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  1. roun90

    Watch Dogs Legion

    5% is actually a huge stake. Ubisoft is one of the largest publicly traded companies. This means that share-holding is diluted and most of the shareholders are stuck with 0.001% holdings or something. Having 5% of shares of a company like Ubisoft means Tencent has a pretty good say in what the company will do or not do. So yup, Ubisoft will help one of it's largest single share-holders so long as it does not screw over all other shareholders collectively (i.e. so long as Ubisoft's valuation itself will not decrease). Heck, even without that - almost all shareholders will listen to Tencent because it's an expert in the gaming market. All the other big shareholders will most probably be investment companies, who collect funds and invest just for returns - without much involvement in the gaming industry as a whole. Expect all Ubi games to be Epic + Uplay exclusive.
  2. roun90

    Watch Dogs Legion

    You do realize Tencent is a shareholder in Ubisoft right? And I think a pretty big one at that. Frankly, I would expect all Ubisoft games to go Epic + Uplay Exclusive.
  3. roun90

    Ghost of Tsushima

    Retailers are selling it for Rs 3999 (I.e. 4k with an exclusive 1 Re Discount). Doubt you will get it for 3.5k, unless you go for 2nd hand a week after launch. On another note, really loving the Special edition of this game, but anyone else feel 6k is just too high a price for it? Frankly, it should have been 5k. That's what all the Special Editions (Including games like God of War, Days Gone etc.) used to go for. Paying 2000 Rs extra just for a steelbook, a short video and some digital skins just feels too much of an overkill.
  4. It's a circle. Whether to declare dividends, or to re-invest in business, and if re-invest, them what to re-invest in - all those decisions are taken at the Shareholders' meeting. Directors cannot unilaterally decide whether to declare dividends or to keep money to themselves. But yes, the strongest say will always go to the majority shareholders - in this case Tencent and Tim Sweeney (If he has a sizeable investment). Sony will be invited to those meetings and get their say, but ultimately TS and Tencent will decide. But I would say they will keep Sony happy. 2% investment is actually huge in a giant corporation, and Sony will see returns soon enough. Sony definitely are not going to get any strong decision making powers over Epic from this investment though - that's for sure.
  5. Doubt they will, or even care about Playstation exclusives with that Epic deal (Other than some minor stuff like say Fortnite events or such). What the deal has done is that certain % of profits from Epic (Up to the level of their stake) will go to Sony. Say Sony has 2% stake now - 2% of the overall Epic profits, including Fortnite profits, Unreal Engine Profits and EGS Profits will always go to Sony. And considering the obscene amount money that Fortnite and UE makes, it will not surprise me if Sony has already made back this money, with extra cash on top of it, by the time the next Shareholders' meeting rolls around. As far as exclusives are concerned - it will be the other way around. There is a chance that all Sony exclusives coming to PC will be EGS exclusives from this point on, but Epic Games will be multi-plat. Hopefully, this collaboration means that UE will be better optimized on PS consoles, but that and some minor events will be the total amount of "Exclusives" Sony will be getting.
  6. I think Disney/Marvel gave Sony licence for Spiderman Games (at least temporarily), so Marvel movies could incorporate Spiderman, the movie rights of which does belong to Sony. I don't know how many games this will include, but safe to say, any Spiderman games developed under Sony will be exclusive to PS for a long time (i.e. until it's value expires, is available for dirt cheap everywhere and they want to promote a new console/burst console sales like Horizon) @WhiteWolf Sony is not holding Spiderman hostage. No one is stopping you from buying/playing the Activision Spiderman games. But Spiderman games developed by sony - you have to play on PS. Unfortunately, the good Spiderman games are the ones developed by Sony.
  7. Frankly, is WHO even reliable anymore? They still advise not to stop travel to anywhere and not to stop people from other areas/countries entering. As far back as Dec/Jan, were still recommending travel to China and blindly going by China's narrative that COVID 19 has no human-to-human transmission, instead of conducting their own investigation, which is like their main (rather: only) job. At this point it might be far better to listen to what Govts world over and their individual Virology Institutes are saying than going by the word of WHO.
  8. Fallout TV Show coming to Amazon from creators of Westworld From Source: Bethesda Softworks has announced that they are partnering with Amazon Studios and Westworld creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy to create a television series based on Fallout. While a release date for the series was not provided, we do know that Nolan and Joy, along with fellow Kilter Films associate Athena Wickham, Bethesda Game Studios' Todd Howard, and Bethesda Softworks' James Atlman will all be serving as executive producers. Source: http://www.rpgfan.com/news/2020/10658.html
  9. roun90

