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  1. Guys, I recently bought a used Series S. It's lit for price. Playing battlefield again is fun. Waiting for Halo MP no Gamertag: Quidproh0e
  2. This can be a good rig for GTA Online and BF1 with a 5-6K used GPU
  3. Hi all, I was thinking to buy a low-end pc for using Gamepass on PC. I am getting this deal at RS. 10,000 (i can negotiate further). Thinking to buy this for now and add a GPU later. Target 1080P 60FPS (settings can be low). Is this worth? Motherboard- GA-78LMT-USB3, Graphics 2 GB NVIDIA GeForce GT 630, Storage 1 TB HDD, CPU - AMD FX-8320(8 core CPU), SMPS - Corsair VS550
  4. Thanks alot guys. Will buy from Amazon or from local location. Btw how much did 3 year Gamepass (gold to Gamepass) cost you all?
  5. Yes, Thinking to get it over olx. But I am doing some checks like pinging supertron electronics owner on LinkedIn etc. They are big deals in electronics stuff and will call amex also if they can help him if things go south.
  6. Btw, how much money did you spentd for gold to ultimate deal for 3 years? I mean landed cost of Gamepass for 3 years. Thanks
  7. I googled the place and I found it as a Kolkata based shop with Linkedin owner as well (whom I will ping to verify whether they are actually selling it). I was thinking to buy it using amex card so I can charge back easily if sh*t happens. Have you had an experience with this supertron team? https://bikayi.com/supertron3MyT
  8. Hi Guys, I am planning to buy an Xbox Series S. I have a few questions. 1. Does the 3 years xbox Gold to Ultimate Upgrade still work? How much will it cost? 2. I had a PS4 (few years back). New to Xbox ecosystem. Will there be a way to set username or change username? (never used an Xbox before) Should I use my main email account or make a fresh one? I found a deal at supertron electronics for 26K (new) and an olx deal at 29K (unopened).
  9. I am happy with 1080p for next 2 years. Gta Gamepass pe bhi aaraha hai. Thanks
  10. Yes, you are right. But (24k from US) mein gaming is very affordable. I enjoyed the choppy bf1 experience on PS4. socha thoda adjust karke it still would be fun. Paisa bacha ke 2 year baad ps5 bhi add karluga. Ab Dil pe pathar rakh ke wait karna hoga PS5.
  11. Thanks Bro. I really want to start gaming soon. But I will have to wait, now😔😔
  12. Thanks. I will Google about the disparity in X/S. But would it impact 1080p 60fps gaming as well? I get that 4k will be a big gap.
  13. Hi Guys, I needed a suggestion over Xbox Series S or waiting for PS5. I have made a comment on the X/S thread. Would love to see your take on it. Pls check it.
  14. Guys need suggestion, Buy Xbox Series S or save up for PS5 Factors to consider 1. I have a 1080p monitor (not going change anything soon). I might get a 4k after 6 months 2. Series S is affordable and with Gamepass. It does the job at 1080p 3. I had PS4 earlier (now sold). I played only bf1 and gta online. I used to buy pre-owned games to save money (total 4 games bought over 2 years, still enjoyed the PS4). (I Don't keep a big inventory of games) 4. MOSTLY I will have 5-6 hours on the weekends and will stick to 2-3 games over 1 year (gta and bf mostly) and then change. (I play online multiplayer mostly) 5. My concern is multiplayer player availability as in India ps is 90% market share and potential to buy expensive digital games which I can't sell. And ps5 is expensive but I can save over 9 months and buy it. Or buy series S in 2-3 months. What is the total cost of Gamepass of 1 year. What are the other factors to consider. Mostly planning to get series S from Us To save money.
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