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  1. maybe for plebs like us, in big company contexts sony is middle class. Money hat is to get the early gen advantage, to make it harder for MS to fight back. Having a GP like Langar of games for $1 needs lots of money, like Ambani or MS type money, no way Sony will do that.
  2. spodey is better as a complete package compared to most ps exclusives( haven't played tlou2 and got yet, so can't say about those ). A very good game adaption of a comic book character, better than Batman Arkham series, and that one had set the bar, before that all we used to get were shitty movie tie-in games
  3. get one of those 2 in 1 laptops, that can be folded to be used as a tablet also. in general laptop > tablet imo. tablet is mostly for consooming media, not for actual work.
  4. the meme about the brick was that the xbone was basically a VCR, underpowered, and yet they couldn't put the powersupply inside, they had to make ugly power brick for ugly vcr console
  5. Yes but with all the jhumlas people may have thought this is a DS like port, using same Decima engine and all. I haven't seen such shameless cash grabs of PC ports since the bad old days of 2012
  6. I feel sorry for the hopefuls who bought this buying all the jhumlebaazi of WIDESCREEN SUPPORT 4K RES OVER 9000 GRAPHICS SETTINGS 120 FPS :/
  7. I mainly use my DS4 for all kinds of gaming, even PC gaming, only flaw it has is the buttons etc are delicate af and crap out after 2-3 years of normal use. Xdabba controllers are built like tanks, but this bullshit aa battery chutiyapa should be thrown out. Such a lust for selling this 3.5k rechargeable battery pack https://www.amazon.in/Microsoft-Official-Xbox-Play-Charge/dp/B00CM1KU82/ref=sr_1_1?adgrpid=57685088783&dchild=1&ext_vrnc=hi&gclid=CjwKCAjw4MP5BRBtEiwASfwAL1YEERK_vGfKaWzY-OqzdamDtpmUYOk5COSevhxHNUejACJx3OAFtRoC02QQAvD_BwE&hvadid=294114338763&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=9300528&hvnetw=g&hvqmt=e&hvrand=9585970953979379916&hvtargid=kwd-299670420919&hydadcr=27747_1814451&keywords=xbox+play+and+charge+kit&qid=1597062246&sr=8-1&tag=googinhydr1-21 3.5k for rechargeable battery pack, 5k for controller
  8. You know your smartphone can also do this right? Not supporting this peak post-industrial meme device but still. This alexa, google copy alexa, apple copy alexa, all these devices are literally useless, an answer for a question that doesn't exist.
  9. I know PSN has no regional pricing, 13 was asking for regional pricing so i was telling him what a mess it woud be,considering how ez it is to switch between different region stores on PS. Imagine even steam has issues with keeping guys in their own region stores with the whole VPN Argentina Steam thing, PS and Xbox will be Also you can buy from another region, you just need to make the account, then top up wallet using those PS codes/cards you find on Amazon, long ago i have bought R&C, GOW3 remastered and KZSF from US PSN store because 3 years ago the sales on Indian PSN were shitty and few and far in between, meanwhile on US PSN every two weeks they get flash sale where games go for $10-$15 easily , No CC is required Now it's changed though, Indian PSN gets very good sale prices mostly, better than US.
  10. This is YUGE news just because it confirms Series S. btw can't believe it's pretty much the same controller, minimal changes for next-gen.
  11. On steam regional pricing is for some games only, depends upon publisher mostly, most games though are now on the path of 4K Gaming, same as consoles. Idk how it works on Xdabba but on PS4 it's very ez to access a different region store, no VPN needed even, in such a state regional pricing would cause issues for the home region PS stores since everyone will make an account and buy for very cheap from the regional pricing ps store. The only country they have implemented regional locks for is China, Chinese PS4s can only access Chinese PS Store, no other country can. I think if this trend of 4k and 5k gaming continues people who usually buy consoles will just switch to PC
  12. I think this was basically intended to stop on PC, so i think they left it on consoles also. till date MW 2019 hasn't been cracked on PC, and it is said it is all because of this mandatory patch, always online requirement.
  13. Gonichiro will teach you everything else about parry, this guy is a baby compared to genichiros bullshit, atleast you can git gud with this guys ichimonji spam since it's so predictable.
  14. It's because next-gen console season, that's why, it happened last time also in 2013-2014. So unless you want to add more ghee to the fire or do self righteous jhumlebaazi about HATE and all better https://media.giphy.com/media/UrsOTbx6xh20IXChwR/giphy.gif
  15. These things exist because Arabs want to taste the haram drinks without any actual haram content. I mean booze is literally banned in most arabian peninsula countries, so you get non-alcoholic beer wagera to compensate
  16. someone show this to the Tekken walas, they can have some archer fighter doing this also sparks etc if an arrow hits your metal armor, nice touch
  17. The way i see it they're between denial and anger
  18. I think after November 4th everything regarding them will go back to normal like in 2010, Xi will stop arching his back, baring his fangs, and putting out his claws, everyone will go back to appeasing China Everything will go back to normal as in trade etc, the damage from covid won't go away nor the bits of land anschlussed in Ladakh won't come back :/ The fool thinks Xi, who has been politicking since idk 20 years now, will be spooked by his jhumlebaazi and threats over trivial things like the chinese not buying US Pork and Soybeans He is totally incompetent, and behaves like this is that comedy reality show he was in rather than the most powerful govt post on the planet. btw the Chinese have probably destroyed all evidence that they created the virus for whatever purposes, and have continously mounted a media campaign to cause confusion and doubt about where did the virus come from.
  19. Kuch bhi, this is not some 2rs hermit state like Iran or NK to be sanctioned. After they did Tiananmen Square Hatyakand, even then the sanctions were btfo and relations normalized in 2-3 years tops Everyone depends on the Chongs for supplies of their products, given that, Cheeni has impressive leverage on all these wealthy countries, they can't do squat. You can be sure that even if they push all the way up to Leh, managing to defeat the troop buildup that is in Ladakh, starting a hot war, that is a no-no in todays "Global Order", even then you will see nothing from US and EU, aside from usual we condemn this blah blah blah TLDR China is the classroom bully who even smacks around the teachers
  20. It's officially not available in India, so you either need to be the one NRI dude around here or you have to do some VPN jhol.
  21. PhantomShade

    Gaming PCs

    some smartass will reply to this with some dabba with below poverty line specs and imaginary cheap prices on that subreddit
  22. Yes, like if you play $10 you get the potato indie bhindi games and old games, if you pay full $60 you get all the latest and greatest AAA games
  23. It's not milder, it is the perception of it, the PANIK about virus has subsided among general public and it matters less and less day by day. Herd immunity must be only for people in the cities i think, idk about villages, so many cases go undetected, like i read somewhere almost half the population of Dharavi has antibodies in them, meaning they have been infected and recovered and nobody knew. imo this was only dangerous for the economy and for old folks having co-morbidities Hope we don't be like YAY GO CORONA GO HOGYA, CORONA WENT BACK TO CHINA and suddenly you have a surge of cases in random rural areas :/
  24. Subscription w streaming can be viable if they charge some big bucks amount, like $60 current game streaming all is only for increasing install base, not actually making paisa
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