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  1. It is a combo I believe. I saw the two antennas.
  2. 777. Basic plan. Probably won't need more. It seems to be the going price of BSNL. 3000rs for modem, 500rs for installation, security deposit ~plan subscribed to etc. Initial total was 4500rs and the contractor increased to 5300rs citing unavailability of products. Which is bs. We are at their mercy. I haven't submitted the form though. I called Jio people who told me the total cost would be 2500rs including modem and deposit but it will take minimum one week to one month for them to finalize everything. The good news is they have already laid down the cables. But I've been curious about something, where do they get their trunk line? I live in the Northeast. The only main line which I know of is BSNL's. Could it be wireless?
  3. I realized that just now. The box has a huge "GPON" router so I thought it was a brand. Looks like they are trying to rip me off. Any suggestion for a new router then?
  4. Hey guys, I'm planning to get a BSNL FTTH connection. They insisted that I take their router of GPON branding which didn't look any different from standard routers of other brands. Any one familiar with this company or it's products? Any information would be great. Will submit form tomorrow. I would like to mention that they raised the total fees to 5300rs. Previous one was 4500rs. They said this is due to unavailability of products.
  5. Back with another question. Need a monochrome MFD Laser printer which can do duplex printing. I've seen printers which claim to do 40ppm. Would like to get something of that capability. Budget is 40k-50k. Can be increased if its justified. Would like to get answers from office workers since you'll have tried and tested the various printers in your offices. I've seen Kyocera Ecosys M2040dn being used in a local photocopy shop. Owner said it's pretty good. Paid 40k for it. The RX 5600 XT is also costlier at 26k and up. The 1660 Super costs a little over 20k. Too bad we don't get the US price of the RX 5600 XT. Would've been such a sweet deal.
  6. Appreciate the reply. 1. GPU: Just got a reply from a professional who suggested the new Nvidia GTX 1650 Super/1660 Super. So going for the Zotac GTX 1650 Super Twin fans. 2. SSD: He wants an SSD and specifically chose that one. Heck I plan to get the 500GB variant if budget allows. 4. Heard so many negative feedback about Seagate aftersales over the years. Can't risk it. 5. Not sure about this one. Mechs are also great in general day to day use. 6. PSU: Is it this one? https://mdcomputers.in/antec-650-watt-80-plus-gold-semi-modular-ea650g-pro.html?sort=p.price&order=ASC 7. Mouse: comfortability which standard mouse doesn't provide. Can always take it out from the list anytime. As for the motherboard, since he's just an average user I'm going for the standard model. "Gaming" branded ones easily start at 8-9k. I thought I should put the budget to more storage. More storage is always better for media people. For the case, Cooler Master MB500 https://mdcomputers.in/cooler-master-masterbox-mb500-mid-tower-mcb-b500d-kgnn-s00.html BTW has anyone used Deepcool chassis? How are their quality? Thinking of getting this one for another build https://mdcomputers.in/deepcool-e-shield-mid-tower-tempered-glass-dp-atx-e-shield.html?sort=p.price&order=ASC But it doesn't have any front fan unlike the CM above so thats a pain.
  7. I need to assemble a pc for a friend mainly for 1080p video editing works (little to no gaming). Max budget is 90k. Need thoughts and opinions from people in the same profession. 1. The GPU. I'm thinking of getting the RX 570 4GB for 11k or so. The other option is the GTX 1650. I have no idea about their performance on video editing softwares like Adobe's. Read that Cuda should be preferred. How legit is this claim? And what % difference does it have from AMD's? Getting the Zotac GTX 1650 Super 4GB. 2. Friend wants the Samsung Nvme 970 Evo Plus SSD. The motherboard which I chose is the Gigabyte B450M DS3H. Would like someone to confirm that the motherboard supports this Nvme without any issue. For your convenience here is the link of the motherboard: https://www.gigabyte.com/in/Motherboard/B450M-DS3H-rev-10/sp#sp It is compatible. The CPU will be R5 3600. 3. The RAM. Would 16GB suffice or will he need 32GB? Planning of getting a standard Corsair LPX 3000MHz/3200MHz. Would timing affect the performance? Absolutely no cpu OC'ing. 4. Hard disk for media storage. Planning to get two of WD 1TB EZEX 7200RPM than other cheaper but slower 2TB variants. 5. Keyboard: what mechanical switches do you guys feel that he will like it? He has never used a mechanical keyboard before. I wanted to order the TVS but apparently TVS has stopped producing them with Cherry MX keys. Now only Long Hua. I'm thinking CM Pro L white led (comes in blue, red and brown iirc). Can't find the brown anywhere anymore. 6. PSU: the tried and tested Seasonic S12II 529/620. M models are out of stock. I don't know about the OEM's of other PSU's. Another option: Corsair RM650 for 9k. Apparently this is a cwt model with Chinese stuff somewhere. 7. Mouse: Steelseries Rival. 8. CPU cooler: has anyone used any new air cooler? Absolutely no water cooler. Only air. Please understand that I don't want to buy something which he doesn't/won't need. I'd rather have him invest in more important components. Looking forward to your answers. Thanks.
  8. Yeah planning to get what I couldn't this time on Diwali. As for FK's delivery...I'm starting to get very doubtful of their reliability. I live in the far east so if you metro guys get screwed we are gonna have it worse ugh. Delivery takes weeks for us no kidding.
  9. The G2000 costs 7.8k and the G3000 costs 10k. Whats the benefit or advantage of the G3000 over the G2000? How affordable are the original ink bottles?
  10. Thanks. Out of stock for my area. Damn it. I'll remember the model and pricing for future reference. I hope we'll get similar sales or better from Amazon for diwali sale. Also want the Swans M10.
  11. Can someone give me any suggestion for a decent/good all-in-one office printer (P/S/C)? Preferably inkjet. I have no specific budget, say 20-30k. Quality printer which gets the job done, won't print on a commercial level. There are tons of printers to choose from I don't know where to start.
  12. This is my laptop screen. It started with a very small black dot. https://imgur.com/a/QeBv8A9
  13. Does anyone here use a 3GB graphics card like the older AMD R9 2XX/3XX or the GTX 1060 3GB? How's your experience on 1080p on a multitude of titles?
  14. Not sure if this will find many takers, but would it be possible to make a rule for Nintendo DS consoles/games sellers to mention the format/region type on the thread title? Will save a lot of time and hassle for people who want to quickly peek into those numerous threads. There are many Nintendo sale threads and often the format type differs from one actually wants. Eg. [FS/WTB] Nintendo games [PAL], or Nintendo games [NTSC], or Nintendo games [both PAL/NTSC].
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