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  1. Are Croma having a demo clearance sale? And are the prices good for demo units?
  2. Enjoying YellowJackets , great show, currently on season 2
  3. Bought from EA sale yesterday, enjoying it. SP campaign is good too.
  4. mohit9206

    Helldivers 2

    Looks fun. I like co-op games but 2.5k is out of my budget. I will wait for 50% off, hopefully by then the game still has a playerbase
  5. Thank God they pivoted, and we are getting Cody vs Roman at Mania. Idc about what other matches they book with regards to Rock and Seth, I am just glad people made their voices heard and forced WWE to change their plans. And anyone who belives this was the plan all along is delulu.
  6. Yes Tartarus is boring but they seem to have made enough improvements that game has been a success. I already played P3P many years ago on emulator so this feels like a new game to me as I dont remember the story either so it feels fresh.
  7. Brock will be replaced by Roman, Roman ended the streak at Mania 30
  8. More bad news guys https://www.pwmania.com/the-rock-vs-roman-reigns-is-believed-to-be-a-lock-for-wwe-wrestlemania-40
  9. Cody vs Roman with Rock as special guest referee would have been perfect. Rock could have faced Roman at Summerslam
  10. Rock can f**k off back to Hollywood. We dont want his old a*s in WWE, I would have been fine, excited even if he faced Roman if he faced Roman at Summerslam or next year after Cody had finished the story, we will not accept Rock just politicking his way into main event .
  11. I am so upset at Rock taking Cody's spot at Mania but I am glad to know that many people are voicing their displeasure with the situation on social media. I have done my part too by disliking the youtube video and tweeting about it. Please make sure to have your voices heard. We have to turn this around like how we did for Daniel Bryan 10 years ago.
  12. Vince McMahon resigns. Good riddance. Hopefully this time for real. WWE founder Vince McMahon resigns from TKO Group after being accused of sexual assault and trafficking in new lawsuit
  13. The factory section overstayed its welcome but overall Village was very good. Do play the DLC as well after the main game.
  14. Do we know how much it has sold so far? I think it has performed poorly. Hmm strange. It has 72 metacritic score. Take it with grain of salt. Sounds like promotional article in disguise. What! Its first person only? Damn, I thought it was third person. No reason not to have third person mode.
  15. Looking at the first page of this thread to now? What changed? I played the demo and liked the gameplay very much but I still do not like the guy you play in the demo. Will that be the protagonist or will you actually play as prince later? This guy we played in demo disliked the voice acting and overall voice acting of others was very bad too.
  16. Game is quite buggy on PC, and choking my PC as well. Game is good so far but I feel the hype is overblown a lot. I am sure people will come to their senses after some time, feels like 8/10 at best so far. Combat is not so good and story is a bit boring actually. Graphics, visuals and sound design is ofcourse great. Inventory system needs improvement.
  17. Excited, hopefully the jokes and humor are good, as this series lives or dies by its humor. Good story would be nice too. Too many snowflakes nowadays who get easily offended so hopefully enough jokes in the game to offend them.
  18. Still early in the game, I like it but its not blowing my mind or anything, I found the initial Alan Wake section tedious but enjoyed Saga's section. I heard it keeps getting better so excited to play more.
  19. mohit9206


    But you promised me that we will play together, no fair
  20. Is P5R confirmed to launch on Gamepass in Oct on PC? Because upcoming games list on GP does not have any mention of P5
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