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  1. Couldn't agree more with you bro.. like I said these days only buzz is around online multiplayer games. I am also hit by this bug but my brain keeps on going back to story based games. My Goto Game franchise I remember were Kill zone Gow Bioshock Mass effect MGS Uncharted Gone are those days
  2. Don't agree on this. Policing was required and still is, I have personally burnt my hands by folks who want to sell their souls for mere Rs. 50/-. IVG is still better and professional, admins are considerate too. you should experience Tech Enclave. I find that forum governed by dumbest admins ever.
  3. I read through the entire situation. If I were you, I would have align my interest towards handheld console gaming. You can look at Steam deck Asus ally Or simply use mobile phone possible buy Asus Rog or similar spec mobile with joy sticks
  4. Hi Team Let's discuss on how to get the parts for PSP from a genuine source in India.
  5. Infamous Athek You correctly pointed this out. The new generation needs to take over!!
  6. I too moved to PC gaming. Biggest change observed in this area, even on Consoles is the movement from story based, intense drama based games to quick online games such as pubg, cod etc wherein community gaming is more fun for people. Last game I played was Ragnarok just to experience the story.
  7. Hahah I agree.. check my feedback section I did that once and got a negative feedback for language hehehhe I miss Alfa17, great admin! I don't see his activity much on the forum
  8. Hi All, Its been so many year being a part of this community, almost 10 years. Honestly I haven't been that much active but still contributed a lot on FS & WTB threads and read a lot on the tech sections. I still remember good old days when my email just didn't stop pinging by so much chatter by fellow members. These days don't see much action as it used to be. May be I am becoming old but still I am a gamer, many IVG friends that I made in the last decade moved on with their life but I am still aligned my this cause! Coz gaming is in my blood!! hehehe I think PS3 did brought fantastic rage amongst the community with so much active trading etc, I miss those days has the trust gone? do people believe more on online website where pre-owned stuff is also available? I still have a lot of hope with IVG! Tell me if I am wrong
  9. Power supply may be an issue as you are saying that LED is showing up. 1k or 1.5k for supply fix. I had the same issue but for me LED was there but it was not powering up fully.
  10. Hi please suggest low, mid and high options I am looking for gaming mouse Bluetooth + wireless. I mostly play FPS games 1. Rechargeable 2. Type C 3. Preferably Soft click Thanks
  11. Recently I tried to sell all old ps3 titles to gameloot. 10 games in total for which the website offered closed to Rs. 1400. I packed all games as per IVG standard.. believe me I did that hehehe. After few days, I received an email that they have received only 5 and offers just 650. I am not sure if this was a genuine mistake or a scam. Discussion with Gameloot support is on!! Anyone face this issue Photos clicked before packing https://ibb.co/vq2Z6D9 https://ibb.co/JcDQySW https://ibb.co/Nxfsgzb
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