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  1. Mbappe reportedly wants to leave PSG.. Wolves look to be assembling a full Portugal team
  2. If you actually watched the game then you would see a different angle where you can clearly see the palace player stepping on Bruno's feet.. Nothing theatrical about it 🤨
  3. Palace are so well organized. United players seem lacking match day sharpness perhaps still in vacation mood or not enough practice.. Giving away possession very cheaply Rashford was wide open in the box but James decides to shoot with 3-4 defenders between him n the goal
  4. goDofWar_skr

    Destiny 2

    So I just got the flawless scourge of the past done.. Any tips on getting those 500 kills in forges done quickly?
  5. So you are just using your phone browsing something and you swipe left and bam! It just swivels instead.. brilliant innovation
  6. Do keep a note that those leatherette chairs do not offer any kind of breath-ability so you can't use them for extended period of time during summers.. IMO look for something with a fabric material instead of leather
  7. 4 red cards.. oh wait.. there is a surprise for you all.. big boss has spotted something because they have a dedicated guy who keeps complete focus on just one player
  8. goDofWar_skr

    FIFA 2020

    Sadly yes.. Not many people use him and I rarely come up against him in online games..
  9. All or nothing : Spurs was a good watch.. the way they shot n presented the behind the scenes, comebacks, injuries was so great.. Anything else like this?
  10. You know what happens after that scene right
  11. Hope they atleast give some competition to the likes of Pool n City. Dont want yet another boring season As of now they have the most exciting signings..
  12. Eager to see what Chelsea can do this season..
  13. That video looks completely orchestrated for views.. No scammer would keep the conversation ongoing so politely and for so long after being called out
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