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  1. PPGC will deliver day one but that’s 200 extra. They’re selling the game at 500 discount though. GTS will deliver it day one too or you can pick it up from their store.
  2. Yeah same. Whether it’s debit or cc, gift card purchases seem to be blocked. I guess even scam requires GST payment
  3. Brothers and sister mooching off of me already. Cannot share 😭
  4. It’s on 4500 at PPGC, 4549 at MX2, and 4999 on GTS. If you want Day One, use GTS.
  5. Yeah, I ended up buying it directly so paid the GST too. It’s now stacked for 3 years so that extra 820 GST doesn’t matter, plus I’m splitting it with a friend so no real regrets. But that feeling of “I could have paid even lesser” is hard to let go 😅
  6. The cards don’t seem to be blocked. I wanted to buy the Gift Card to then buy the 6-month sub as a gift so that I’ll save on the GST. Didn’t work no matter how many different cards I used. I tried gifting the 6-month sub directly with my card and it worked though. So ended up paying 886 instead of 749 for each 6-month card. Spent 820 rupees more than I should have.
  7. Trying to renew my GPU but when I'm trying to buy Gift Cards, the payment method keeps showing error. Happening with multiple cards. Anyone know a fix for this? I've checked with the bank so it's not on their end.
  8. Damn. I guess I’ll just wait for GTS stock to sell out so that I can buy from MX2 at scalper prices.
  9. How much do you think the customs duty will be on this?
  10. getting the launch edition disc for now and then I’ll sell the code that comes with the CE (IF I manage to find one at not-so-scalpy/MRP)
  11. There’ll be very less allocation. Best bet is to find a retailer who sells CE normally and book one before it even launches. Unless you don’t mind paying scalper prices
  12. It’s a shame that the PS+ sub can’t be stacked before conversion anymore. Any other way to save a bit on the Deluxe subscription?
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