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  1. ur psn id?
  2. Hey fellas add me on me on psn fazed172 fifa and rdr online
  3. add me on psn fazed172 rdr online
  4. Fazed

    The PSN ID thread

    Fazed172 Fifa 20 and rdr 2 online please add me
  5. @TheCrewGame Nothing for India?

  6. fifa 18 isn't working just kicks back to home screen when launched please help.Even xbox assist shows it is currently having an issue

  7. @SamsungMobileIN when is Indian gear s3 updated for samsung pay?

  8. Fazed

    Xbox live US

    Guys can somone tell me how can i purchase games from xbox store usa becoz some good deals are going there
  9. @NepentheZ What squad u using mate @NepentheZ

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