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  1. Will the digital edition be available for sale as well?
  2. Due the already shortage in Semi-Conducter markets i don't know whats the point of releasing new consoles only to support scalpers?If the cannot produce mass quantity and get it to majority of there fans whats the point.I feel so sorry for all the ppl in line for PS5 and all those scalpers making money out of them DAMN!!!
  3. Buying any console day one with no warranty is huge risk.I respect nintendo but still heard cases where there was major malfunction in the console.Better to wait for 6 months or a year.Sony is already working on revised model lets hope they reduce the size.Current version is huge already.
  4. I got Mario Edition for 20K lucky me with all accessories except that pouch.It looks sexy and battery is amazing.
  5. Maybe we should start a petition for Nintendo to start Official sales in India.Atleast we can get the pro model for little less even they can manufacture in India it will be tough because they have to invest alot they are more millions of unit happy by selling in US,EU,China.
  6. It indeed runs few 1st party mostly mario titles at FHD 60fps rest i tried NFS HP Remaster runs at 30fps but looks good tbh even pokemon shield runs at 30fps.Speaking of big AAA like doom wolfenstein MK11 those are very blurry. If only GTA V releases on switch pro its going to boost sells alot.
  7. Well you are right bro Nintendo actually targets home audiences with casual gamers but a price tag of 400$ would be too high im assuming they would price it between 300-350$.GPU intense game like Zelda BOTW was released years ago.Apart from that switch owners are enjoying games like mario odyssey,Pokemon,Animal crossing TBH with you i wasnt a switch fan recently bought it im really impressed.Nintendo is targeting audiences with games which give mesmerizing experience lets take mario odyssey the motion controls make it alot fun also other motion control games are cool on it.Also the biggest strength is its portability. Games like Doom,Wolfenstein,Mortal Kombat are better if they ran on PS5,Series X and they are much more fun with a level of detail. Also by just adding DLSS functionality without upgrading RAM doesnt offer much.I would say the graphics will never match the level of PS5 and Series X but if the switch port is medium setting and runs at 30FPS locked then its a pretty huge win for everyone.
  8. ur psn id?
  9. Hey fellas add me on me on psn fazed172 fifa and rdr online
  10. add me on psn fazed172 rdr online
  11. Fazed172 Fifa 20 and rdr 2 online please add me
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