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  1. Survivor

    Fallout 76

    I am rather excited to play online.. Because it will involve real players.. Though I didn't play last fall out completely. I was actually stuck in one place and could not get out of it
  2. Survivor

    Dark Souls 3

    Final boss fight.. This guy won it in 1 shot.. ? https://twitter.com/Euphoric_games/status/1014368290137952256?s=09
  3. Survivor

    Dark Souls 3

    Yaar how do you guys play such games.. Meri to fat jati hai seeing games environment.. Even bloodborne is ok but Dark soul is... My god.
  4. Survivor


    Yes. You can push him from the roof. I did the same haha but don't forget to get the reward after you kill him. I don't remember what it was though
  5. World Cup patch for pes 2018 http://ptepatch.blogspot.com/2018/06/pes18-pte-patch-world-cup-russia-2018.html?m=1
  6. What would be No look pass skill? Is it some new skill or just new nomenclature in pes 2019 of already present skill?
  7. 6500/- for a game???
  8. Which team will you choose for "my club" ? Can't we take India? This year I wanted to make an Indian team for my club it warned that if you choose this country you won't be able to play international matches.. What does it mean? I want to choose a team with unique kits(cloths) and good looking hometown stadium...
  9. Survivor

    God of War

    I feel like these electricity board ppl keep watching on me and as soon as I start or specially in an interesting point the electricity goes off.. I am scared when ever it's cloudy outside or when there is cool breeze outside coz here these people don't hesitate to cut the light when even a single leaf of tree waves with wind lol
  10. Survivor

    God of War

    Hahaha I can feel your pain
  11. I also bought fifa 18 and pes 2018 afyer 2 years but like always I could not play fifa more than 3 4 times.. I know it's an old debate fifa or pes but how can someone enjoy fifa mechanism.. I mean there players behave like robot and ball movement on ground or when you goal, is just enough to make you realise that Oh its video game.. Despite every drawback I always loved pes gameplay afyer all gameplay is the only thing for which most of us play vidwogame. As far as I am concerned.. I can compromise with authentic leagues for gameplay. Just wish pes 2019 doesn't concentrate on legendary players and micro transaction.. And playing/winning competitions should be more fruitful..
  12. I am also not kern for legend players but the current ones. And actually it disappoints me when Konami avails old players or players like Usain Bolt. But the thing is pes is currently best in providing almost realistic gameplay and mechanics of football. So it's always a buy buy for me. Of course like many I hate micro transaction in any game
  13. Wonderful.. I am in 😀😀😀
  14. Survivor

    God of War

    Actually this is right approach to such games lol
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