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  1. goDofWar_skr

    The Football Thread

    Where will bale go? Robbery replacement perhaps?
  2. goDofWar_skr

    The Division 2

    You can check reddit for the discord server details where players will be trying to form groups.. Else just go and stand near the helicopter and try to invite others nearby.. Many solo players are doing the same
  3. goDofWar_skr

    The Division 2

    We are also still at Boomer.. Team mates getting disconnected frequently due to connectivity issues and DELTA errors.. Also there is a clear lack of coordination among team mates 😋 Will try again this weekend
  4. goDofWar_skr

    Movie Discussion Thread

    Aha.. I didn't know and many others don't either.. The 3d glasses will be new and seats too 🤩
  5. goDofWar_skr

    Game of Thrones Spoiler Discussion Thread

    I realized only after reading it here after someone wrote in the comments
  6. goDofWar_skr

    [PC] Ask The Experts Thread

    I would advise against it if you are planning to get it shipped to India.. Too risky for it to not get damaged during transit..
  7. goDofWar_skr

    Movie Discussion Thread

    Shantiniketan has iMax screen? since when?
  8. goDofWar_skr

    The Football Thread

    He is going to Barcelona
  9. goDofWar_skr

    The Cricket Thread

    What about the dumb a** umpire who gave that stupid call? It was a clear wide ball! And the way the game played out, every single run mattered a lot
  10. goDofWar_skr

    The Cricket Thread

    what was the logic behind the Dhoni run out? I somehow feel that this entire thing was rigged.. Watson dropped 3 times and then finally gives his wicket to a silly run which was never needed at that moment.. Then suddenly Malinga comes on given 40+ runs in 3 overs and becomes the hero in the final over.. I could also feel the same watching Rohit sharma's expressions over the game like he already knew
  11. goDofWar_skr

    The Football Thread

    Congratulations to City.. Consistency was the key for them.. Feel bad for Liverpool.. They have come close too many times.. As for United may be it's time for the fans to lower their expectations and accept that we are not title challengers anymore unless there are drastic changes at the back.. Smalling young Jones etc are just not gonna cut it anymore! And having them extended their contracts for yet another season, I would not have any hopes for the next season as well
  12. goDofWar_skr

    The Football Thread

    Complete shite team with shite defenders!
  13. goDofWar_skr

    The Football Thread

    Best league in the world? 😉
  14. goDofWar_skr

    The Football Thread

    Long time since both finalists of the CL are from EPL..
  15. goDofWar_skr

    The Football Thread

    Man city are winning the league.. Pool are winning the CL.. We are going to play in the Europa