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  1. So it wasnt just me.. Forsaken is still the king in terms of content and story!
  2. Lets see if we can get in @ 10:30pm bois
  3. Unless you have the top tier GPUs, I don't think it makes any sense losing your mind over CPU performance holding you back.. Keep calm n get some of those 3700x or 3800x that n**bs will now try to get rid of once they buy their shiny new 5XXX series
  4. 16% off.. about 1300 INR instead of the normal 1500
  5. GMG has an offer going on right now but it won't let me buy the beyond light deluxe edition.. anyone has managed to buy it from gmg?
  6. Please define what is a "proper" market & "proper" way of selling a physical game according to you..
  7. Why can't the team always play like this?
  8. Any mention of a solid anti-cheat engine yet?
  9. Yup.. whole team is dependent on Mbappe n Neymar.. when they flop, there is no other hope for the team Surprisingly AWB & Tuanzebe put in very good performance. Fred was good too. Martial needs to prove his worth.. At this point I don't understand how is he still making the starting line up. Hope Cavani is given a chance and Martial is benched till he gets back his form. Ole has handled Pogba nicely. Hope he handles Martial too in similar manner.
  10. Wait for the second half.. I feel PSG will open the flood gates
  11. Kane + Son duo is something else.. If Bale comes back to form, then Spurs can be quite good this season
  12. If you are talking about the boss damage glitch, then I'm glad they haven't touched it since it helps a lot for people trying to do flawless completions.. We found that if you do good amount of damage fast enough, then the boss glitches out
  13. Got this done last weekend
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