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  1. Wow what a great list. But I don't see Persona 5 in there?
  2. This is the 2nd best time to buy after 2020 crash if one has money left
  3. I purchased Realme 9 Pro+ from offline store for 22.5k for 8/128 with exchange my old non working phone. Good phone but no SD card slot and no IP rating
  4. Currently there i no clarity whether 28% GST will be on services part or the entire crypto
  5. The problem is India. Imposing 30% tax and 1% TDS is huge blow for crypto in India. And also soon there will be 28% GST levied as well. Crypto is as good as dead in India now.
  6. I did search offline but they didnt have the phones I want, some brands are online only. I wanted Motorola or Poco X4 Pro but the offline store either don't have it. I only asked in two stores. I will try more stores. I am looking to buy the new Moto G82 but it is Flipkart exclusive so hoping some store can arrange it for me without having to pay too much premium.
  7. Bad experience from Flipkart. Placed order yesterday for phone with exchange. Original exchange value for phone was given to be 3250. Delivery guy came today and said i need to pay 3150 extra and then he will give me the phone. I said please cancel my exchange i will pay full 3250 extra , he said i can't cancel. He was not ready to give the phone without exchange. He left, I raised complaint, then flipkart cancelled my order and initiated refund. Def will not order from Flipkart again. Btw we should have community feedback like Techenclave where members can share their experience with various online shopping and courier companies.
  8. He tore his pectoral muscles and still wrestled Hell in a Cell match against Seth Rollins. Amazing match, def worth watching if you haven't.
  9. I just placed order for Poco X4 Pro as I needed new phone Which phone u had btw?
  10. The weird thing is it makes no sense for them to attack Edge. Cody is injured and needs surgery hence they needed a new babyface so they had them attack Edge but why would anyone cheer Edge considering what he has done recently. Finn as a heel can be great but the way they did it didn't make sense
  11. RIL, Asian Paints, Titan, TCS, Infosys,HDFC Bank, Kotak Bank, L&T etc
  12. Was this on Samsung Shop app?
  13. I saw Bhool Bhulaiya 2. 150rs ticket, average movie. Not worth.
  14. I just checked the latest prices, I feel currently the best value is 3060 12GB for 40k. None of the other cards seem worth the current prices.
  15. I think maybe because they invest in ETF instead of mutual fund? Though not sure.
  16. Is that for a monthly subscription? Makes sense why stock price of PVR has increased. I refuse to pay more than 200 for a ticket.
  17. Am still buying the dip in Kotak Nasdaq 100 fund
  18. Recently binged MindHunter both seasons. Really liked it. Sad to know there will not be any more seasons.
  19. You will not get warranty so its a big risk. Better to buy something else
  20. S20FE 5G has some heating issues and battery life will be average. A52S is the better option for better battery life and less heat. M53 is also good option at 25k. And finally Mi 11 Lite NE 5G and Realme 9 Pro Plus
  21. Realme 9 Pro Plus, overall well balanced phone, Moto Edge 20 for stock android experience without bloatware, Samsung A52S overall well balanced phone.
  22. That's not user friendly. Zerodha and other apps show the invested amount. Not too difficult to add this feature.
  23. Doubting? Bro, we are living in a simulation.
  24. For people use who WazirX, how do you check the invested value? The app only shows me what my portfolio value is, not the amount invested.
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