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  1. roun90

    The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    It's pointless now because everyone in all the major markets (US,EU etc.) have accepted paid MP. So MS is not going to get any extra brownie points for giving free MP next gen. They will just loose money. So paid MP is here to stay.
  2. roun90

    Days Gone

    Sony develops games like Spiderman, God of War etc. and asks for $60 to play them. MS develops games like Crackdown 3 and Sea of Thieves and asks for $1 to play it (as a subscription). Now the question is - would you prefer for devs to put effort into game quality or renting service quality?
  3. roun90

    The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    Makes you think what MS was smoking when they made that original announcement doesn't it? Best Market analyst experts and Public Relations Experts from all over the World in their company and they literally managed to piss off every single party in the industry involved with their product - right from the retailers to the customers, to even the shareholders. And that video where the MS head had an interview with that US army-man and told him straight to his face to stick to the Xbox 360. Such a bad PR disaster. They should have known that people have a soft-spot for army guys and don't like them to be snubbed. It was literally as though they had some secret deal in place with Sony to destroy their Xbox Brand. Maybe that was how Sony allowed them to use the Blu Ray on the Xbox, who knows ?
  4. roun90

    Shenmue III

    Some new screenshots and details. Screenshots: Have to admit - the game looks damn beautiful! The city looks amazing. I just hope they have added the facial expressions and animations for all characters (which was missing till now) Source for all images: http://www.rpgfan.com/news/2019/9016.html Details: 1) Suzuki hopes to interlink some of the game's systems. For example, pawning off an item and gambling away the money you get from it. 2) Combat is tied to a skill book and new skills are earned by collecting items. In Baidu Village (one of the game's two main areas), players will be able to earn items and prizes, as well as additional skills. 3) There's a dojo that can be used for training, and to redo fights that surface over the course of the story. 4) Suzuki is exploring accessibility options for Shenmue III, with the controls becoming more or less complex based on the difficulty setting chosen. 5) Shenmue 3 will include a recap for those who have not played the original 2 games or need a reminder 6) Shenmue 3 will have plenty of mini-games. The ones revealed till now are - Gacha Games, Crane Games, A Punching Game and Electronic Video Games 7) The iconic forklift is making a return. But for now, it's use is a secret 8) According to Suzuki, one of the goals of Shenmue III is to offer a game world that is "similar" to reality, rather than being a "simulation" of it. In the images above, for example, you can see some food stands that are distinctly Japanese, despite the Chinese setting: this is to give the area a specific "feeling." Source for all the details: http://www.rpgfan.com/news/2019/9016.html
  5. roun90

    The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    MS fanboys last gen. It was hilarious. "Better Servers can only come at cost - so free MP is bad and Paid Live Gold is good" "It's only $60 per-annum. It's so cheap, you should have no problem paying" So many BS excuses. And the console makers understood that paid MP is accepted, so everyone came to cash in on the free money without improving MP (Other than what time would have improved anyway). Now even Nintendo are charging for MP and some people are criticizing Sony for charging. @hope If almost 80 million people offered you $60 (or 4000 Rs) per annum for free - i.e. almost US$4.8 billion per year for doing just minimal work maintaining online security would you refuse? You would be extremely stupid to say no to the almost free money no? Hence the decision by Sony. You can't even blame them actually. No matter how much of gamers they are, if Sony's directors had refused, they would have been instantly kicked out by the shareholders for not knowing how to do business
  6. roun90

