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  1. This game is gold standard in 3d platformers. I just entered chapter 3. 


    Chapter 2 was just incredible.. set piece after set piece.. 


    The director has truly walked the talk. 

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  2. 7 hours ago, hope said:

    Hell yeah baby :wOOtjumpy:


    I was like yessssss. Thought game would end,it had everything signaling the end and then we go again :wOOtjumpy:

    I am just starting this section now..


    Kind of tired to be honest. Took a break for two hours to reflect on all the things that happened..


    Left in a state of misery at this moment. 

  3. 28 minutes ago, KnackChap said:

    Launch PS4 had overheating issues with all games so I opened it up, cleaned the fan and heat sink & applied a new coat of thermal paste (the old one had completely dried up). Now it runs fine and the fan also is less noisier. 

    Yeah runs quite loud on my vanilla PS4. Tit scared to do the cleaning process myself 😁

  4. 3 minutes ago, Heaven Angel said:

    Dude, again?.. you're making me nervous. 

    Yeah man. Unfortunately my ps4 went through hell as it had miserable fps drops playing through good portion of RDR2.(towns, crowded places, some chases etc)


    Maybe I should try opening up and cleaning the console 😁😅 

  5. Experiencing micro stutters when playing the game. My pc config is ryzen 1600, GTX 1050ti, 8 gb ram.


    The stutters totally spoils the immersion. Did u guys experience anything similar? If so is there a fix that I should try ? Tuanks

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