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  1. I was using Apple One until last month by topping up credits in my wallet for a year. Cancelled the plan because I’m moving abroad in a couple of months and I’ve seen that you’d need to change your region to access local apps but then that stops you from using Apple One at India prices. Gotta figure a way around.
  2. Discover Weekly is how I find new music and I also listen to a couple of podcasts on Spotify. The major reason is that I’ve been using Spotify for like a decade so switching now would be a pain
  3. I found it by accident. Was logging in to reset my password. Ended up checking the plans.
  4. Right after I made the purchase, I told my brother to check and it showed up as 499 for him too. I guess I got it at the last minute. 499 is still a huge discount. Just wish they had lossless audio as well so that I can get rid of Apple Music
  5. Spotify Premium Individual plans going for 299/year on select accounts. Check your account to see if you get it. It tops up on your existing sub as well.
  6. VAR only intervenes if there is a clear and obvious error in the decision made by the ref. So their intervention is subjective, which is stupid.
  7. Yeah I almost stopped watching after the FH. Still think the 3rd Portugal goal was slightly offside but oh well. Would I have liked Portugal to lose? Yes Do I have a vested interest in Ghana getting out early to minimise risks to Thomas Partey? Also yes
  8. For those with an LG TV, the JioCinema app is finally available. No more sailing the seas and listening to hamburger commentary
  9. Yes, that is strange but no time like the present to get into the games. I think @Vamoshas a CE available unless he’s sold it already
  10. My bad. I just weighed it before posting here but I thought 2.2 kg seemed a bit too heavy. Turns out my weighing machine was reset to measure in pounds 😅 So yeah. 2.2 pounds or 1 kg
  11. Thanks! The hammer is made of hard plastic and the grip has some faux leather ribbons. It isn’t hollow either. Has some weight to it. 2.2 pounds to be precise.
  12. Waiting for the delivery guy from morning until now was agonising but it’s finally here
  13. Totally understandable. I found out the stories after I’d placed an order so that first time I was damn nervous too but everything turned out fine. Biggest risk I took was getting a Series X from him but that arrived ahead of schedule so I figured he’s got his act together now.
  14. Only reason I don’t choose GTS for new games is because they charge full price. There’s usually a discount when buying from PPGC. They were selling GoW for 4500 and gave the free mug.
  15. To be fair, PPGC has been great in Bangalore. Got the disc delivered the next day but I didn’t opt for same-day delivery. People who did, got it same day as well
  16. People who bought CE, make sure you record the unboxing please! Some people didn’t get the steelbook and game code with their orders. https://kotaku.com/god-of-war-ragnarok-collector-editions-shipping-missing-1849768854
  17. Bloody hell I’ve been bamboozled! It IS a bundle 🤬🤬🤬
  18. CE is available on PPGC/e2z for MRP https://e2zstore.com/product/god-of-war-ragnarok-collectors-edition/ Edit: nvm it’s a bundle with Pulse 3d headset
  19. Not imported. I know the official retailer guy MX2 buys from to scalp it also. I bought HFW CE from Mx2. First they mentioned it was imported but when I kept asking whether it could be activated in Indian account or not he finally admitted that it’s an Indian version. Double checked it with the reseller I mentioned above and he also confirmed that the Mx2 guy is the one who bought the CE from him.
  20. Mx2 is scalping in its homepage itself. CE for 25999 only
  21. My understanding is that it’s difficult to create multiple versions of CE when it’s a cross-platform title. If it was a physical copy in the CE and Jotnar, then they’d have 4 SKUs instead of 2 (PS4 CE, PS5 CE, PS4 Jotnar, PS5 Jotnar). Making it a digital code that works on both PS4 and PS5 solves that issue. It creates another issue for fans who want physical copies but I’m guessing they weighed their options and chose this method. This ideally should stop once cross-platform titles stop but who knows
  22. Yeah. I called GTS and they said 4-5 days for Bangalore.
  23. Same! But I think they only generated the tracking number and not actually shipped it since Bluedart is saying AWB number doesn’t exist. But I’m guessing pickup will happen today
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