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  1. goDofWar_skr

    Destiny 2

    It takes time.. I was doing ADA bounties even before I started focussing on the Izanagi.. So I didn't even realize I had already got the rare bounty and had already completed 70% progress.. Luckily I realized that its required for acquiring the Izanagi before it was too late On a side note, here is some more salt Acquiring just the Izanagi is not enough! You also need the catalyst masterworked to actually do good DPS.. Otherwise whisper + catalyst is better.. And to get the Izanagi catalyst, you need to do heroic menagerie which needs all chalice slots unlocked, which in turn needs a sh*t ton of imperials
  2. Like that Gerrard slip season But this time no one else looks to be in a better position to win it though.. Leicester maybe
  3. Man pool are in top form.. Playing so well..
  4. Check directly on the lenovo website about the warranty period of that product.. that should clear it up
  5. Its been good so far. Ended up removing the lumbar support pillow and using the head rest pillow as lumbar support which feels more comfortable. The only thing I hate about it are the arm rests. Too little cushioning on them, which causes a bit of elbow pain during long gaming sessions. It cost me about 12.8k after all the cashback shenanigans..
  6. I think RTX 2060 will give almost double the performance of the 480.. If you plan to play newer titles with all the eye candy turned on, then it justifies the upgrade..
  7. goDofWar_skr

    Destiny 2

    Yes otherwise it would have taken people ages to get it done and fewer people would have that "Undying" title I'm too am guilty of focusing only on getting my kills and didn't pay any attention to the objectives. I think this is the first time they introduced this mode.. Based on community feedback they could decide to bring it back or not..
  8. That escalated quickly.. Losing 1 game can get you sacked.. Imagine being coach of Man Utd then
  9. goDofWar_skr

    Destiny 2

    Momentum control is the best way you can get the Randy's quest kills done by using Jade Rabbit. It's pretty much 1 shot headshot kill. Just add some targetting acquisition mods and you can easily headshot most of the times. Now that I'm done with that, I'm focusing on the mountain top. Frequent heavy ammo spawns and the colony grenade launcher makes it easy After that if I have time left, will do the Revoker one too..
  10. Didn't bother using any carry case since it was mainly bought for my daily use. Mostly just in and out of my office laptop backpack. Main issue is the ear pads are foam material so unless you are in an AC environment (which I have in my office), it will be tough for continuous usage for more than an hour.. Else your ears gets warm.. The only sign of wear n tear I see is dust/dirt on the earcups.. Other than that its still in great shape! Images for reference - https://ibb.co/Yfgj9wV https://ibb.co/CJXB8qY
  11. ^^ I have been using the same pair since more than 4 years now.. Bass is really good and thumpy
  12. Crazy pool vs ars game.. 5-5 and into penalties now
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