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  1. goDofWar_skr

    Destiny 2

    Got this done strictly on weekends when the cheater noobs are running havok over trials
  2. Check here - http://lcdtech.info/en/tests/dead.pixel.htm Cycle through different colors by mouse click and look for black spots I'm almost 90% adjusted now within a week of usage. Feels quite normal now.. I have set windows scaling to 125% for general browsing and windows operations otherwise it was too small to read for me Compared to my previous monitor, I can definitely see more stuff now in games like Destiny and even FIFA looks great
  3. Why the fk did Semedo not ask for a review? Barca were unnecessarily robbed the win.. The other penalty retake was dodgy too
  4. Update : Since I had already made up my mind on replacing it.. thought why not use it till the replacement was scheduled to arrive two days later.. Then donno why but decided to give the screen a small smack/flick at the dead pixel spot.. Voila! No more dead pixel, it started glowing up and working as expected But then one other pixel somewhere below the previous one turned off.. So gave a flick to that again and it got sorted while another pixel turned off.. After 2 to 3 more flicks now I don't see any more dead pixels Seems like the childhood days of smacking stuff like remotes to make it work still applies to modern electronics!
  5. While I was unboxing and installing it, I was always second guessing whether I should have gone for a 27 inch since it felt massive compared to my previous 24 inch monitor. But after installing and using it for couple of hours I was slowly able to adapt. It will probably take some more time to get used to but I think its the right choice considering it is a tad bit more future-proof.. The monitor is good enough overall. Not much backlight bleeding. Need to adjust quite a lot to get the brightness, contrast n all to my liking. Freesync too is working fine with my RTX 2060. Although I couldn't see any huge difference yet. May be because I'm not getting high frames at 1440p with the RTX 2060. Also I found couple of dead pixels on top right corner. So have requested a replacement. Although this is not very noticable but I thought it would be good to get it replaced at that time. Now I'm thinking what if the replacement unit too has dead pixels and in a more noticeable place and what if backlight bleed it worse than the current unit
  6. Origin access basic sub @ Rs 79 for 1 month. Offer till 29th Jun. Pretty good if you want to try couple of games like FIFA 20, BF 5, NFS Heat
  7. I bought this one today - https://www.amazon.in/dp/B07FLGR2PN/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_q7j9EbEST8KD5 Going to use it with my existing samsung 24inch 60Hz FHD VA display.. Wanted to try 144Hz so thought why not try 2k too..
  8. goDofWar_skr

    FIFA 21

    Old gen meaning? I dont understand..
  9. goDofWar_skr

    Destiny 2

    Looks like a ton of content.. Hows the season of arrival so far? Should I buy it? Got so burnt out doing gambit the last few days of last season that I did not feel like playing the game anymore since last 2 days..
  10. If only the people in govt offices can have some empathy, stop being corrupt, stop playing politics and all the blame game.. Atleast till this pandemic passes away, that money in the PM cares fund can be put to proper use or something.. It is so depressing to see/read horror stories of people being helpless with no healthcare. That instance of a toddler trying to wake the dead mother on railway station just gives me the chills everytime i think about it..
  11. goDofWar_skr

    Destiny 2

    Got 2 new seals Been dragging along the Dredgen one from last 3 seasons finally completed it
  12. Going by the past posts you are a pro chef.. shouldnt' be held back with quantity of water required to make dal.. Even I can make dal (mind that I can only make rice,dal,roti & egg burji) The amount of water you need is such that the water level is about 1 cm (or 1/4th of your finger) above the quantity of dal after you put in the pressure cooker.. Add turmeric powder and salt and close the cooker lid.. Give it about 5 to 6 good whistles preferably on low to medium flame.. Make tadka on frying pan and add the dal to it.. Enjoy afterwards
  13. Nothing else to do I guess.. Also mauke ka fayda utha lete thoda.. Those Loius vuitton bags, iphones, nike shoes are basic rights bro!
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