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  1. Its leather material.. will get hot during longer gaming sessions and tends to wear out faster.. check this one - https://www.amazon.in/Green-Soul-Monster-Gaming-Ergonomic/dp/B0795WVT1B/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=green%2Bsoul&qid=1565966560&s=gateway&sr=8-3&th=1
  2. goDofWar_skr

    Gaming PCs

    As per people's experience on reddit, turning on the "amd cool n quiet" mode in the BIOS seems to be helping with idle voltages & temperatures..
  3. I'm looking to buy one from a long time.. I get excited whenever there is a sale on amazon/flipkart then browse through the options, get confused and finally end up getting nothing.. I found that the brand "green soul" has the best reviews but people suggest to get a office chair instead of a gaming chair.. So I'm planning to check out featherlite chairs in the showroom once
  4. I too am burnt out playing this.. Got the raid completion time down to 19 min mark with my clan and can't seem to find any other reason to play this game at the moment.. People from the clan are slowly moving to Destiny 2 now..
  5. goDofWar_skr

    Cricket 19

    What is the feedback? Is it good? Planning to get the PS4 version..
  6. Chelsea dominated? Did you even see the scoreline? It was 4-0 I guess we have different definitions for "Dominated" Only the first 15 mins.. Even hit the woodwork about 2 to 3 times.. After that it was all downhill because the chelsea defense was sh*t.. Best to not face teams like Liverpool & City with the same lineup
  7. This is what we all should be following.. Its the best way
  8. Now I can't unsee that image in my head..
  9. It's been crazy in the rumour mill for ManUtd at the moment... Some are reporting Dybala deal is off.. Some are saying there has been a kind of progress again.. Some are reporting there has been a bid for Mandzukic.. Then there's Bruno.. Now there's Eriksen
  10. Exactly.. Don't need another Sanchez in the team!
  11. Anyone tried their K20/K20 pro devices with Android auto?? Unable to connect & launch android auto on the car with mine..
  12. Inter did say that Icardi is no longer part of their plans.. But haven't sold him yet..
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