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  1. Yes ! Add me on PSN : Indianherbsman42, I've played a couple hours and it's really good.
  2. Anyone playing BFV or Star wars battlefront 2 add me : Indianherbsman42
  3. Nischey007

    Battlefield V

    anyone playing this on either PC or PS4?
  4. Ramos red card icing on the cake
  5. Nischey007

    Battlefield V

    Type 2a is just absolutely OP in this game, 1028 RPM standard rate of fire just shreds through people, with the speacialisations, mag capacity can reach 52 or RPM can go upto 1200 which is insane. right now 70% in any game mode are carrying type 2a. Also whats up with no ADS on most LMG's unless theres a place to deploy a bipod ? People just loving camping with these even more now thnks a lot dice.
  6. Ighalo almost scored ! Harry Maguire finally scoring in PL, great performance today !
  7. OGS asking to get sacked. starts the most useless andreas pereira instead of in form mason Greenwood. Strikers were wasteful, overall club is in shambles. meanwhile we haven't even signed bruno till now. We definately need a striker and a no. 10
  8. This United side is consistently inconsistent.
  9. Spurs bottled it again, Madisson's goal .
  10. Solskjaer talks so much about youth, and went on to start with matic mata who were both dreadful. Shoul've started Greenwood and Angel Gomes. Gomes can be a great no. 10
  11. Pogba just tries to do too much with the ball and ends up giving away possession.
  12. Same. Ole' and his obsession with lingard. He's so useless ffs.
  13. They were playing so well in the first half, Missed penalty was a bummer.
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