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  1. I hope this launches in India officially. Amazon wants 30k+ smh
  2. Got my Series X on Wednesday but work just HAD to get hectic this week of all times. Finally got to play Forza Horizon 5 tonight and even on my crappy TV it looks so good. Next upgrade is definitely the TV.
  3. Yeah, which is why I bought from him. GTS doesn’t deliver here so have to rely on him or Mx2.
  4. PPGC. Got 500 off on Special Edition. 1 week timeline is mostly because I live in a goddamn forest: Even Amazon takes 5-6 days to deliver stuff dispatched from Bangalore. I’m screwed if the item comes from Bhiwandi or Kolkata warehouse
  5. Checked with them. I think Bangalore peeps will probably get it on or a day after launch. Meanwhile, here I am hoping my order arrives in a week at least after launch.
  6. Those PS4s will be preparing for lift off for sure, but damn that looks good
  7. Same. Bought the Dobe ones for my One S. It barely lasts an hour and a half now. Was looking to get the Razer dock but that’s grossly overpriced. Ended up buying 4 Duracell 2500 AAs + the Eneloop charger
  8. Bought the game recently and started playing last night. Love the gameplay and graphics. Had a couple of rage quit moments after I died when the enemy was almost dead, but overall loving the game.
  9. Not just for those who create an ID using a PS5. Was able to link my existing Apple ID and get the 6 months for free
  10. Congrats! You managed to get a Special Edition from GTS before anyone else
  11. you can call them and ask to edit your order. It’s more money for them so they won’t say no.
  12. I assume you get a prompt to upgrade. At least, that’s my understanding from this article. Whether that prompt comes before install or after is where it all gets vague. https://www.ign.com/articles/horizon-forbidden-west-preorders-ps4-ps5-save-10-dollars
  13. Yeah this was a doubt for me too. But I think once the disc is inserted and it shows up in your games, you can select either PS4 or PS5 version. Worst case, we might need to download the PS4 version and then upgrade manually.
  14. Nope. GTS has listed it as coming soon when I checked just now.
  15. Comes around the same amount in this case. I’m assuming he only gives discount on game orders and not anything else? Doubt he’d give 10% off on a PS5/XSX
  16. Special Edition is up for pre-order on PPGC: https://prepaidgamercard.com/product/horizon-forbidden-west-special-edition-ps4/ 500 off if you use ‘Scan UPI QR Code’ as payment option too
  17. I bought the Cosmic Deluxe edition without the exclusive steelbook months ago. Buying it again seems like a task. Although, if someone is willing to give me just the exclusive steelbook, I don’t mind pitching in to make the purchase with them.
  18. Can someone with a non-Amazon Pay ICICI CC help me with a purchase on Flipkart?
  19. “Given two identically designed hard drives with the same areal densities, a 7,200 RPM drive will deliver data about 33% faster than the 5,400 RPM drive. Consequently, this specification is important when evaluating the expected performance of a hard drive or when comparing different HDD models.” ^Taken from Seagate’s website. But yeah, any performance bump wouldn’t have been that significant because consoles don’t transfer data in a uniform manner. My reasoning was that the WD Black line up being gamer focused would provide some advantage beyond just the aesthetics
  20. That’s a shame. Since WD Black usually claim higher RPM than regular drives, figured it might be better. Looks nice and all but I don’t feel like spending 1200 bucks more for something that’ll stay hidden behind the console for most of it’s lifespan.
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