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  1. It’s a shame that the PS+ sub can’t be stacked before conversion anymore. Any other way to save a bit on the Deluxe subscription?
  2. I went through my old sale thread to confirm that I had the EU version. Rated 16, so that is EU.
  3. Yeah, I tried deleting the save created by the digital version from both cloud and console and load the old file I had as well. But the games are recognised as 2 different versions so not happening. MM is small enough to replay from scratch. Would have been more annoyed if it was any other game.
  4. TLOU, GoW 3, Mafia 1 & 2, Uncharted ND collection, Borderlands Handsome Edition, Resident Evil, Beyond 2 Souls, Metro 2033 Redux, Crysis Remastered, Serious Sam, Bioshock 1, 2, Infinite, Darksiders, Batman Arkham City and Asylum. And some other games but you get the idea.
  5. Nope. I had an EU disc. It might be because I had upgraded to Ultimate Edition. Idk. It’s weird.
  6. What is annoying though is that my Miles Morales save can’t be loaded because the one available for download is considered a different version from the disc version I had earlier. Gotta replay it all now.
  7. Yeah, I upgraded to Extra first but then I realised the remasters are in the Deluxe tier so upgraded to that from extra. Paid 334 to upgrade to Extra and then 125 to upgrade from Extra to Deluxe. 2 months of sub remaining
  8. tried that. Didn’t work. Called up LG customer care and they asked me to just reset the TV and see if it works. That was their only solution smh. Audio works now. Gotta sit through HDTVTEST videos all over again welp
  9. My C1 has been acting weird this morning. Audio works on TV speakers when I’m using any HDMI input but won’t output any sound while using webOS apps. Has anyone faced that issue? I don’t want to reset the TV right away if I can avoid it since I’ll have to calibrate everything all over again but it obviously isn’t a hardware issue
  10. Can someone suggest a good phone under 30k? It’s for my dad. Some basic camera usage, WhatsApp, YouTube etc. Battery life and dual sim are important features. Fast charging would be good too but not a dealbreaker to not have.
  11. You’re 16?! Damn, okay Look at it this way, you’ll get the game at a much cheaper price once your boards are over. I get the board exam situation. My younger sister is 15 so parents have asked me to take away her/my Switch until she passes 10th.
  12. Videotronics, Indiranagar Thanks, man! I was blown away by the PQ at the store so getting this was a no brainer. Slightly bummed about the cashback so I’ll have to kinda compensate by living on a tighter budget the next couple of months (or pickup more freelance projects, either/or)
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