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  1. Any suggestions what to buy on steam sale? I was looking for FPS or TPS but it seems like borderlands 3 and CP2077 are the only options, out of them which one to pick? I have played halo infinite, doom eternal, rdr2, wolfenstein2, if y'all have any other suggestions let me know I have played CP2077 but never completed it and the shooting is decent, dunno about BL3, I loved BL2 but that was many years back
  2. Wonder how they will redo this cutscene, whether it will be prerendered or real-time?
  3. It's coming on switch too, no wonder graphics not as good as FF7R. Guess it's time to cry again at the "Final Scene" Will probably buy this when it comes out if it's priced reasonably, for old times sake.
  4. I used to spend an unhealthy amount of time with elden ring, GotG, wolfenstein 2 TNC after getting off work, but now don't feel like playing anything I watch steins gate and Tehran sometimes
  5. That's Russia though. I guess it's supposed to be Iran because of the ancient F-14 tomcat just lying around in their hangars. Apparently in the OG Top Gun too the soviets weren't mentioned by name, just the MiGs, and the SU50 here is also called a "fifth generation fighter" instead of you know the Su-50 Reminds me of those Selmon bhai or other *Khan films many years back than never mentioned the "Padosi Mulq" by name.
  6. No, they get what they want anyway, no need to go to war.
  7. I demand they made a robot that looks like a young Arnold Schwarznegger.
  8. On Xbox GP it doesn't even make sense, most console walas don't know or care about diablo.
  9. You liked FO4 because it was colorful. FO3 was all shades of green for everything, like deus ex hr's piss filter Trailer footage has very drab planet, I don't think all planets will be drab
  10. Graphics are last gen, it's a bethesda game tho, they aren't known for graphics. The shooting gameplay I saw feels clunky, idk because of low fps or the animations are bad, FO4 shooting was ok, no issues with it but nothing revolutionary either, all standard features. Really hope they have armor that looks like armor and not this space suit thing like NMS has. 1000 planets are a meme to grind for resources I guess, all procedurally generated. I liked the design your own spaceship feature I saw, I think some indi-bhindi has done it before but not in a proper game. They just need to make the performance good, I'm hungry for some space sci fi game, it's so rare in todays time.
  11. 10/10, from the thumbnail didn't believe at all that was a butterfly.
  12. Can anyone suggest me animu like steins gate? not for the time travel part but you know sci-fi, technology in general or something set in urban japan like how steins gate is set around akhihabara in Tokyo.
  13. Like how they've included Zack Fair in this art.
  14. Is there any news about whether this will also contain vehicular combat like cold war? since betafield has been sh*tting the bed I miss fps games with proper military vehicle combat
  15. Don't like the story, know the gist of it, i'm just here for gameplay/graphics/scenery, ND best at technical excellence. Besides only this and GoT remain on PS4, i've played the rest of the exclusives.
  16. Reminds me of the MassEffect 3 RGB explosion ending fiasco and ArTiStiC InTeGriDy bullshit afterwards
  17. This seems to be using the TLOU2 engine + whatever assets from TLOU2 with some changes. Good for people who haven't played the OG, I mean last gen was dominated by PS4 but still.
  18. Aree. Sucks, I wanted the ones with Solid Snake in them because of all the sci-fi but MGS3 has better boss fights I guess. Anyway chronologically it makes sense, 3 is set in 70s and has big boss, so the rest can follow after it.
  19. They are remaking tlou. But why don't they make a deal with Konami and remake MGS 1 2 4 ? They can change up the gameplay elements to match MGSV.
  20. We now know the wealthiest 4k and 5k gamers on IVG This laalchi publisher doesn't even give good discounts on it's old CoDs
  21. Sony's jhumla, this remake is the real "rebuilt for PS5", remaster was just a port over with 1080p res and the other things they mention, it looked like a PS3 game only not native PS4 game. In any case it's too early since the remaster holds up well, besides, nobody is forcing you to buy remake, on this thread only many including me will not buy this. It's probably good for PC peoples since they didn't get to play the original and emulators are hit and miss. It's a waste of resources but, in today's age of delays and all manpower and time could be devoted to whatever other new game ND was making, remake duties could be handed to some other studio and kept with them.
  22. Yes, I heard ND was put to work on this, not some other studio like bluepoint, at this point BB "Remake" is not far they way they seem to have just forgotten about it.
  23. You don't even have to buy it lol It's remaster is on PS4, and it doesn't even look that bad for a 7th gen console game. I mean it does look old, but not unplayably dated old. This reminds me of the start of the PS4 gen when the bots were sh*tting on remasters of popular ps3 games
  24. Unnecessary remake but looks good though. I played TLOU Remastered a year or two back on the PS4, I guess most here played it during the PS3 days.
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