. can be jackpot for kids.
  20. Just finished the game. The ending was quite strong. I don't know if I love the game but I know that the team deserves all the plaudits that they are receiving. Hats off.
  21. I am just starting this section now.. Kind of tired to be honest. Took a break for two hours to reflect on all the things that happened.. Left in a state of misery at this moment.
  22. Some seriously freaky atmosphere in the recent levels that I am playing.
  23. Still in day 1 of Seattle. Thoroughly enjoying the game now.
  24. Yeah runs quite loud on my vanilla PS4. Tit scared to do the cleaning process myself ?
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