    The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    Don't trust console BC digital too much though. I mean, look at the Wii. Nintendo decided to end Eshop support on January 2019. You cannot purchase new games on Wii. And they have made it amply clear that people will even lose the ability to re-download their purchases at some time in the future (it's still available for now). Steam (or even Epic) will not do this, because digital PC games is literally their only business. But do you really want console makers to go digital only because of this? Anyway, there is another very good reason that console makers cannot (as in literally "cannot") go digital only. That's because they literally have to sell the machines. And the same people who retail the console machines also sell the physical games. Do you think they will be happy if console makers decide to go full digital and remove a major part of their business? Will they even keep consoles in stock or will they just shut down and try for some other business? This is not applicable for PC because everyone buys PC, not just gamers. But literally only gamers buy consoles. So they are still a bit at the mercy of the retailers. One of the reasons Microsoft decided to remove the need for used game authentication (besides public outcry) was literally that the US retailers threatened not to stock Original Xbox One. So they still have some clout over the manufacturers.
  7. roun90

    Days Gone

    When is the embargo for this game's review lifting? Still not sure whether this game would be good or not, but this seems to be the only Sony major exclusive we will get this quarter. But somehow I get the feeling even Sony is not exactly having high expectations for this game - considering it's not receiving as much marketing as other Sony exclusives received.
  8. roun90

    Streaming Services thread

    Actually the live-action is the original story based on the manga. And if you watch it, it's absolutely awesome, and gets better than the anime. But if you have already seen the anime, and did not go past the first episode, you will not know the difference. This is because the story diversion happens towards the end, and the manga (and live action - by extension) was far better. It's to be expected though, since the manga and live action was by the original author/creator of the work, whereas, the anime went for it's own story towards the end (because the manga had not been completed at the time - just like Game of Thrones Season 7/8 is it's own story, not based on GRRM's works). The start is the same for all versions, so you might have been bored seeing it again. But do give it a chance. You're in for a treat. And for those who have never seen the anime/manga/live action or even heard about the name "Erased" (Or Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi) it's an absolute must-watch. Please don't skip this. You're in for a treat.
  9. roun90

    Streaming Services thread

    Yup; thanks for reminding. Forgot to add Dark and 2 more show which I like. 1) Dark (German) - Gives off a Stranger Things vibe. This show follows 4 families as children start disappearing under mysterious circumstances. 2) Argon (Korean) - Show about corruption in media as news-shows vie for top spot within the channel by getting prime time (and channels among each other via ratings) and how the people (within the industry) try to keep the media honest as it gets influenced by powerful people from outside and the need for sensationalist news by their own anchors/channel owners as well. 3) Train to Busan (Korean Film) - A Korean Zombie film about a father who tries to get his daughter to safety in Busan during a zombie apocalypse. Although this might seem your typical zombie movie, it actually has very good character interactions and will make you feel for both the father and daughter.
  10. roun90

    The Cricket Thread

    Unfortunately, World Cup is a ODI tournament. And Dhoni has been with Kohli throughout most of the ODI and T20 series. We are seeing Kohli's solo T20 Captaincy just now. So no, I don't think I'm wrong in my assumptions. I will have to give credit to Dhoni, till Kohli can perform on his own in ODIs and T20s (which are the most popular formats today).
  11. roun90

    The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    @hope They are not stopping the physical media consoles - either with the Xbox One or with their next gen console (as far as we have heard). They are just adding a ("supposedly") cheaper option. So no need for rant. @Heaven Angel There is a world of difference between Steam prices and Console game prices. And considering most devs consider console market as the primary market and PC market as just a side venture ("hey as far as we are adding similar code, might as well put it on PC for somewhat-extra Epic monies/Steam customers") mentality; they are not ready to bring Steam prices to consoles. So physical is an absolute must.
  12. roun90