    Persona 5

    I think the promotion's still on, so if you have Persona 5 Royal and the trophies synced up, you should still get it I think Also @b!T and @kold_war don't forget to go to the thieves den and go to the theater/unlock videos section. You can use the in-game points you have earned to unlock Real Life Concert Videos that happened in Japan (It's there under the Specials Tab I think). They are like the Witcher 3 Concert you paid money for, with the actual game singers and dancers conducting a proper concert, being given away for free. It has concerts covering music from entire Persona Series (In other words, Persona 3, 4 and 5; Atlus these days completely ignores Persona 1 and 2), and it is absolutely amazing. It's actually something that would be sold in blu-rays, something you would have to buy tickets for, but here they are giving it away for free. And considering that Persona music is always awesome, it's actually great. Do check it out.
  10. Windows App is frankly the best right now. Quality is excellent (Originally in browsers you had things like only Edge will do Full HD, all others are limited to 720p, that's gone now I think), but App always gets full video quality. Plus, it's so convenient - just add it to the taskbar and you can just click to start it. No need to keep logging in or anything as well.
  11. Have to disagree with you. PS3 did not lose out to the X360. The 360 had the lead, true but PS3 caught up by mid-gen, and surpassed it later. Good Exclusives matter a lot. Early PS3 gen was missing quality exclusives. We had games like Genji: Days of the Blade, Untold Legends, Resistance 1 etc., but they were not highly regarded. Meanwhile MS had the (at the time) brand new Gears Series, Mass Effect Series, Dragon Age, Fable 2, Lost Odyssey etc. Bioware, before being acquired by EA, used to almost exclusively develop for MS on the console front. Then you had the fact that 3rd poarties found PS3 hard to develop for and the more expensive pricing - all lead to the early MS Lead. But once the exclusives clicked for Sony, i.e., once Metal Gear Solid 4, Uncharted 2 and God of War 3 came out - there was no looking back. Excellent exclusives after exclusives, Free multiplayer with the (At the time excellent PS+ free games), console prices coming down due to PS3 Slim, all lead to PS3 sales shooting past X360, despite MS doing stunts like buying GTA 4 DLC exclusivity for 360. It was a close race, but by the end of the gen, PS3 was actually slightly ahead (87 million units vs 360's 84 million units). But ignoring just nos., I would say Sony came out ahead by a wide margin, because they developed multiple well known IPs and brought up multiple studios that are very famous today. Meanwhile MS was left with almost nothing, since they had essentially depended on money-hatting 3rd parties through-out the gen. And that, along with MS's brilliant marketing led to the absolutely amazing 8th Generation, where Sony was able to almost get in vicinity of the PS2 nos and MS is wherever it is. 7th Gen hardware units sold-wise though Wii won, since they could get the (What is Today) Smartphone crowd with their motion controls and Wii Sports.
  12. roun90

    Persona 5

    You get 4 sets of dynamic themes - 1) First set of 3 themes, multiple avatars etc. for beating 1st Palace 2) 2nd set of 3 themes, multiple avatars etc. for beating the 4th palace 3) 3rd set of 3 themes, multiple avatars etc. for beating the game (Completing all Palaces) 4) 4th Set of 3 themes, multiple avatars etc. for getting the final trophy. If you are on 12/24, you should already have the first 2 set of codes (6 Themes total + their associated avatars etc.). If your trophy is all synced up, just look at the email id that's associated with the account you are playing the game on. The first 2 codes should already be there. It might be under the "Promotions" tab or "Spam" tab, but Atlus is pretty prompt in sending it. Just take the codes, redeem on the PS Store of that region, and you're all set.
  13. roun90

    Persona 5

    Yup, Atlus has removed all the PITA Trophies in P5R, including the tedious ones like completing all video games, reading all books, catching the Lake Guardian in fishing game etc. Now it's all really simple like fish once, play baseball and just hit a ball once etc (Just do that, unlock trophy and reload if you want more free time). The hardest trophy in P5R is literally Max all Social stats, that's it. Even trophies like Maxing all confidants etc. are gone (Just max 1 confidant and romance 1 person). To sweeten the deal, Atlus is even giving out sweet dynamic themes for free to all players based on progress and for the platinum trophy (And those themes are really awesome). All the old PITA trohes are now awards in the Palace Maker, which give points, which can be used to unlock things like decorating your own palace, unlocking Real Life Concerts, Game Cutscenes, OST etc. But they are not actual trophies anymore. Get the plat, it's quite easy and worth it.
  14. roun90

    Persona 5

    There are tons of people. Even in your own party there are far more than that. If you don't know it yet, then you are in a great place indeed. Means you have avoided spoilers of the past 4 years almost entirely. And it's not just the masked people (who are your direct associates), you also form contacts with a lot of others, from all strata of society, just like a good criminal outfit should.
  15. roun90

    Persona 5

    Persona animes are generally of poor quality. They will spoil you, and at the same time put you off the game due to their "interpretation" of events and story, plus poor animation quality. It's far better to play the game, which gives you agency on what to do during the game/story time, than to watch the anime which rushes to various plot points in a watered-down way and will ultimately turn you off both. Just play the game, you can ignore the anime or watch it only when your game is done and you have nothing else to do.
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