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  1. On 1/23/2023 at 10:54 AM, KnackChap said:


    Company management is the easiet of their minigames so far. Just look up a yt video if you want on what to do during shareholders meeting. Rest is most just on autoplay. 


    Yes, I'm decent at shareholder meeting now.


    btw anyone got the plat for this? what is the ideal party composition for True Final Millenium Tower? ofc Saeko as Idol has to be one for the heals, wondering about the other two? Joongi and Adachi or Joongi and Zhao or any other guys?

    Still haven't finished the game but was wondering this

  2. Playing this currently, it grows on you in terms of gameplay, kinda feels like an FF game in terms of the dungeons you have to go through sometimes. :lol:

    Still miss Kiryu san though, altough a plus of party based gameplay is you get to know other 3 chars apart from the main protag.


    btw is there any guide for the company management minigame? it's more complex than Y0's real estate thing, also Nick Ogata wants rank 100 in 4 periods, idk what "consequences" he has if i don't meet that target :fear:


  3. On 1/10/2023 at 3:19 PM, 0verlord said:

    After 2 years, these eneloop pros now refuse to charge. Used it in my XSX controller 

    I bought these recently and they are charging perfectly. So charger isn’t broken


    This is the charger


    Good I didn't buy the Eneloop Pros :fear:

    I have the white ones, surprised with the battery life, lasts longer than normal Duracell AAs, non-rechargable wala.



  4. 41 minutes ago, North said:


    Connects fine. 


    Shows up as Airpods Pro in settings, and shows model number serial number and version. 


    BUT serial number on box is GX7... as you can see, but on settings it says GX8.....  so serial numbers do not match somehow, thats weird

    Went to check on apple coverage website, seems legit. why would the box serial number not match though 





    It's probably used and then put in a different box, :rofl: MaDe iN uSa :rofl: also checks out.

    The only star spangled Apple product were those Mac Pros, thrash can or cheese grater i don't remember which.




    Finally Platinumed/100% the game on PC, ~220 hours or so of solid Samurai action B)

    Had to complete this absolutely bonkers mission with even more bullshit final wave to get the Plat


    Had mediocre gear before jumping into this mission so had to improvise with Baku GS, Ippon, Kasha and Namahage soul cores, using White Bone Spirit Tonfa with 6pc Moonlight Flutist and 5pc Bishamonten set bonus

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  6. Reached DotD, which is NG+3 for us normal folks.

    Game is hard now, stance switching, builds and inflicting confusion and depleting enemy ki -> grapple is  mandatory to surviving encounters.


    Have to power through for the platinum, just 9 achievements remaining:boxing:

  7. 2 hours ago, LordSpymaster said:

    Just saw Avatar 2. Liked the higher frame rates, but found the movie really stupid. If I hadn't got the discounts I did, I would really be regretting going for this. :fear1:


    Meme film with 60 IQ plot ironically only good on big screen because of the CGI 

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  8. 6 hours ago, Sach4life said:


    Or or, just don't buy the remake and continue to play the BC version since that is not being taken away and plays the same. Crazy thought, right?


    He in all likelihood doesn't own a PS4 and neither does the other pigeon dropping his nuggets here.

    Begani shaadi me abdulle deewane :rofl:


    If this rumour is true( based upon some random Pakistani journo's article ), it's probably a remaster to go along with their tv show or whatever.


    They will only stop doing this when people stop buying, till then it will continue, like the whole $10 upgrade scandal, they only walked back after the outrage :lol:


    But the best part is all the gamepass xpigeons who come here acting all concerned :rofl:



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  9. On 1/1/2023 at 1:15 PM, joken732a said:

    Great recommendation. I would recommend to try persona 5 even if someone doesn't like turn based combat same for south park stick of truth.


    Persona 5 combat isn't the cancerous turn-based combat you would find in XCOM or Total War type games, it's fun, totally recommended, the turn based here is like Pokemon, very enjoyable

  10. It's been like two years, PC GPU prices have come down and stock is in plenty, still you have PS5 "stock drops" in like every 2 months and it being out of stock otherwise :rofl:

    I mean wtf? is Sony genuinely still having supply issues or is this some India-specific artifical scarcity scheme? Some select scalpers grab all the stock and then sell at inflated prices for e.g

  11. Have the Platinums for MH World( Base game, Iceborne has seperate plat ), DS3 and Elden Ring on Steam, I have all achievements for Nier Automata also but that game doesn't have the platinum-equivalent achievement on Steam/


    idk about Xbox but there are a lot of games that don't have the Platinum achievement on Steam, FromSoft games have them, both the Niohs have them, MH World and Iceborne, Death Stranding and Borderlands 3 along with all the Yakuza games have plats, other games don't, sucks.


  12. 15 hours ago, Black_Hawk said:

    So, as the entire world was going mad about Ragnarok I felt I needed to delve into the GoW saga because I was a complete virgin to the series. Hadn't played a single God of War game! I picked up GoW I about 1.5 months back and so far have completed...


    GoW I

    GoW II

    GoW III

    Gow: Ascension


    (All back to back without playing any other title in-between or along with).

    I have been completely immersed in the GoW universe and the lore along with the smashing gameplay has kept me completely hooked. Not to mention the tremendous action my thumb and index fingers have been getting lately! :rofl:


    I completed Ascension last evening and thought will take a break before I pick up GoW 2018 or maybe switch things up and play some other title before I get into it but I seriously can't detain myself from jumping in, it's too darn tempting.


    And so installing it on my PC and beginning GoW 2018 tonight :dance:


    Wonder how will you like the gameplay transition ?

    I mean the guy literally forgot to jump after having a son and settling down apparently, and you play from a wierd 3rd person shooter perspective.


    Meanwhile Donte and Vergil both are 50+ yet total SSS gameplay, felt like a total boss playing Vergil  in DMC5


    I played the OG Crisis Core like 15 years back on PSP and always imagined that real time graphics would be like this cutscene 20 years in the future.


    Surprised they didn't do the cutscene in-engine but then the base platform is Switch so...


    Never going to buy this on PC, will probably get a Switch next year and play on that for the true nostalgic portable experience.


    Also hope the ending in this is the not like the original but matches FF7 Remake ending.

  14. On 11/29/2022 at 6:09 PM, 0verlord said:

    Should I play Nioh 2 before Nioh 1?


    Yes, Nioh 2 is a pre-mid-sequel to Nioh 2 since you don't play the same character as in Nioh 1.

    There are overlapping characters between both but.


    Also I'm saying you should play 2 before 1 because the gameplay is much more polished and there are a lot of QoL changes, Nioh 1 would just feel clunky.




    Going through the DLC now, idk if it's because i'm overleveled but steam roll most of the bosses, only Yoshitsune gave me legit trouble, died a lot of times the the Umiyudo boss because I kept hitting the tentacles instead of the face :rofl:


    There's still Ashiya Doman and Ren Hayabusa




    Also anyone else farm smithing and skill texts? Sacred Bird Cry looks epic and also fills your Yokai shift gauge.




    Also sucks the protag doesn't get any romance options, like Vergil-but-she's-a-Waifu here



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