    Streaming Services thread

    Off the top of my head, on Netflix you should immediately watch the following - 1) Erased (Japanese Drama) - This is quite short with only 12 episodes (of 30 minutes each). But the story is awesome. Can't tell you much about the story since anything I say will be spoilers. But it's an absolute must-watch. Start with this, as you can quickly finish it. 2) Stranger (Korean) - Watch this ASAP. This has an an excellent story. One of the best shows on Netflix. It's about a prosecutor who had brain surgery as a child, which dulled his emotions and a cop. It starts with a simple murder, but the plot explodes into huge stakes and power games which will leave you on the edge of your seat. Watch it as soon as you can. 3) Money Heist (Spanish) - Another absolutely awesome show. It's about a gang of criminals who hold the Central Bank of Spain hostage and start printing their own money. Beautiful planning and mind games by both the mastermind and the police. 4) Remember (Korean) - Another absolutely brilliant show. The lead guy has a condition that allows him to remember almost everything perfectly. He tries to use this to study law clear his father's name (who has been falsely accused of murder). But then he starts developing Alzheimer's (which over-writes his previous condition) and causes him to start forgetting everything. A heavy show - but absolutely brilliant. 5) Samurai Gourmet (Japanese) - This is a feel-good show. It's about an old man who after retirement, finds that he has nothing much to do. So he starts going to different places, trying different food and just doing whatever comes to his mind. The description I said might sound dull - but do watch it. It's brilliant. It will make you feel really good. And it's also something I would like to do after retirement. 6) Life (Korean) - A private comglomerate acquires a famous public hospital. This series shows power-plays between both the hospital and the conglomerate. Cannot tell much as it will be spoiler heavy, but this series becomes brilliant from the 2nd episode onwards. Another absolute must watch. 7) Live (Korean) - Another feel-good show. This shows the lives of people as police officers - from the time of the academy (training) to functioning at lower and higher levels. It's a feel-good show that you can watch at the end 8) Pan's Labyrinth (Spanish Film;2006) - An awesome movie that I'm planning on watching soon. It's already got oscar for best foreign film and 95% (Rotten Tomatoes); 98 (Metacritic Rating) and 8.2/10 (IMDB Rating of 567,947 votes). Can't give my opinion yet since I've not watched this. But due to high ratings - have high hopes for this film. The above are just off the top of my head. And on top of it - all have brilliant acting, characters and brilliant stories. All are absolute must-watch. Hope you enjoy it
  13. roun90

    Streaming Services thread

    Other than Originals Netflix is absolutely awesome for foreign content though. Korean shows, Japanese Shows, German shows, Chinese shows (am including movies as well) etc. And the quality of stories told in those shows is absolutely awesome. Shows like Stranger, Remember, Life etc. have stories which are as good as or even better than Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones (Original Seasons) etc. They are just not famous because they are not in English, don't have much promotion/marketing and not many people know about them. But if you ever give those shows a chance - you will be hooked. The story, acting, OST and everything are absolutely phenomenal. And with those shows - you will never have a shortage of legendary content to watch on Netflix. Just based on those, the cost is absolutely worth it. You just have to be willing to see subtitled shows.
  14. roun90

    The Cricket Thread

    I get the feeling that Kohli is still very much under Dhoni's thumb. As in, Kohli is captain in name only and all important decisions are taken by Dhoni under the garb of "advice". Guess that's how India had been performing so well for the past couple of years under Kohli's captaincy (Say what you want about Dhoni as a player - he was an excellent captain who brought all ICC trophies to India). Now in IPL we are seeing Kohli's natural captaincy - which is failing and Dhoni's natural captaincy - which is still excellent as usual. I expect when World Cup comes, once again Kohli will be "captain in name only" while Dhoni will be the actual captain - taking all decisions. So we should still be good on that front.
  15. roun90

    The Cricket Thread

    Same. I get the feeling that this IPL can really hurt India's chances this World Cup. IPL 2019 finals is on 12th May and World Cup starts on 30th May. Indian players might not get enough rest in the interim. Plus they will be more used to Indian Climate and Pitches due to playing here so long, so they might not get adjusted to England's pitches so quickly. Not to mention playing with the proper Indian team instead of the IPL team. Other teams will not have this disadvantage, since as you said - most are leaving next week. Frankly, it was a bad and selfish decision to hold the IPL now. They should have held it later in the year (after the WC was over) or skipped it entirely this year.