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  1. ^^ True.. Day 1 in an online game is an altogether another feeling.. even the player count will decrease after a while. As for destiny, DLC is expensive af.. Main game is also not what i expected but oh well wrong thread to whine
  2. Saw JL. Trying hard to be avengers but that maybe cos of whedon. Passable flick
  3. Is the multiplayer skill based or button smash? How many abilities do you have to manage?
  4. @Joe Cool you would be playing on console or PC?
  5. yash_495

    Destiny 2

    quite comprehensive.. also lemme know when playing. we can coop
  6. yash_495

    Destiny 2

    Thanks but it deepens my dilemma of buying Destiny 2. I want to like warframe but somehow it puts me off and destiny is the new shiny thing..
  7. yash_495

    Destiny 2

    How would you compare warframe to destiny? I tried warframe but sometimes it seems overwhelming with amount of stuff left to do, also combat missions feels repetitive
  8. yash_495

    Destiny 2

    http://dulfy.net/2017/10/23/destiny-2-comprehensive-new-player-guide/ @Joe Cool check out dulfy is playing Destiny 2.. can't be all that bad
  9. yash_495

    Destiny 2

    I ll buy too, if we get enough members going
  10. yash_495

    Destiny 2

    Even i would like an answer for this though i have bought the game
  11. yash_495


    lessons from SWTOR @Joe Cool? although it has a pretty greedy model too
  12. What do you think about the specs? worth it at this price? I am bit scared as the laptop is going in and out of stock quite frequently which means probably people are cancelling it also they are not clear about the warranty. Its supposed to be International travellers warranty of one year but on acer page it shows warranty wont work in India
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