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  1. GP MS exclusives are "Free", Dad of Boi Ragnarok is $70, can't beat that. Imaging shilling for mediocre games of a brand just because you own 35k shoebox and 3 year subscription I had GP sub for like 7 months( thanks MS, luv u ) , never played this Grounded or Sea of Memes that vaibhav and the other scamgang walas rave about, and they are certainly not on the level of Sony's stuff. It's ironic I don't even like Dad of Boi, but even then comparing that to Sea of Theives wagera is just another level of BS
  2. PhantomShade

    Nioh 2

    I'm enjoying this game more than the FromSoft souls games( except Bloodborne ofc ), does everything better except the shitty item drop system and magic/ranged combat which his limited af Screenshots This was such a cool fight with me in this golden governor armor + dual swords vs Sasta Sephiroth here, since i've discovered the under 70% weight percentage for B agility and 200 toughness for good blocking, every boss fight has become much easier
  3. This is probably the most VFM collector's edition i've seen for any game, so much stuff, usually you just get one statue and one steelbook for other games, no wonder so many guys in the earlier pages have bought this.
  4. Playing Nioh 2, prefer this more to your normal FromSoft souls games
  5. PhantomShade

    Nioh 2

    Finally defeated this wierd snake actually got gud in the process, you have to get the snake-arms first otherwise they become seperate enemies when he does his Yokai world thing. I used an Odachi's 2x light attack( X X on controller ) combo, then ki pulse, rinse and repeat, otherwise you may run out of stamina to block his tail sweep/ tail slam or that total bullshit attack where he wraps around you and stabs you with the hord/blade on his head, got killed by this move many times, to evade this you have to roll horizontally. Literally was so scared, ran out of elixirs to heal and his snake buddies took out my health, it was either Yatsu or me after dying like 20 times
  6. PhantomShade

    Nioh 2

    I'm in the first level of this game, running the dual hatchets and the odachi( the big katana ), should I change weapons for some other types? Game systems are too overwhelming, sadly this has the stamina bar mechanic also where attack/dodge needs stamina.
  7. It's very ironic considering they want to put all their games on PC though I'm not sure but I think VR is bigger on PC than console..
  8. Did the Adam Smashed fight again on Very Hard, it's the same, you cripple movement, then turn on the turrets cripple movement is the best quickhack
  9. Started the game again as Vergil His moves sh*t all over Dante's and his deadweight son. Altough both Uncle Donte and Nero need more skill to play, but Vergil gives you the total feeling. Also don't realize it during gameplay but you can even switch to playing as the emo V and his pets
  10. The one in the TV show had a sandevistan, this guy just has his special smart shotgun and his rocket attacks, I just ran around while hitting him with quickhacks, and there were turrets around too
  11. Finished the game finally, after grinding to level 50 and clearing out like ~5 areas apart from Watson. Inspite of them f**king us with the "you're gonna die anyway lol" across the endings, I feel the "Sun" ending is the best one, atleast V will go out with a bang. Did the "Secret Ending" version where you seige the Arasaka Tower all alone, you get Rogue alive this way. Smashed Adam also, he's a joke with 20 INT and cripple movement/weapon glitch/reboot optics type hacks Really wish they gave us a Crystal Palace DLC
  12. Just finished the main campaign, what epic stuff, definetly better than DMC4, I was bummed tho to discover that "human" is the easy difficulty, so i just chose the shitty ez difficulty without knowing, no wonder every bossfight except the Vergil one was a total stomp. Anyway there's still Vergil left to play, will do that on Devil Hunter( normal ) or Son of Sparda ( hard ), I unironically bought the game because of playable Vergil.
  13. The cyber ninja part about this is the guy shooting his own grenade mid air wtf, gotta try this sometime.
  14. Just discovered the epic motorcycle moves in sword master mode, wrecked those lizard things with blades on their back which roll towards you in chapter 13 Motorbike is best weapon
  15. Finally unlocked Dante in this, playing him is a blast even though there are the 4 styles and all, I guess Nero is also complex to play but for a casul like me I never used his like 10 arm types special abilities or the sword rev up thing well. I just got the motorbike weapon too, love the mid combo weapon switches in this
  16. Dad of Boi can't even jump now, forget about old GoW style boss fights I guess we'll get a satisfying sequence when unkil Kratos beats the fat f**k with his own electric hammer. Never liked gameplay wise what they did to Kratos, I was playing DMC5 and Dante still plays the same, even though age-wise he's also a literal unkil.
  17. 3 year GP sub hai after all. Have to pay that price Anyway best time to be PC gamer, we have GP too lol @ that bat-sidekicks game tho.
  18. Game costs 3299 on steam Will wait for sale when it's half price, want to try out miles new invis and electricity powers.
  19. This is just some delaying tactic. In all likelihood MS will keep CoD multiplat just like it did with Minecraft. If they don't, Sony better get Guerilla to work on something else apart from red head cave-girl game. You know like Killzone Or they can buy EA if they have the money, finally unf**k the battlefield series.
  20. Just do it! with a good cyberdeck you'll be wiping out goons before even stepping into a building You don't even need to use guns in most cases, the quickhacks have you all covered.
  21. Casual gamers play games on mobile my dude. There are then the poor college students/Literally kids who scam their parents into getting them a gaming laptop because it's on the cheaper side, easily available plus they can bullshit their parents about how it will help for college Guys who can put down paisa for box gaming pc or consoles are very rare and are definetly not casul gamers. Of the two categories the kids have a better change of becoming "hardcore" gamers once they start earning on their own because they want quality gaming, this is very expensive entertainment, "normal people" will balk at the amount you have to spend to get a decent experience here. Also like someone said, the Series L with 3 year GP is still best bet for getting into the AAA non-mobile gaming world for cheap. btw 4K is not necessary, 1440p monitor with high refresh rate and GPU that can push out high fps at that res is the sweet spot.
  22. Yes, most likely, thing is if streaming takes off it's very profitable for any console corps since there's no loss making hardware, R&D for making the hardware, disc distribution etc. The business model is already in place with GP and other subscription services, like how Spotify killed the whole "buying" MP3s from iTunes model earlier, netflix etc got rid of DVD/BluRay movie sales/rent( exists but not as huge as before ) And corporates love selling you services, not feel and touch products, services are much more profitable unless you're like say Apple.
  23. This is the same war regarding the nephew's succession dispute, basically he was then in the vicinity of the Ganga so he decided to take a lot of water from it on his way back home Anyway thanks for info.
  24. Film is about Raja Raja Chola within Tamil Nadu and rest of India or does it contain his raid on the indonesian/malaysian peninsula also, i.e the naval battles? I know only two main things about that Chola king, one that he went on a war somewhere in the north to support his nephew who was in a succession dispute vs some relative supported by local kings, and ofc the naval raids on some kingdom in Indonesia, but getting mixed up in the timelines.
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