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  1. I paid my trainer and he still sits around texting and just counting while I exercise, useless @sshole my trainer is.
  2. Definitely bro. You can do cardio, basic exercises like pushups/pull ups and totally avoid the trainer, if he acts arrogant But it is always better to go in with a plan/goal which I feel I am missing. Doing half an hour hill runs with kilometer targets are so satisfying.
  3. Happy New Year Ivgians! I have been going to the gym for a few weeks now. The trainer is always on his mobile and gives 0 support. I am just doing basic weights, 5 kgs for each part and am not too confident with what I am doing. Can anyone help me out by suggesting a good YouTube channel I can follow to get the basics right and get in shape, while building my core strength? All the main channels(Nippard,Athlean etc) seem to focus on heavy weights and higher end stuff.
  4. SPOILER ALERT (TRUST ME, IT DOESN'T MATTER IF U GET SPOILED ABOUT THIS POS FILM) negatives: For the first time in a Star Wars film, the last two lightsaber battles felt pointless. There was absolutely no stake or purpose. Whereas Reylo had a good thing going, it ended up feeling right up in Twilight territory, due to poor writing and direction. Why the hell were the knights of ren posing in different places, without purpose like Fashion models? Did anyone notice a progressive last order board room? One black woman, one Asian woman, 50% women, even the emperor is progressive.lol. Then Liea kicks Luke’s defiled a*s when they were training in the flashback scene and even foresees Ben’s future. She is implied to be more powerful with the force than Luke. The Emperor’s son was a useless Sh!t. Oh, and I would have renamed the film: SjWars : Rise of Macguffin. The worst Macguffin was General Hux. Yuck! The film has the worst title crawl In all Star Wars history. They even got the title wrong in the crawl. Did Finn forget Rose? Did you notice how the Emperor killed himself without stopping shooting the lightning reflected by Rey? Wtf? Overall, The Last Jedi was a bit better. It was at least coherent. This one was an incoherent mess. Snake scene was cringey and pointless AF. Every time Lando entered I wished he were dead. Pure Cringe. There was even some pathetic editing towards the end. positives: The only cool scene the film was Rey using force lightning. The concept of duos in force was great. Also, the last scene was a good ending for Ben Solos ark. Adam Driver's performance was great.
  5. I can forgive everything else but the ending. The ending was disney telling *beep* you to Star Wars fandom.
  6. I saw THE FILM, dont waste your time or money, if you are a true star wars fan. The entire pantheon of Star Wars greats have been defiled and butchered. The producers, storywriters and the directors of this triology must be shot dead.
  7. I liked the look of the Xbox which was revealed, but Phil Spencer’s corporate bs speak was a huge let down for me, again. Its like Xbox is made as a product and Playstation is made with passion. However, from a monetary perspective, after carrying out my own fair share of research on Xbox Game Pass, I guess the next Xbox with Halo 6 and Hellblade 2, free on gamepass, plus all Xbox one exclusives I missed out, will almost be an offer I can’t refuse.
  8. Detroit become human. The first hour or so was a snoozefest. I was half asleep until the disposal pit part, which was insanely well directed. The survey that popped up when I first quit was kinda cool. The results reflect our collective tech psych.
  9. Wow! Just got back from Ford vs Ferrari. One of my favorite star powered films of the year! James Mangold tussi great ho... Thanks to the film I am going to install and play NFS - Underground 2 and most wanted again.
  10. Na you don’t have to open the console up to access the hard disk, Sony has given us a separate provision. So you can swap Hdd without effecting warranty.
  11. Yes I agree! The Valkyrie fights started to get tedious, unlike the souls games, the difficulty spike made no sense. More importantly, I did not feel like I was playing as Kratos.
  12. No. I switched from hard to Normal towards the end game and still got platinum. You can plat it even on easy.
  13. Hi bro, hope you know you can get it replaced for half the mrp if you still possess the warranty card and invoice. Like Ngaged said above, once the console is opened warranty is void. It is clearly stated in the terms of warranty.
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