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    So the story is actually good in this game or not?
  2. Poco X3 is good if you are okay without 5G. Else you can look at LG G8X (no 5G) for flagship chipset or OnePlus Nord is good if you want AMoled screen and 5G
  3. No i dont think it will go that high
  4. Steam code for Star Wolves 3 Civil War game. FYN9Y-8KQ9W-FWFL6
  5. Thanks for the wonderful gifts @GameAnalyzer Wishing you a very Happy New Year as well.
  6. Am also interested in used PS4 to play some exclusives but keep delaying due to PC backlog. I will eventually get it as I love Sony exclusive games.
  7. Only fight am looking forward to at the moment is BMF title fight between Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington and whatever is the next Heavyweight title fight.
  8. The reason being in case just before your retirement, if there is a market crash. So close to your retirement, your goal should shift from returns to preservation of capital. Minimizing risk should be the goal as you move close to retirement.
  9. Just remember to withdraw about 5 years before your retirement and keep in FD or debt fund.
  10. Its called Secret Santa for a reason [emoji318][emoji16]
  11. Yes please don't do option trading. I kept aside 5k for option trading just to have fun and now its gone. No more options trading. Just investing.
  12. Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New year.
  13. Just buy index fund. Keep rupee cost averaging. After 30 years you will make good money. Individual stocks is just a hobby.
  14. It can't be fixed fully. It will never run at constant 30fps.
  15. If GTA V and MGSV can run well on PS360 then CB2077 can definitely run well on PS4. It was a just a rushed launch.
  16. Get the 4A. You will not regret it. It looks and feels and works like a flagship. Damn. Glass phones are risky. I used my Moto X4 naked for more than a year. Only dropped it once that too from like 1 feet and bezel bled purple. Now I have plastic phone but glass phones are worth it just coz of the look and feel.
  17. So this game can possibly never be fixed on last gen consoles right? Because patches can only fix so much. So this game is destined to be terrible on last gen consoles forever?
  18. Yes of course its always been true. But I do not think there will be any lessons learnt from this by other publishers.
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