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  1. Survivor

    Planet Zoo

    Is it available in ps4 too?
  2. Survivor

    The Division 2

    No.. It's my 1st division game. I don't know what to do here except shooting random guys on road, collecting loots and side missions. I was expecting some boss fight but as it's not any superhero game so no such fight. But today I played with some random online guy who came to assist me and I kinda liked playing together
  3. Survivor

    The Division 2

    I am disappointed with the game.. Nothing special
  4. Survivor

    The Division 2

    So basically it's for group of friends and not like soli players like me.. I mean difficult and boring for solo game
  5. Survivor

    The Division 2

    Is it worth buying? I didn't play division 1
  6. Survivor

    FIFA 19

    Basten with catalyst chemistry and no loyalty/chemistry 9 1st match, disappointing, missed 3 4 shots inside the box, I was wondering if purchasing prime Basten is worth. Lost match by 1-2 2nd match, Basten made 4 goals, played and made goals as I expected, loved the way his goals, specially 1st header he made. Hopefully he plays same in not all but most of the matches. I have uploaded the highlight of last match in my YouTube channel if someone interested to watch
  7. Survivor

    FIFA 19

    @Joe Cool thanks for input mates. Got Basten for 898k. He has medium/medium so I am bit concerned about it. What chemistry should I use, planning to have engine but the one I bought has Catalyst already so I will check that firstm BTW futmas lacazette is trash for me, worse than normal version or may be patch changed him
  8. Survivor

    FIFA 19

    How is attacking rate importance to a striker? What's the difference when a player has medium A/R compared to Hight A/R? And what's the importance of traits /specialitu of Team player and Leadership?
  9. Survivor

    FIFA 19

    Right. I also think so. I hope his wf (4*) is not much of concern from left side
  10. Survivor

    FIFA 19

    @Joe Cool bro Basten prime or Butra 90? Both are about same price. Basten has more strength height and heading while Butra (90) has more speed/Acceleration, stamina and Dribbling/Balance and yes 5* weak foot. I will use them as eight sided 2nd ST with marten (specially in WL)
  11. Survivor

    FIFA 19

    @Joe Cool I think I should try Basten prime. Just need 100k more. His finishing is 97, probabaly he won't miss such easy opportunity inside box like Raul.
  12. Survivor

    FIFA 19

    Raul is missing very easy chances most of the times
  13. Survivor

    FIFA 19

    You mean one should do Kluivert moment sbc when available. When will it come? BTW how do you know that such sbc would come?
  14. Survivor

    FIFA 19

    Will all of them have prime moment sbc? I can sell Raul for about 650k now (I bought him for 800k ) and somehow I would have to arrange 300k more for Basten as he costs around 900k now. While Klose and Kluivert for about 800k so who is better option bro.. To wait more to have 300k for Basten or to try Kluivert right now?
  15. Survivor

    FIFA 19

    Want to replace Raul 88 to accompany Mertens as 2nd ST(right sided), whom should I get.. K lose, Kluivert or Basten? I love headers with some dribbling and adequate balance. I can spend no more than 900k coins at the moment Ps- I want to replace Raul 88 cause after new patch he is missing many goals inside the box even from his dominant left foot.