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  1. How well would this game run on a GTX 1660ti? I had plates the earlier zero dawn on gtx 1660ti and was able to get around 50 fps at high settings
  2. Started playing this game again. This has become much better now and performance issues though still present, are mostly ironed out. Hope they come out with a story dlc soon, as of the now they have added some skins / death animations only
  3. stingray

    Resident Evil 4

    Given this is the first RE game that I have ever played, something about the controls I just could not get - the character seems very sluggish to control and could not understand the inventory system. Am playing on PC & my frame of reference is with games like evil within 2, dead space. As of now, giving this game a pass
  4. stingray

    Resident Evil 4

    For some people like me who have never played Resident Evil games, will this be a good starting point? Liked the gunplay and atmosphere here. My reference for survival horror action games is Dead Space, Evil Within 2, Dead Space 2, Callisto Protocol. I find the RE 4 remake having similarity with evil within 2 in terms of gameplay & TPS view. Any guidance if this game is like Dead space, evil within?
  5. I hope given the poor reaction to the game and poor sales, they do not cancel the planned dlc. Also, hope that they can do some change to game combat mechanics in dlc.
  6. stingray

    Dead Space

    In case anyone is playing on pc, can you confirm if you are also seeing a lot of stuttering. I see a lot of stuttering every minute or so plus there is lot of variance in frame rates. I am playing on a gtx 1660ti and core i7 10th gen processor with 16 gb ram and game installed on ssd.
  7. The game was in an unfinished state when it was shipped, especially on PC. Further, the core gameplay of melee combat is rinse and repeat - dodge left, dodge right - rinse repeat. The Boss battles are also lop sided and not great (there is a mini boss who appears 4 times in the game, not sure why they could not introduce more variety here). That said - the graphics, character rendering, lighting and atmosphere are definitely great - though level design still left lot of issues for me. There were just some side rooms / additional areas in the game which were just literally empty rooms and had no use.
  8. Preload live now on steam / epic - 77.9 GB file size.
  9. Interested to see the recommended PC specs here. Am infact surprised that given harldy 8 days for launch, there is no information on PC specs till now
  10. stingray

    Control 2

    If still in concept stage than i think this won’t be out before atleast 5 years from now.
  11. Hope that they bring this and God of War Ragnarok to pc soon… hopefully in 2023 ?
  12. This looks awesome… in the second pic - what are the the 2 figures on the right?
  13. Would have loved to try the single player campaign. Liked the single player campaigns of CoD MW1 & 2 along with Black Ops1. But then stopped purchasing COD games after these. However, this campaign seems to be good basis some early reviews
  14. Same here. Fortunately got it at earlier lower price. This game looks good. Has a sort of evil within 2 like feel in terms of atmosphere and combat
  15. I guess someone else also asked earlier on the forum, what are the additional goodies one gets by buying digital deluxe edition on steam instead of standard edition? If it is only related to some cosmetic items, then will not buy deluxe edition.
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