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  1. Very good weekend entertainment.. Although I have no hopes for that united team though.. The quality of football they are playing is abysmal.. All the other games are far more entertaining to watch I'm now convinced that the whole atmosphere around the club is such that it is deteriorating for the players.. Players like di maria, depay, sanchez and now martial, rashford, pogba, bruno all suffered a loss in their form/performance due to this environment.. No wonder once they moved to other clubs or play with the national team, they perform far better Changes need to happen throughout the club.. just changing managers every now n then wont solve anything Fingers crossed for the new season.
  2. Easily... The way United are playing, and the games in hand, we dont stand a chance!
  3. Witch queen campaign one of the best in D2 so far New Void subclass changes are good. Hoping upcoming Solar/Arc changes go in the same way.. Crafting is poorly implemented and will need too much grind.
  4. I meant Mbappe not renewing his contract.. Messi not able to score that many goals anymore and stuff like that.. The carabao cup final was entertaining.. The number of clear chances missed by Chelsea was hilarious I think if they played Lukaku then maybe one of those chances could have been converted.. Mendy kept them in the game for so long Final miss by Kepa was as usual what we expect of Kepa
  5. Bought tata motors and hdfc life.. what about u guys?
  6. Bought tata motors and hdfc life.. what about u guys?
  7. what has happened to PSG? I thought with messi, neymar, mbappe they would be on a different level..
  8. what happened to your original account? why this "guest"?
  9. This car is something else.. With the right tuning setup its fast, grippy and handles like a dream Most of my wheelspins are like this.. but lucky me got the lambo out of a wheelspin
  10. It isn't better than Pit. The mechanics are meh. But I prefer it more than prophecy. The prophecy design was such that 2nd encounter onwards it would give me a headache will all the spinning rooms n stuff.
  11. New dungeon was ok.. Was able to do it in a blind run Dares of eternity is something similar to a menagerie I guess. The infinite heavy ammo buff definitely makes it fun but then I don't see myself grinding it that much. The exotic weapons are good too. Overall not bad for just Rs 549
  12. I also have this one.. was given for free
  13. Completely new to the Forza series.. Just a basic question - What is the right way to play the game? Should I just play the random races coming up in the world map? why are the seasons so short? like 5 days only
  14. That was a very dubious penalty.. any other referee would not have given it. Anyways cant complain since the goal we got also was a lucky one
  15. Alternatively give cloud gaming service a try if you just want to play single player titles..
  16. The way United played, even that Villa team was looking top tier.. They constantly pressed for possession like teams such as Liverpool play There was no space given to Bruno to create chances. Greenwood was playing his own game. Ronaldo didn't receive anything Pogba on wings was a terrible decision! Ole should have brought in Sancho at half time when it already was clear that Pogba on the wings wasn't working out.. I was hoping for a draw but lost at the end
  17. Brunooooo... Keep those goals coming 😎
  18. People still playing.. have u got the Vex mythoclast? Didn't play the raid last season and been playing the game again only now.. Completed the raid 3~4 times but no drops yet. People in my clan have 20~30 clears but still hasn't dropped for many of them too. Other than that feels good to dust up & use the 1k voices again. Such a unique looking gun..
  19. What @Sidhaarth is saying is valid. Nvidia decided to screw consumers this time around. https://in.pcmag.com/laptops/140513/with-the-geforce-rtx-30-series-buying-a-gaming-laptop-just-got-more-complicated But that doesn't mean what you have in your hands is bad or anything. It should run anything you throw at it. There is also overclocking if needed and your lappy has good thermals. Its like a friendly disclaimer to other people looking to buy laptops so that they are aware of such things.
  20. The best thing to happen is addition of Battle eye anti cheat.. Finally!!!!!!!!!!! I like PvP a lot in this game but since Trials came out, it was so frustrating to play the game. There were cheaters everywhere. Also icing on the cake is that they put trials behind paywall
  21. you can use tools like HWinfo to monitor of usage of every component - CPU/GPU/RAM/HDD/Network. And when you experience the stutter, just go back and see which component had a spike in usage. That will narrow it down for you. I feel the stutter could be due to read/write on slower HDD if you are using one. Otherwise rest of your components look pretty decent to not cause stutter.
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